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We come upon 23 difficult agents that begin to take on the sense of the number in the first agent. The letter N was used by the Phoenicians for the word "nūn," meaning "fish."  The Greek later called it nu. The theme of the midst seems to be carried out of what is learned in Y-W-U. The Tau used to create programs is vested in the two primary senses, both touch and taste leaving sight, smell, or breath, and hearing to account for. These two are also much more dynamic senses, and one wonders at the synchronicity of the "mark." According to Wikipedia authors, the Biblical references suggest the mark is to represent those who lament the sin associated with Brahman, and the sacred universal power that is generated as a moment in time. The Biblical version also suggests the mark is also a signature that yearns to be heard. (See Heracles)

There is also soteriology implying the essence of logic has two forms, what can be made of the symbol as function or force and one that depends on the ability to distinguish the symbol from others (mass/acceleration). This provides an example to compare to the tag- agent and the way it has been built up as the inertial frame and certainly a characteristic of the Taw which is symbolically the bull that is in the midst.

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Analecta: Hydra

1. 14-attain-contact-contaminate-entire-intact-integer-integrate-integrity-tactoreceptor-tangoreceptor-tangent-tangible-taste-tax-et-tag- To touch, handle [Pokorny tag- 1054, lobo]

Analecta: Hydrus

2. 6-bittern-taurine-taurocholic acid-taurus-toreader-torero-et-tauro- Bull [In Pokorny tēu- 1083, Mahayana]

Analecta: Milky way - Krishna

3. 1-thick-et-tegu- Thick [Pokorny tegu- 1057, logion]

4. 4-oxytocic2-polytocous-thane-tocology-et-tek- To beget, give birth to (oxytocic1 - ōku-) [Pokorny 1. tek- 1057, logo]

5. 13-architect-context-dachshund1-dassie-pretext-subtle-technical-technology-tectonic-text-tiller-tissue-toil-et-teks- To weave; also to fabricate, especially with an ax; also to make wicker or wattle fabric for (mud-covered) house walls (dachshund2 - kwon-) [Pokorny teks- 1058, Logos]

Analecta: X-files - Science fiction

6. 26-ablation-atlantic-atlas-collate-dilatory-elate-extol-illation-legislator-philately-tantalus-talent-talion-telamon-tola-tolerate-toll-relate-retaliate-oblate-philately-prelate-prolate-sublate-superlative-translate-et-telə- To lift, support, weigh; with derivatives referring to measured weights and thence to money and payment. [Pokorny 1. tel- 1060, look] Additions: tantalize

Analecta: Trinity - Law of three

7. 13-anatomy-atom-contemplate-diatom-dichotomy-entomo-epitome-temple-tmesis-tome-tomy-tonsorial-tonsure-et-tem- To cut [Pokorny 1. tem-, tend- 1062, Lord's Supper]

Analecta: Cipher

8. 58-abstain-anatase-attenuate-attend-bronchiectasis-catatonia-contain-contend-distend-detain-detent-entertain-epitasis-extenuate-extend-hypotenuse-intend-lieutenant-maintain2-obtain-ostensible-peritoneum-pertain-pertinacious-polytene-portend-pretend-protasis-retain-sitar2-sustain-subtend-syntonic-taenia-tantra-telangieciasia-tenable-tenacious-tenaculum-tenant-tenesmus-tend-tender-tendon-tenant-tenement-tenet-teno-tenon-tenor-tense-tenuous-tenure-tenuto-tent-tetanus-thin-tone-tonoplast-et-ten- To stretch (maintain1 - man-2-) (sitar1 - trei-) [Pokorny 1. ten- 1065, love-in-a-mist]

Analecta: The Matrix

9. 30-atresia-attrition-contour-contrite-derma2-detriment-diatribe-dredge-drill-monotreme-septentrion 2-teredo-terete-thread-thresh-threshold-toreutics-trauma-trematode-trepan-triboelectricity-tribology-tribulation-trite-triturate-trogon-trout-truant-trypanosome-trypsin-et-terə-1- To rub, turn; with some derivatives referring to twisting, boring, drilling, and piercing; and others referring to the rubbing of cereal grain to remove the husks, and thence to the process of threshing either by trampling of oxen or by flailing with flails. (derma1 - der-) (septentrion1 - septm-) [Pokorny 3. ter- 1071, latent heat]

10. 12-avatar-caravansary-nostril2-thrill-thorough-through-trans-transient1-trench-truculent-truncate-trunk-et-terə-2- To cross over, pass through, overcome (nostril1 - nas-) (transient2 - ei-) [Pokorny 5. ter- 1075, mem]

11. 15-contort-distort-extort-queer-nasturtium1-retort-thwart-torch-torment-torque-torsade-tort-torticollis1-tortuous-truss-et-terkw- To twist (nasturtium2 - nas-) (torticollis2 - kwel-1-) [Pokorny terk- 1077, Machu Picchu]

Analecta: Forbidden world - Class

12. 25-cusk-fumitory-inter1-mediterranean2-parterre-subterranean-tarsus-terrace-terran-terene-terraqueous-terreplein-terrestrial-(terre-verte)-terricolous-terrigenous-terrier-territory-thirst-toast-torrent-torrid-tureen-turmeric1-verditer-et-ters- To dry (mediterranean1 - medhyo-) (turmeric2 - (s)mer-2-) (inter2 - en-) [Pokorny ters- 1078, mad mad world] Additions: terrain

