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Hesperides & the golden-apple tree, Athenian
red-figure hydria C5th B.C., British Museum
The following are the 96 programs contained in the 11 agent stems under the letter Y that is part of 18 letters that designate 596 agents with 7920 programs (not considering duplicate root stems) described as Indo-European roots for the entire English language as depicted by the American Heritage Dictionary published in 1992-1996 as the 3rd Edition. In ancient tradition, the basic laws associating Trinity are bound to the English language, and as the Law of Three which comprises an active, passive, and neutralizing forces. These are seemingly described in the King James Version of the Holy Bible with the reminder of the hearth they create. The letter Y is the story of the tree which in the midst of the garden. In etymology, the letter Y transforms from early Greek into the letter V, U, and W.

We compare this story to a similar one provided by theoi.com for the Greek goddess Hesperides which
"were the goddesses of the evening and golden light of sunset. The three nymphs were daughters of either Nyx (Night) or the heaven-bearing Titan Atlas. They were entrusted with the care of the tree of the golden apples which was first presented to the goddess Hera by Gaia (Earth) on her wedding day. They were assisted in their task by a hundred-headed guardian drakon named Ladon. Herakles was sent to fetch the apples as one of his twelve labours, and upon slaying the serpent, stole the precious fruit. However, Athena later returned them to the Hesperides.
The Hesperides were also the keepers of other treasures of the god. Perseus obtained from the artifacts he required to slay the Gorgon Medousa.

The three nymphs and their golden apples were apparently regarded as the source of the golden light of sunset, a phenomena celebrating the bridal of the heavenly gods Zeus and Hera.
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Genesis 3:1-3
 (1) Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? (2) And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: (3) But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

The list begins here and you'll need to read slowly and Think. Julius Pokorny was known for his Indogermanisches Etymologisches Wörterbuch (Bern, 1959) and words selected in (orange) are from his page references. Contact me if you have any questions.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [Y, 11 of 96; et: stem]

*Analecta: Scientific method - Solstice

1. 28-abject-adjacent-adjective-amice-catheter-conjecture-deject-diesis-ejaculate-eject-enema-gist-inject-interject-jacittation-jess-jet-joist-object-paresis-parget-project-reject-subjacent-subject-superjacent-synesis-traject-et-- To throw [Pokorny - 502, depot]

2. 1-icicle-et-yeg- Ice, icicle [Pokorny ieg- 503, depurate]

3. 6-jeopardy-jewel-jocose-jocular-joke-juggle-et-yek- To speak [Pokorny iek- 503, deprive]

Analecta: Holy Grail - Life-force

4. 4-gizzard-hepatic-hepato-heparin-et-yĕkwr- Liver [Pokorny ieku-rt  504, derma]

5. 5-horologe1-horology-horoscope1-hour-year-et-yēr- Year, season (horologe2 -leg-) (horoscope2 - spek-) [In Pokorny 1. ei- 293, carpus]

6. 4-eczema-kieselguhr-yeast-zeolite-et-yes- To boil, foam, bubble [Pokorny ies- 506, desire]

*Analecta: Ray of Creation

7. 6-gallowglass-junker-rejuvenate-young-younker-youth-et-yeu- Vital force, youthful vigor. Earliest form *yeu-; variant of aiw-. [Pokorny 3. ieu- 510,  deuce]

8. 25-adjoin-adjust-conjugate-conjoin-enjoin-injunction-join-joust-jugate-jugular-jugum-junction-juncture-junta-juxtapose-subjugate-syzygy-yoga-yoke-yuga-zeugma-zygo-zygoma-zygote-zygous-et-yeug-
To join [Pokorny 2. ieu- 508, destine] Additions: azygous, juxtaposition, conjugal, conjunct

9. 14-abjure-adjure-conjure-injury-jural-jurist-jury-juridical1-jurisconsult-jurisdiction-jurisprudence-just-objurgate1-perjure-et-yewes- Law (juridical2 - deik-) (objurgate2 - ag-) [Pokorny ieuos- 512, devolve]

10. 1-zein-et-yewo- Grain [Pokorny ieuo- 512, devious]

11. 2-ye-you-et-yu-You [Pokorny 1. iu- 513, dharma]

Letter W: Poseidon

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Poseidon (Neptune) driving a chariot of hippocamps,
Roman mosaic C3rd A.D., Sousse Museum, Tunis

Possession of the mill is begot by the Greek mythological Poseidon who is known to hold a trident and that which is made from the Law of Three. Some of the mythology surrounding Poseidon is interesting to note:
"POSEIDON was the great Olympian god of the sea, rivers, flood and drought, earthquakes, and horses.