Analecta: Teaspoon

13. 30-butter2-creosote2-detumescence-intumesce-obturate-prosoma-protuberate-soma-somato-some2-sorites-sorus-soteriology-thigh-thimble-(thole pin)-thousand-thumb-tomb-truffle-tuber-tumefacient1-tumescent-tumid-tumor-tumulus-tylectomy-tylosis-tyrosine-tyrothricin-et-teuə- Also teu-. To swell (butter1 - gwou-) (creosote1 - kreuə-) (some1 - sem-1) (tumefacient2 - dhē-) [Pokorny tēu- 1080, Magna Carta] Additions: tumefy

14.6-dutch-factotum2-platideutsch-teetotum-total-tutti-et-teutā- Tribe (factotum1 - dhē) [Pokorny tēu- 1080, magic lantern]

Analecta: Sentient

15. 11-amphictyony-haimish-hame-hamlet-hanger-haunt-home-niflheim2-situate-situs-et-tkei- To settle, dwell, be home (niflheim1 - nebh-) [Pokorny 1. kei- 539, ktei- 626, distaff, escape clause]

Analecta: Sentinel

16. 20-decoy-natheless-tales-tandem-tantamount-tauto-than-that-the2-their-them-then-thene-there-these-they-this-thither-though-thus-et-to- Demonstrative Pronoun (the1 - so-) [Pokorny 1. to- 1086, malady]

17. 12-allocution-circumlocution-colloquium-elocution-grandiloquence-interlocution-locution-loquacious-magniloquent2-obloquy-soliloquy2-ventriloquism-et-tolkw- To speak. Metathesized from *tlokw- Latin loquī (magniloquent1 - meg-) (soliloquy1 - s(w)e-)  [Pokorny tolku- 1088, malevolence]

18. 5-bethink-methinks-thank-think-thought-et-tong- To think, feel [Pokorny 1. tong- 1088, malediction]

19. 5-architrave-trabeated-trabecula-thorp-trave-et-treb- Dwelling [Pokorny treb- 1090, manacle]

Analecta: Lost ark

20. 50-attest-contest-detest-obtest-protest-riding-sesterce2-sitar1-tercel-tercet-tern-terpolymer-tertian-tertiary-testament-testify-third-thirteen1-thirty-three-thrice- tierce-trammel-trecento1-trephine-trey-tri-triad-tribe-trichotomy-triclinium1-tricrotic-tridactyl-trierarch-triglyph-trillium-trimurti-trine-trio-triple1-triplex-triploblastic- triskaidekapho-trisoctahedron-tritanopia-tritium-tritone-triumvir-trocar1-troika-et-trei- Three (sesterce1 - sēmī-) (sitar2 - ten-) (thirteen2 - dekm-) (trecento2 - dekm-) (triclinium2 - klei-) (triple2 - pel-2) (triploblastic - pel-2) (trocar2 - kwetwer-) [Pokorny trei- 1090, Mammon] Additions: testimony, trinity

Analecta: Wild west

21. 9-apotropaic-contrive-entropy-treponema-trope-trophy-tropic-tropo-tropous-et-trep- To turn [Pokorny 2. trep- 1094, man-made] Additions: Atropos, troubadour, trover, retrieve

Analecta: Outer limits

22. 7-abstruse-extrude-intrude-obtrude-protrude-threat-thrust-et-treud- To squeeze [Pokorny tr-eu-d 1095, manor]

Analecta: Legend

23. 3-thine-thou-thy-et-tu- Second person singular pronoun; you, thou [Pokorny tu- 1097, marasmus] Additions: thee

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 Pan,, Lucanian red-figure krater
 C4th B.C., Toledo Museum of Art
Letter S: Pan Out of the midst that is made in the mythology of Poseidon and the gods of the sea and that of the pacifying nature, the shepherds are born and those who handle sheep. Like the splitting of time, man evolves leaving the ox on the ground and transforming into the crooked dealer of fields enticing those to sleep when they are awake.

Mythology describes these creatures as having an unseen presence arousing feelings of panic in men passing through the remote, lonely places of the wilds. This is redacted from the notorious Pan, the god of shepherds and flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music. Some of the characteristics of Pan follow:

"The god was a lover of nymphs, who commonly fled from his advances. Syrinx ran and was transformed into a clump of reeds, out of which the god crafted his famous pan-pipes. Pitys escaped and was turned into a mountain fir, the god's sacred tree. Ekho spurned his advances and fading away left behind only her voice to repeat forever the mountain cries of the god.

Pan was depicted as a man with the horns, legs and tail of a goat, and with thick beard, snub nose and pointed ears. He was often appears in the retinue of Dionysos alongside the other rustic gods. Greeks in the classical age associated his name with the word pan meaning "all". However, it true origin lies in an old Arkadian word for rustic.

Pan was frequently identified with other similar rustic gods such as Aristaios, the shepherd-god of northern Greece, who like Pan was titled both Agreus (the hunter) and Nomios (the shepherd); as well as with the pipe-playing Phrygian satyr Marsyas; and Aigipan, the goat-fish god of the constellation Capricorn. Sometimes Pan was multiplied into a host of Panes, or a triad named Agreus, Nomios, and Phorbas."

"PAN (Pan), the great god of flocks and shepherds among the Greeks; his name is probably connected with the verb paô. Lat. pasco, so that his name and character are perfectly in accordance with each other. Later speculations, according to which Pan is the same as to pan, or the universe, and the god the symbol of the universe, cannot be taken into consideration here." [...]

"The principal seat of his worship was Arcadia and from thence his name and his worship afterwards spread over other parts of Greece; and at Athens his worship was not introduced till the time of the battle of Marathon. (Paus. viii. 26. § 2; Virg. Eclog. x. 26; Pind. Frag. 63, ed. Boeckh.; Herod. ii. 145.)" [...]

"As the god of flocks, both of wild and tame animals, it was his province to increase them and guard them (Hom. Hymn. vii. 5; Paus. viii. 38. § 8; Ov. Fast. ii. 271, 277 ; Virg. Eclog. i. 33); but he was also a hunter, and hunters owed their success to him, who at the same time might prevent their being successful. (Hesych. s. v. Agreus.) In Arcadia hunters used to scourge the statue, if they hunted in vain (Theocrit. vii. 107); during the heat of mid day he used to slumber, and was very indignant when any one disturbed him. (Theocrit. i. 16.)" [...]

"He was at the same time believed to be possessed of prophetic powers, and to have even instructed Apollo in this art. (Apollod. i. 4. § 1.) While roaming in his forests he fell in love with Echo, by whom or by Peitho he became the father of Iynx. His love of Syrinx, after whom he named his flute, is well known from Ovid (Met. i. 691, &c.; comp. Serv. ad Virg. Eclog. ii. 31; and about his other amours see Georg. iii. 391; Macrob. Sat. v. 22). Fir-trees were sacred to him, as the nymph Pitys, whom he loved, had been metamorphosed into that tree (Propert. i. 18. 20), and the sacrifices offered to him consisted of cows, rams, lambs, milk, and honey." [...]

"The goat-shaped god was well aware of the calamity that had befallen Psyche." [...]

"Homeric Hymn 19 to Pan (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C7th or 6th B.C.) : "Mousa (Muse), tell me about Pan, the dear son of Hermes, with his goat's feet and two horns--a lover of merry noise. Through wooded glades he wanders with dancing Nymphai who foot it on some sheer cliff's edge, calling upon Pan, the shepherd god (theos nomios), long-haired, unkempt. He has every snowy crest and the mountain peaks and rocky crests for his domain; hither and thither he goes through the close thickets, now lured by soft streams, and now he presses on amongst towering crags and climbs up to the highest peak that overlooks the flocks." [...]

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The letter S encompasses the largest Indo-European root in the English language consisting of 82 agents which 9 are classified as "spin," in their definitions (s) hinting of what is made out of the midst that is projected in Y-W-U. The Phoenicians depicted the letter S as the shape of W defined as thann 'bow,' or shin 'tooth.' The word shine is not a correlated stem although it is used to define "shine," on nine specific occasions throughout the stem roots. This may seem coincidental, however, there is also a set of angels that total nine.

The signature throne which may defy the Law of Three making it into the square of power or chair consisting of the first order, the Egyptian Seraphim was celstial being with three pairs of wings linguistically inherent of the Serapis or god of the lower world; there is also the cherubim which seemed covetous and greedy as a child similar to the cherub and these two make up the archangels and angels that combine with their stigmas of dominations or diminions, virtues, powers, and principalities.
Ephesians 6:12
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

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Analecta: Collective unconscious

1. 9-asset-hadron-sad-sate-satiate-satiety-satire-satisfy1-saturate-et-- To satisfy (satisfy2 - dhē-) [Pokorny sā- 876, houseguest]

2. 9-exegesis-forsake-hegemony-presage-ransack-sagacious-sake-seek-soke-et-sāg- To seek out [Pokorny sāg- 876, housekeeping]

3.7-consecrate-corposant2-execrate-sacred-sacrosanct-saint-sanctify-et-sak- To Sanctify (corposant1/3 - kwrep-) [Pokorny sak- 878, howitzer]

4. 13-halo-sal-salad-salami-salary-sali-saline-salt-(salt-cellar)-saltpeter-sauce-silt-souse-et-sal- Salt [Pokorny 1. sal- 878, hoyden] Additions: salsa

Analecta: Conscious - Willow

5. 22-anthelion-aphelion-girasol-heliacal-helio-helium-insolate-isohel-parasol2-parhelion-perihelion-sol-solanine-solar-solarium-solstice1-south-southern-sun-sunday-sundew1-turnsole-et-sāwel- Also s(u)wel-, su(ə)el-, su(ə)en-, sun-, The sun (parasol1- peræ-1-) (sundew2- dheu-1-) (solstice2- stā-) [Pokorny sāwel- 881, humour]

Analecta: Avatar - Home

6. 8-colza-disseminate-season-seed-semé-semen-seminary-sow1-et-sē- To sow (sow2 - sū-) [Pokorny 2. sē(i)- 889, hypnagogic]