He was depicted as a mature man of sturdy build with a dark beard, and holding a trident.

He was a son of Cronos and Rhea (whence he is called Kronios and by Latin poets Saturnius, Pind. Ol. vi. 48; Virg. Aen. v. 799.) He was accordingly a brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Demeter, and it was determined by lot that he should rule over the sea. (Hom. Il. xiv. 156, xv. 187, &c.; Hes. Theog, 456.) Like his brothers and sisters, he was, after his birth, swallowed by his father Cronos, but thrown up again. (Apollod. i. 1. § 5, 2. § 1.) [...]

Poseidon in conjunction with Apollo is said to have built the walls of Troy for Laomedon...

Being the ruler of the sea (the Mediterranean), he is described as gathering clouds and calling forth storms..."

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We can compare this to the Biblical King James Version which describes Noah as a man of great power and one as Poseidon who has a strong association to time. This association leads into Egyptian thinking where Zeus is built up under the flag-ship letter D, which is depicted as both a Phoenician and Early Greek triangle hinting of a doorway or fish.
Genesis 6: 7-9
(7) And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. (8) But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. (9) These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.
Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [W, 47 of 597; et: stem]

*Analecta: Morpheus - Television

1. 16-ambivalence-avail-convalesce-countervail-equivalent-invalid-oblast2-prevail-vale2-valence-valetudinarian-valiant-valid-valor-wield-et-wal- To be strong (oblast1 - epi-) (vale1 - wel-2) [Pokorny ual- 1111, maugre] Additions: valediction, invalid1

Analecta: Placebos 


2. 1-we-et-we- We. For oblique cases of the pronoun see nes-2 [Pokorny uē- 1114, mazurka]


3. 8-nirvana-vent-ventail-ventilate-weather-wind-window1-wing-et-- To blow (window2 - okw-) [Pokorny 10. au(ē)- 81, antiphon]

*Analecta: Goblet - Deuto-Scale
(Note: This is a vibrational squaring chart such as on page 124 of ISOTM.)

4. 13-goffer-hypha-wafer-waffle-wave-waver-weave-web-webster-weevil-weft-wobble-woof-et-webh- To weave, also to move quickly [Pokorny uebh-1114, mazzard]

*Analecta: Replicants

5. 24-abound-anhydros-clepsydra-dropsy-hydathode-hydatid-hydra-hydro-hydrus-inundate-kershwasser- otter-nutria-redundant-surround-undine-undulate-usquebaugh1-utricle-vodka-wash-water-wet-winter-et- wed-1- Water; wet (usquebaugh2 - gwei-) [Pokorny 9. au(e)- 78, anthropocentric]

Analecta: Cry wolf

6. 10-comedy-epode-hymnody-melody-monody-ode-parody-rhapsody2-theravada2-tragedy-et- wed-2- To speak (rhapsody1 - wer-2) (theravada1 - stā-) [Pokorny 6. au- 76, answer]

*Analecta: Thoth - 3.1459....

7. 15-bivouac1-reveille-surveillant-vedette-vegetable-velocity-vigil-vigilante-vigor-waft-wait-wake-waken-watch-witch-et-weg- To be strong, lively (bivouac2 - ambhi-) [Pokorny ueĝ- 1117, mechanic]

Analecta: Prime

8. 35-advection-always-away-convection-convex-convey-deviate-devious-earwig-envoy-evection-foy-graywackle- inveigh-norwegian2-obvious-ochlocracy-ochlophobia-pervious-previous-trivium-vector-vehement-vehicle-vex-vogue-wag-wagon-wain-walleyed1-way-wee-weigh-weight-wiggle-et-wegh- To go, transport in a vehicle (norwegian1 - ner-1-) (walleyed2 - okw-) [Pokorny ueĝh- 1118, measurement]

9. 16-exine-ferrule-garland-inion-inositol-inotropic-irido-iris-mimbres-seaware-vice-viticulture-vitta-wire- withe-withy-et-wei- Also weiə-. To turn, twist; with derivatives referring to suppleness or binding [Pokorny 1. uei- 1120, meddle]