7. 48-assess-assiduous-beset-cathedra-cosset-dissident-edaphic-eisteddfod1-ephedrine-ersatz-exedra-hedron-insidious-isopiestic-obsess-piezo-possess2-preside-reside-saddle-sanhedrin-séance-seat-sedate-sedentary-sederunt-sedile-sediment-see2-sessile-session-set-settle-sewer2-siege-sit-sitzbath-sitzkreig1-sitzmark-soil1-soot-subside-subsidy-supersede-synizesis-tanist-tetrahedron-upanishad2-et-sed- To sit (eisteddfod2 - bheuə-) (eisteddfod3 - de-) (eisteddfod4 - eghs) (possess1 - poti-) (see1 - sekw-2) (sewer1 - akw-ā-) (sitzkreig2 - gwerə-1) (soil2 - sū-) (upanishad1- upo-) [Pokorny sed- 884, hut] Additions: chair, insessorial

Analecta: Locus classicus

8. 14-cachexia-cathexis-echard-entelechy2-epoch-eunich-hectic-ischemia-ophiuchus-scheme-scholastic-scholium-school1-siegfried1-et-segh- To hold (entelechy1 - kwel-1-) (siegfried2 - prī-) (school2 - skel-1) [Pokorny seĝh- 888, hyperkinesia] Additions: scholar

9. 20-dissect-insect-intersect-resect-saxatile-saxicolous-saxifrage1-saxon-saw1-scythe-secant-sect2-sectile-section-sector-sedge-segment-sickle-skin-zax-et-sek- To cut (saxifrage2 - bhreg-) (saw2 - sekw-2)
(sect1 - sekw-1) [Pokorny 2. sĕk- 895, sken-(d-) 929, idealistic, initial]

Analecta: Golden compass

10. 36-assign-associate-consequent-consign-consociate-designate-dissociate-ensue-execute-extrinsic-insignia-intrinsic-obsequious-prosecute-resign-seal-second-secondo-sect-secund-secundines-segno-segue-seguidilla-sequacious-sequel-sequence-sequester-sequestrum-sign-social-society-socio-subsequent-sue-suitor-et-sekw-1- To follow [Pokorny 1. seku- 896, idiom]

11. 2-see1-sight-et-sekw-2- To perceive, see (see2 - sed-) [Pokorny 2. seku- 897, idiopathy]

12. 5-saga-saw2-say-scold-skald-et-sekw-3- To say, utter (saw1 - sek-)  [In Pokorny 2. seku- 897, idiopathic]

13. 13-assail-desultory-dissilient-exult-halter-insult-resile-result-salacious-salient-sally-salmon-somersault2-et-sel- To jump (somersault1 - uper-) [Pokorny 4. sel- 899, illiteracy] Additions: sauté

Analecta: Spirit and Soul - Scientific method

14. 35-anacoluthon-anomalous-assemble-assimilate-ensemble-hamadryad1-haploid-hendecasyllabic-hendiadys1-henotheism-hetero-homeo-homily-homo-homolographic-hyphen-resemble-same-samizdat1-samovar-samsara-sandhi1-sanskrit1-seem-seemly-sempiternal1-semplice-sempre-similar-simple-simplex-simplicity-simultaneous-single-some-et-sem-1- One; also adverbially, "as one." together with (hamadryad2 - deru-) (hendiadys2 - dwo-) (samizdat2 - eghs) (samizdat3 - dō-) (sandhi2 - dhē-) (sanskrit2 - kwer-)(sempiternal2 - aiw-) [Pokorny 2. sem- 902, immanentism] Additions: acolyte

15. 1-summer-et-sem-2- Also semə-. Summer [Pokorny 3. sem- 905, impeller]

16. 5-hemi-(sand-blind)-semi-sesqui1-sesterce1-et-sēmi- Half (sesqui2 - kwe) (sesterce2 - trei-) [Pokorny sēmi- 905, imperceptible]

Analecta: Father - Carbon

17. 8-seignior-senate-senectitude-senescent-senile-senior-senopia-sire-et-sen- Old [Pokorny sen(o)- 907, impose] Additions: signory, sir, surely

18. 5-meistersinger-minnesinger2-sing-singspiel-song-et-sengwh- To sing, make an incantation (minnesinger1 - men-1) [Pokorny senguh- 906, implicate]

19. 14-assent-consent-dissent-godsend-presentiment-resent-scent-send-sense-sentence-sentient-sentiment-sentinel-widdershins2-et-sent- To head for, go (widdershins1 - wi-) [Pokorny sent- 908, impression]

20. 8-insipid-sage1-sapid-sapient-sapor-savant-savor-savvy-et-sep- To taste, perceive (sage2 - sol-) [Pokorny sap- 880, humble]

Analecta: Holy Ghost - Inertia

21. 12-hebdomad-hepta-heptad-september-septennial1-septentrion1-septuagint1-septet-septuple1-seven-seventeen-seventy-et-septm- Seven (septennial2 - at-) (septentrion2 - terə-1) (septuagint2 - dekm-) (septuple2 - pel-2) [Pokorny septm 909, impunity]

22. 5-conserve-hero-observe-preserve-reserve-et-ser-1- To protect [Pokorny 2. ser- 910, inanimate] Additions: reservoir

23. 14-assort-assert-consort-desert-dissertate-exert-insert-hormogonium-sear-series-sermon-sertularian-sorcerer-sortilege1-et-ser-2- To line up (sortilege2 - leg-) [Pokorny 4. ser- 911, inapt] Additions: serried

Analecta: Limn - Buffers

24. 1-son-et-seuə-1- To give birth [Pokorny 2. seu- 913, incitation]

25. 10-hyetal-isohyet-sip-soak-soup-suck-suction-suctorial-succulent-sup-et-seuə-2- To take liquid [Pokorny 1. seu- 912, incarnation]

26.11-ascend-descend-echelon-escalade-scale2-scan-scandal-scandent-scansion-scansorial-transcend-et-skand- To leap, climb (scale1/3 - skel-1)

Analecta: Contradiction - Carbohydrate

27. 35-adscititious-chine-conscience-conscious-ecu-escudo-escutcheon-esquire-exscind-nescience2-omniscient-plebiscite2-prescient-prescind-rescind-schism-schist-schizo-science-scilicet-sciolism-scission-scudo-scutum-sheath-sheave-shed-shin-shit-shiver-shyster-skate-skean-ski-skive-et-skei- To cut, split. (nescience1 - ne-) (plebiscite1- pelæ-1-) [Pokorny skei- 919, indigent]

Analecta: Ion - Indifferent

28. 20-coulter-cultrate-cutlass-half-scagliola-scale1/3-scalene-scall-scalp-scalpel-school2-sculpture-shale-sheldrake-shelf-shell-shield-shoal-skill-skoal-et-skel-1- Also kel-. To cut (scale2 - skand-) (school1 - segh-) [Pokorny 1. (s)kel- 923, inertial frame]

29. 1-shall-et-skel-2- To be under an obligation [Pokorny 2. (s)kel- 927, infrangible]

Analecta: Dewclaw - Active body

30. 48-carnage-carnal-carnassial-carnation-carnival1-carnivorous-carrion-carnuncle-cenacle-charnel-coreopsis-coriaceous-corium-corm-cortex-crone-cuirass-currier-curt-curtal-decorticate-excoriate-incarnate-kirtle-scabbard-scar-score-scrabble-scrap-scrape-screen-screw-scrobiculate-scrofula-scrub-scurf-shard-share-sharp-shear-sheer-shirt-shore-short-shrub-skerry-skirmish-skirt-et-sker-1- Also ker-, To cut (carnival2 - legwh-) [Pokorny 4. sker, Section 1. 938, integument]

31. 30-arrange-circle-crepe-crest-cricoid-crinoline1-crisp-crispate-crissum-crista-cristate-crown-curb-curvature-curve-curvet-derange-flounce-kurtosis-ranch-range-rank-ridge-ring-rink-ringhals1ruck-rucksack-search-shrink-et-sker-2- Also ker-, To turn, bend, Presumed base of a number of distantly related derivatives (crinoline2 - lĭno-) (ringhals2 - kwei-1-) [Pokorny 3. (s)ker- 935, insoul]

32. 5-dreak-scato-scoria-skatole-stercoraceous-et-sker-3- Excrement, dung [Pokorny sker-d- 947, 8. (s)ter- 1031, introrse, leprechaun]

33. 26-bascule-chiaroscuro2-culet-culotte-cunnilingus1-cutaneous-cuticle-cutin-cutis-cyte-cyto-hide1-hoard-hose-huddle-hut-kishke-lederhosen-meerschaum2-obscure-recoil-scum-shieling-skewbald-skim-sky-et-(s)keu- To cover, conceal (chiaroscuro1 - kelæ-2-) (cunnilingus2 - leigh-) (hide2- kei-1-) (meerschaum1- mori-) [Pokorny 2. (s)keu- 951, ipsofacto] (1)

Analecta: Currency - Materialism

34. 10-schuss-scot-scout2-sheet-shoot-shot-shout-shut-shuttle-wainscot-et-skeud- To shoot, chase, throw (scout1 - ous-) [Pokorny 2. (s)keud- 956, isolation] Additions: scot and lot

35. 21-ascribe-circumscribe-conscript-describe-festschrift-inscribe-manuscript2-postscript-prescribe-proscribe-rescript-scarify-scribble-scribe-script-scriptorium-scripture-serif-shrive-subscribe-superscribe-transcribe-et-skrībh- To cut, separate, sift. Extension of sker-1. (manuscript1 - man-2) [Pokorny 4. sker-, Section II. 945, intolerant]

Analecta: Dream - Red shift

36. 1-sleep-et-slēb- To be weak, sleep [Pokorny 1. leb- 655, Fahrenheit]

37. 7-algolagnia-catalectic-lagomorph-languish-lax-relax-slack-et-slēg- To be slack, be languid [Pokorny (s)lēg- 959, iwis]

38. 10-cowslip-lubricate-lubricity-lubricious-oxlip-sleeve-slip-sloop-slop-sloven-et-sleubh- To slide, slip [Pokorny sleub(h)- 963, Janus]

39. 3-livid-slivovitz-sloe-et-slī- Bluish [Pokorny (s)lī- 965, jeez]

Analecta: Value - DNA

40. 8-admire-comity-marvel-miracle-mirage-mirror-smile-smirk-et-smei- To laugh, smile [Pokorny 1. (s)mei- 967,  jewfish]

*Analecta: Yin and Yang

41. 6-commemorate-memorable-memory-mimir-mourn-remember-et-(s)mer-1- To remember [Pokorny (s)mer 969, jinriksha] (2)

42. 9-emeritus-mere1-meretricious-meristem-merit-mero-merous-turmeric2-et-(s)mer-2- To get a share of something (mere2 - mori-) (turmeric1- ters-) [Pokorny (s)mer- 969, Jocasta] (3) Additions: allomerism, dimer, isomer, monomer, trimer
[Note: mere1 is my addition to this agent.]