10. 47-advise-belvedere2-(black-a-vised)-colcannon-clairvoyant2-eidetic-eidolon-envy-evident-guide-guise-hadal-hades-history-idea-ideo-idocrase-idol-idyll-interview-iwis-kaleidscope-oid-penguin-polyhistor-previse-provide-review-rigveda-supervise-survey-twit-unwitting- veda-vide-view-visa-visage-vision-vista-voyeur-wisdom-wise-wiseacre-wit-wite-witenagemot1-et-weid- To see (belvedere1 - deu-2-) (clairavoyant1- kelæ-2-) (witenagemot2 - kom-) [Pokorny 2. u(e)di- 1125, leaven]

*Analecta: The Furies

11. 3-vim-violate-violent-et-weiə- Vital force. Related to wī-ro-. [Pokorny 3. uei- 1123, Megara]

*Analecta: Axilar

12. 18-androcium-autoecious-diocese-dioecious-dioicous-ecesis-ecology-economy1-ecumenical-heteroecious-monoecious-parish-vaisya-vicinity-villa-village-villain-villanelle-et-weik-1- Clan (social unit above the household) (ecomony2 - nem-) [Pokorny ueik- 1131, mesentery]

*Analecta: Outside In (See gravity)

13. 10-vetch-vicar-vice-vicissitude-weak-weakfish-week-wicker-wicket-wych elm-et-weik-2- Also weig-. To bend, wind [Pokorny 4. ueik- 1130, meridian]

14. 7-convince-evict-ordovician-vanquish-victor-vincible-wight2-et-weik-3 - To fight, conquer (wight1 - wekti-) [Pokorny 2. ueik- 1128, mentation]

*Analecta: The Sound of Silence tm

15. 8-guimpe-guipure-vibrate-waif-whip-wimble-wimple-wipe-et-weip- To turn, vacillate, tremble ecstatically [Pokorny ueip- 1131, merry]

Analecta: Atom

16. 3-naught2-nix2-wight1-et-wekti- Thing, creature (naught1 - ne-) (nix1 - ne-) (wight2 - weik-3-) [Pokorny uek-ti- 1136, methodology]

*Analecta: Alternating Current - Well-being

17. 14-advocate-calliope-equivocal-evoke-invoke-provoke-revoke-univocal-vocable-vocal-vocation-voice-vouch-vowel-et-wekw- To speak [Pokorny ueku- 1135, metempsychosis]

18. 13-benevolent2-gallant-gallop-malevolence2-velleity-volition-voluntary-voluptuary-voluptuous-wealth-weal-well2-will-et-wel-1- To wish, will (benevolent1 - deu-2-) (malevolence1 - mel-3-) (well1 - wel-2-) [Pokorny 2. uel- 1137, metope]

19. 37-alyce clover-anthelmintic-circumvolve-convolve-devolve-elecampane-elytron-evolve-gaberdine1-helix-helminth-ileus-inulin-neurilemma-platyhelminth-vail-vale1-valley-valve-vault-voluble-volume-volute-volutin-volva-volvox-voussoir-vulva-wale-wallet-walk-wallow-waltz-well1-welter-whelk-willow-et- wel-2- To turn, roll; with derivatives referring to curved, enclosing objects. (gaberdine 2- per-2) (vale2 - wal-) (well2 - wel-1-) [Pokorny 7. uel- 1140, microphysics] Additions: volt

*Analecta: Bottomless pit (Direct Current)

20. 4-berdache-valhalla1-valkyrie-vulnerable-et-welə- To strike, wound (valhalla2- kel-1-) [Pokorny 8. uel- 1144, milfoil]

21. 5-emesis-emetic-(nux vomica)-vomit-wamble-et-wemə- To vomit [Pokorny uem- 1146, military]

22. 21-banyan-vanadium-vanir-venatic-venerate-venereal-venery-venial-venison-venom-venus-wanderoo-wean-ween-wend-win-winsome-wish-won-wynn-et-wen-1- To desire, strive for [Pokorny 1. uen- 1146, mill]

23. 2-wen-wound-et-wen-2- To beat, wound [Pokorny 1. - 1108, mastiff]

24. 1-evil-et-wep- Bad, evil. From earlier wep-.