Analecta: Trompe l'oeil - Planet Mercury

43. 6-chersonese-natant-natation-natational-nekton-supernatant-et-snā- To swim [Pokorny snā- 971, John the Baptist] See (s)nāu-.

44. 10-naiad-neuston-nourish-nurse-nurture-nutrient-nutrition-nutriment-nutritious-nutritive-et-(s)nāu- To swim, flow, let flow, whence suckle (Pokorny snā- 971, join] (4)

45. 7-axoneme-chromonema-needle-nemato-snood-synaptinemal complex-treponema-et-(s)nē-
Also nē-. To spin, sew [Pokorny (s)nē- 973, Jordon curve] (5)

46. 5-aponeurosis-enervate-nerve-neuro-neuron-et-(s)neəu- Tendon, sinew. Extension of (s)nē-. [Pokorny snēu- 977, junction] (6)

Analecta: Reverend Mother - Light

47. 4-hoi-polloi1-she-sic-the1-et-so- This, that (nominative) (hoi-polloi2 - pelə-1-) (the2 - to-) [Pokorny so(s), sā-, sī 978, Jupiter, jury2]

Analecta: Venus

48. 14-catholic-consolidate-holo-safe-sage2-salubrious-salutary-salute-salvage-salvo-save-solemn solicitous1-solid-et-sol- Also solə-, Whole (sage1 - sep-) (solicitous2 - kei-2-) [Pokorny solo- 979, Justinian I]

Analecta: Mother earth

49. 4-despair-esperance-prosper-speed-et-spē- To thrive, prosper [Pokorny 3. sp(h)ēi- 983, karma]

Analecta: Mars

50. 33-aspect-bishop-circumspect-conspicuous-despicable-despise-episcopal-especial-espionage-espy-expect-frontispiece-horoscope2-inspect-introspect-perspective-prospect-respect-retrospect-scope-scopy-skeptic-species-specimen-specious-spectacle-spectrum-speculate-speculum-spy-suspect-telescope-transpicuous-et-spek- To observe (horoscope1 - yēr-) [Pokorny spek- 984, kayak] Additions: respite 

Analecta: Snow - Figure - Abraham

51. 40-antependeium-append-avoirdupois-compendium-compensate-depend-dispense-equiponderate-expend-geoponic-impend-lithopone-painter-penchant-pendant-pendentive-pendulous-penia-pension-pensile-pensive-perpend-perpendicular-peso-poise-ponder-ponderous-pound-prepense-propend-preponderate-propend-span-spangle-spanner-spider-spin-spontaneous-suspend-vilipend-et-(s)pen- To draw, stretch, spin [Pokorny (s)pen-(d)- 988, key, khan (house)] (7)

Analecta: Nature - Isaac

52. 7-despond-espouse-respond-spondee-sponsor-spouse-et-spend- To make an offering, perform a rite, hence to engage oneself by a ritual act. [Pokorny spend- 989, Khwarizmi]

Analecta: Native - Jacob

53. 13-bowsprit-diaspora-sperm-spore-sporo-sporadic-sprawl-spray-spread-sprit-spritz-spritzer-sprout-et-sper- To strew [Pokorny 2. (s)p(h)er-993, kingpost]

54. 3-spoor-spur-spurn-et-sperə- Ankle [Pokorny 1. sp(h)er- 992, king]

55. 11-catarrh-diarrhea-hemorrhoid-maelstrom2-rheo-rheum-rhyolite-rhythm-rrhea-sastruga-stream-et-sreu- To flow (maelstrom1 - melə-) [Pokorny sreu- 1003, Kyrie]

Analecta: Basic Instinct - Knowledge

56. 111-amphistylar-apostasy-armistice-arrest-assist-astasia-astylar-bestead-catastasis-circumstance-consist-constable2-constant-constitute-contrast-desist-destine-destitute-diastasis-distant-ecstasy-enstatite-epistasis-epistemology-epistyle-establish-estancia-etamine-exist-extant-histiocyte-histo-hypostasis-hypostyle-iconostasis-insist-instant-instauration-institute-interstice-isostasy-metastasis-obstacle-obstetic-obstinate-penstemon2-peristyle-persist-post1-prostitute-prostate-prostyle-resist-rest-restitute-restive-restore-shtetl-solstice2-stable-staddle-stadholder-stage-stamen-stammel-stance-stanch-stanchion-stand-standard1-starboard-starets-starling-stasis-stat-state-static-statice-station-statistics-stato-stator-stature-status-statute-staurolite-stay-stead-steed-steer-stem-stern-stet-stirk-stithy-stoa-stoic-stool-stound-store-stow-stud-stylobate-stylite-subsist-substance-substitute-superstition-system-theravada1-understand-et-stā- To stand; with derivatives meaning "place or thing that is standing." (constable1 - ei-) (solstice1 - sāwel-) (penstemon1 - penkwe-) (post2/3- apo-) (standard2 - kar-) (theravada2 - wed-2) [Pokorny stā- 1004, laager] Additions: stanza, cost, oust, astatine, statue

57. 19-deck-deckle-detect-integument-obtect-protect-stegodon-taj-tectrix-tectum-tegmen-tegmentum-tegular-tegument-thatch-thug-tile-toga-tuille-et-(s)teg- To cover [Pokorny 1. (s)teg- 1013, lantern wheel]

Analecta: Lie - Ambit

58. 3-stag-sting-stochastic-et-stegh- To stick, prick, pointed [Pokorny stegh- 1014, lap dog]

59. 9-stearic-steapsin-stearin-steatite-steato-steenbok-stein-stone-tungsten-et-stei- Stone. Possibly contracted from *staəi-. [Pokorny stāi- 1010, lamia]

Analecta: Instinctive center - Astrology

60. 13-astigmatism-distinguish-extinguish-instigate-instinct-snickersnee-steak-stick-stigma-stickleback-stitch-ticket-tiger-et-steig- To stick, pointed. Partly blended from stegh-. [Pokorny steig- 1016, last] Additions: etiquette

Analecta: Moving center - Character

61. 13-acrostic-cadastre-distich-hemistich-pentastich-stair-stich-stichometry-stichomythia-stickle-stile-stirrup-stoichiometry-sty-et-steigh-To stride, step, rise [Pokorny steigh- 1017, latent]

Analecta: Electromagnetic spectrum - Earth Star

62. 23-apostle-diastole-epistle-forestall-gestalt-install-installment-pedestal-peristalsis-stale-stalk-stall-stallion-stele-still-stilt-stole-stolon-stout-stull-stultify-systaltic-et-stel- To put, stand; with derivatives referring to a standing object or place [Pokorny 3. stel- 1019, launch pad]

3. 9-astonish-blunderbuss-detonate-dunderhead-stun-thor-thunder-thursday-tornado-et-(s)tenə- To thunder [Pokorny 1. (s)ten- 1021, law of independent assortment] (9)

*Analecta: Carbon based unit

64. 17-cholesterol-redstart-starch-stare-stark-start-startle-starve-stere-stereo-sterigma-stern1-stork-strut-torpedo-torpid-torpor-et-ster-1- Stiff (stern2 - stā-) [Pokorny 1. (s)ter- 1022, Lazarus]

*Analecta: Protein

65. 23-bremsstrahlung-consternate-construct-destroy-industry-instruct-obstruct-perestroika2-prostrate-sternum-strain2-stratagem1-strath-stratocracy-stratus-straw-street-streusel-strew-stroma-structure substratum-substruction-et-ster-2- Also sterə-, To spread (perestroika1- per-1-) (strain1 - streig-) (stratagem2 - ag-) [Pokorny 5. ster- 1029, lemmata]

*Analecta: Fat

66. 13-aster-asteriated-asterisk-asterism-asteroid-astral-astraphobia-astro-constellation-disaster-esther-star-stellar-stellate-et-ster-3- Star [Pokorny 2. ster- 1027, left brain]

67. 14-anastrophe-apostrophe-boustrophedon2-catastrophe-diastrophism-strabismus-strabotomy-strepto-strobilus-stroboscope-strop-strophie-strophoid-strophulus-et-streb(h)- To wind, turn (boustrophedon1 - gwou-) [Pokorny strebh-1025, learned]

Analecta: Mistletoe - Shock doctrine

68. 17-astringent-constrain-distrain-prestige-restrict-strain1-streak-strait-stria-strickle-strick-strigil-strigose-strike-stringendo-stringent-tricot-et-streig- To stroke, rub, press (strain2- ster-2) [Pokorny 1. streg-
1036, lexicon; 4 ster- 1028, legalize]

69. 1-swastika-et-su- Well, good [Pokorny su- 1037, liberty cap]

70. 8-hog-hyena-hyoscine-keelson-socket-soil2-sow2-swine-et-sū- Pig. Contracted from *suə-; probably a derivative of seuə-1. (soil1 - sed-) (sow1- sē-) [Pokorny sŭ-s 1038, licorice]

Analecta: Believe - Tempus

71. 8-assuage-dissuade-hedonic-hedonism-persuade-soave-suasion-suave-sweet-et-swād- Sweet, pleasant [Pokorny suād- 1039, life]

72. 43-bustle-cacoëthes2-custom-desolate-desuetude-ethic-ethnic-ethno-ethos-gossip-hetaera-idio-idiom-idiot-khedive-mansuetude2-mastiff2-secede1-secern1-seclude-secret1-secure-sedition1-seduce1-sedulous1-segregate1-select1-self-separate1-sib-sinn fein-sober-soldality-sole-soliloquy1-solipsism-solitary-solitude-solo-suicide-sullen-swain-swami-et-s(w)e- Pronoun of the third person and reflexive (referring back to the subject of the sentence); further appearing in various forms referring to the social group or an entity "(we our-)selves." (cacoëthes1- kakka-) (mansuetude1 - man-2) (mastiff1 - man-2) (secede2 - ked-) (secern<2 - krei-) (secret2 - krei-) (sedition2 - ei-) (seduce2- deuk-) (sedulous2 - del-2) (segregate2 - ger-) (select2- leg-) (separate2 - perə-1) (soliloquy2 - tolkw-) [Pokorny se- 882, hungry] Additions: sure, consuetude, idiopathy, idiosyncrasy