*Analecta: Ray of Creation


10-aerial-aero-air-aorta-aria-arterio-arteriole-artery-aura-malaria2-et-wer-1- To raise, lift, hold suspended (malaria1 - mel-3) [Pokorny 1. uer- 1151, minnesinger]


26. 67-anniversary2-avert-adverse-briar-controversy-converge-converse-convert-dextrorse-divert-evert-extrose-extroversion-introrse2-invert-inward-malversation2-obvert-pervert- prose-raphe-raphide-retrorse-reverberate-revert-rhabdomancy-rhabdovirus-rhapsody1-rhombus-sinistrorse-staphylorrhaphy-stalwart-subvert-tenorrhaphy-tergivesate-transverse-universe2-vermicelli-vermi-vermicular-vermin-versatile-verse-version-vertebra-verst-versus-vertex-vertigo-vermeil-vortex-weird-worm-worry-worth-wrangle- wrap-wrath-wreath-wrench-wrestle-wrinkle-writhe-wring-wrist-wrong-wry-et-wer-2- Conventional base of various Indo-European roots; to turn, bend (anniversary1 - at-) (introrse1 - en-) (malversation1 - mel-3-) (rhapsody2 - wed-2-) (universe1 - oi-no-) [Pokorny 3. uer- 1152, minute]


27. 17-arcturas2-award-aware-ephor-guard-lord-panorama-pyloris-rearward-revere-steward-ward-warden-warder-wardrobe-ware-wary-et-wer-3- To perceive, watch out for (arcturas1 - rtko-) [Pokorny 8. uer- 1164, moment]


28. 20-ambarella-aperient-apéritif-aperture-barbican-cover-garage-garment-garnish-garret-garrison-guaranty-operculum-overt-overture-pert-warrant-warranty-warren-weir-et-wer-4- To cover [Pokorny 5. uer- 1160, mode]


29. 7-adverb-irony-proverb-rhetor-verb-verse-word-et-wer-5- Also werə-. To speak [Pokorny 6. uer- 1162, memory]

Analecta: Third eye

30. 1-urine-et-wē-r- Water, liquid, milk. Related to euə-dh-r. [Pokorny 9. au(e)- 78, antiaircraft]

31. 31-adrenegic-allergy-argon-bulwark2-cholinergic-demiurge2-dramaturge-endergonic-endoergic-energy-erg-ergograph-ergometer-ergonnomics-exergonic-exergue-exoergic-georgic-irk-liturgy-metallurgy-organ-organon-orgy-surgery2-synergism-thaumaturge-urgy-work-wright-wrought-et- werg- To do (surgery1 - ghesor-) (bulwark1 - bhel-2) (demiurge1 - dā-) [Pokorny 2. uerĝ- 1168, monogyny] Additions: boulevard, synergid

32. 14-asseverate-aver-persevere-severe-veracious-verdict1-veridical1-verify-verism- verismilar-verity-very-voir-dire1-warlock1-et-wēro- True  (verdict2/veridical2 - deik-) (voir dire2 - deik-) (warlock2 - leugh-) [Pokorny uers- 1169, monopodium]

Analecta: Skull and Cross bones

33. 4-guerrilla-war-worse-wurst-et-wers- To confuse, mix up. Compare ers-, [Pokorny 1. uers- 1169, monomorphic]

Analecta: Theravada

34. 6-astute-divan-vesta-was-wassail1-were-et-wes-1- To stay, dwell, pass the night, with derivatives meaning "to be" (wassail2 - kailo-) [Pokorny 1. ues- 1170, mons]

Analecta: Color - Recognition

35. 6-himation-devest-invest-travesty-vest-wear-et-wes-2- To clothe. Extension of eu-1. [Pokorny 5. ues- 1172, mood]

36. 4-bazaar-duopsony-venal-vend1-et-wes-3- To buy (vend2 - dō-) [Pokorny 8. ues- 1173, moorish]

Analecta: Woman in chains

37. 7-hesperian-vesper-vespertilaonid-visigoth-west-westerly-western-et-wes-pero- Evening, night [Pokorny uesperos 1173, moot]

38. 2-primavera2-vernal-et-wesr- Spring (primavera1 - per-1-) [Pokorny ues-r 1174, mordacious]


39. 10-atmosphere-fan-odin-van-vatic-wedeln-wednesday-woden-wood-wotan-et-wet-1- To blow, inspire, spiritually arouse. Related to wē-. [Pokorny uāt- 1113, maya]

40. 7-etesian-inveterate-veal-veteran-veterinary-vitellus-wether-et-wet-2- Year [Pokorny uet- 1175, Morpheus]

Analecta: Presence - Absence

41. 5-guerdon1-widdershins1-wide-with-withers-et-wi- Apart, in half (guerdon2 - lau-) (widdershins2 - sent-) [Pokorny 1. uĭ- 1175. morphallaxis]

42. 4-icosahedron-pachisi2-vicenary-vigesimal-et-wīkmtī- Twenty. Compound of wi-, in half, hence two, and *(d)kmt-ī (nominative dual), decade, reduced zero-grade form of dekm. (pachisi1 - penkwe-) [Pokorny uĭ-kmt-ī 1177, mosaic]

43. 12-curia-decemvir2-duumvir-triumvir-(loup-garou2)-virago-virile-virtue-weltanschauung1-werewolf-wergeld-world-et-wī-ro- Man, derivative of weiə-(decemvir1 - dekm-) (loup-garou1 - wlkwo-) (weltanschauung2 - keu-) [Pokorny uīro- s 1177, Moses]

44.11-aardwolf2-alyssum-lobo-(loup-garou1)-lupine-lupus-lycanthrope-lycopodium-lytta- wolf-wolfram-et-wlkwo- Wolf (aardwolf1 - er-2-) (loup-garou2 - wī-ro-) [Pokorny ulkuos 1178, most]

Analecta: Self-remembering

45. 2-alopecia-vulpine-et-wip-ē- Fox [Pokorny ulp- 1179, motion]

46. 1-rendezvous-et-wŏs- You [Pokorny 1. iu- 513, dharna]

Analecta: Yggdrasil

47. 19-coleorhiza2-deracinate-eradicate-gewürztraminer-licorice-(mangel-wurzel)-mycorrhiza-radical-radicle-radish-radix-ramose-ramus-ramify-rhizo-rhizome-root-rutabaga-wort-et-wrād- Branch, root (coleorhiza1 - kel-1) [Pokorny u(e)rād- 1167, monish]

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Letter U: Brahma According to Hinduism, Brahma is the creator god, conceived chiefly as a member of the triad including also Vishnu (see avatar) and Shiva. Brahman is a religious formula or prayer and the holy or sacred power in it and in the officiating priest, also the source and sustainer of the universe that which is the absolute being pervading in the universe found within the individual. It is suggested the agents below begin with Vishnu, the protector or preserver, followed by Brahman, the creator god of the Trimurti, and Shiva, the destroyer and restorer of the world. The editors at Wikipedia seem to be searching for the answer in associating Brahman linguistically to itself without realizing the nature of the alphabet and why it was created, for instance the true nature of the two letters B and D, and how A relates to them. It is here that the answer lies.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [U, 3 of 51; et: stem]

Analecta: Quatrain - Wagon

The Letter B

1.15-about-auslander1-but-carouse-ersatz1-hubris-hysteresis-hysteron proteron2-ort2-outlaw1-uitlander1-ursprache-utmost-utter-vigorish-et-ud- Also ūd-, Up, out (auslander2 - lendh) (ersatz2 - sed-) (hysteron proteron1 - per-1-) (ort1 - ed-) (outlaw2 - legh-)  (uitlander2 - lendh-) [Pokorny ŭd- 1103, marsh]

The Letter P

2. 18-hyper-orlop-over-sirlion-somersault1-soprano-soubrette-sovereign-sum-summit-super-superable-superb-superior-supernal-supra-supreme-sur-et-uper- Over (somersault2 - sel-) [Pokorny uper- 1105, mask] Additions: soprano

The Letter R

3.18-above-aufklarung-eaves-eavesdrop-hypo-hypso-oft-often-opal-open-sub-subterfuge-soutane-supine-up-upanishad1-uproar1-vassal-et-upo- Under, up from under, over (upanishad2 - sed-) (uproar2 - kerə-) [Pokorny upo 1106, mass] Additions: supple, valet, varlet

So we must consider the active, passive, and neutralizing forces are bound up into just about everything you've ever thought about, and that these forces are reflective of mythology, and many religious practices, as with the Biblical Father, Son, and Holy Ghost which are reincarnations that depict the avatar defined by any of the letters in the alphabet, each one designed to carry forth a specific theme in relation to the Three Principles, just as the portmanteau manifests the words as continuing deities. In these ways, both the adjective and adverb make their claims. Shiva is bound up to an agent, one of two keys for the suggested essence of the verb which is used for the creation of pronouns. One can easily sense it, that is to say, the noun or number is subterfuge to the creation. With that said, how do you feel about the noun at this point in time? It's true, the noun is just a notion of time, that is to say, it is a number or symbol, and this is the big secret about the inertial frame, and fourth dimension which encompasses the third, and so on.

http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-y-w-u.html  trinity
 http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-t-s-r.html  inertial frame
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  http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-m-l-k.html  host
 http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-i-g-e.html  guest
http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letters-d-b.html  stranger
http://knowingtest.blogspot.com/p/letter.html  ghost