73. 8-exude-hidrosis-sudatorium-sudoriferous-sudorific-suint-sweat-transude-et-sweid- Sweat; to sweat [Pokorny 2. sueid- 1043, limbo]

74. 15-hexa-hexad-seicento1-semester1-senary-sestet-sestina-sex-sext-sextant-sextile-sextodecimo1-six-sixteen-sixty-et-s(w)eks- Six (seicento2 - dekm-) (semester2 - mē-2-) (sextodecimo2 - dekm-) [Pokorny sueks- 1044, limes]

75. 4-groundsel-swallow-swill-manticore2-et-swel- To eat, drink (manticore1 - mer-) [Pokorny 1. suel(k)- 1045, Lincoln]

Analecta: Blue shift

76. 11-assonance-consonant-dissonant-resound-sone-sonic-sonnet-sonorous-sound-swan-unison-et-swen- To sound [Pokorny suen- 1046, linear independence]

77. 5-hypno-hypnotic-insomnia-somnolent-sopor-et-swep- To sleep [Pokorny 1. suep- 1048, Lion] Additions: hypnosis, soporific

78. 2-answer-swear-et-swer- To speak, talk [Pokorny 1. suer- 1049, lionfish]

79. 4-cousin-sister-sororal-sorority-et-swesor- Sister [Pokorny suesor- 1051, litmus]

*Analecta: Space and time

80. 4-nisi2-quasi2-so-such-et-swo- Pronominal stem; so. Derivative of s(w)e-. (quasi1- kwo-) (nisi1 - ne-) [In Pokorny 2. seu- 882, hunt]

81. 8-couture-hymen-kamasutra2-seam-sew-subulate-sutra-suture-et-syū- To bind, sew (kamasutra1 - kā-) [Pokorny siū- 915, incorporeal]

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 The Sphinx, Athenian red figure amphora
 C5th B.C., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Letter R: Sphinx The Lady in the Labyrinth as the rabbit in the moon that generates life on Earth is a driving force that seemingly is manifest as the monster of the organic realm consuming all available energy and the mythology of Pan correlates these notions in some sense by the nymphs he adored who ran away and were endowed. This leads to the riddle of the Sphinx which lays before you in the lexicon where one should look closely at how the Appendix has been arranged, and how these senses are reared.

The mythology of the great Sphinx reveals the nature of the inertial frame that binds humans and organic life to the moon, the planets, and the suns:
"THE SPHINX (or Phix) was a female monster with the body of a lion, the breast and head of a woman, eagle's wings and, according to some, a serpent-headed tail.

She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for some ancient crime. There she preyed on the youths of the land, devouring all those who failed to solve her riddle. Kreon, the then regent of Thebes, offered the kingship to any man who could destroy her. Oidipous accepted the challenge, and when he solved the Sphinx's riddle, she cast herself off a mountainside in despair and in accordance with an oracle declaring the terms of her demise.

Sphinxes were popular in ancient art, especially as sculptural grave stele set upon the tombs of men who died in youth. Decorative sphinxes also appear in animal processions on archaic Greek vases, often alongside lions and bird-bodies sirens."

"Some call her a natural daughter of Laius (Paus. ix. 26. § 2). Respecting her stay at Thebes and her connection with the fate of the house of Laius. The riddle which she there proposed, she is said to have learnt from the Muses (Apollod. iii. 5. § 8), or Laius himself taught her the mysterious oracles which Cadmus had received at Delphi (Paus. ix. 26. § 2)." [...]

"The legend itself clearly indicates from what quarter this being was believed to have been introduced into Greek mythology. The figure which she was conceived to have had is originally Egyptian or Ethiopian..[...]"

"Hesiod, Theogony 326 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.) :
"But she [Khimaira] also, in love with Orthos, mothered the deadly Sphinx, the bane of the Kadmeians." [...]

"Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes 773 ff :
"For whom have the gods and divinities that share their altar and the thronging assembly of men ever admired so much as they honored Oidipous then, when he removed that deadly, man-seizing plague (kêr) [the Sphinx] from our land." [...]
"Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4. 64. 4 (trans. Oldfather) (Greek historian C1st B.C.) :
"A Sphinx, a beast of double form, had come to Thebes and was propounding a riddle to anyone who might be able to solve it, and many were being slain by her because of their inability to do so. And although a generous reward was offered to the man who should solve it, that he should marry Jokaste and be king of Thebes, yet no man was able to comprehend what was propounded except Oidipous, who alone solved the riddle. What had been propounded by the Sphinx was this: What is it that is at the same time a biped, a triped, and a quadraped? And while all the rest were perplexed, Oidipous declared that the animal proposed in the riddle was ‘man’, since as an infant he is a quadruped, when grown a biped, and in old age a triped, using, because of his infirmity, a staff. At this answer the Sphinx, in accordance with the oracle which the myth recounts, threw herself down a precipice." [...]
"Statius, Thebaid 2. 500 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
"At a distance from the city [of Thebes] two hills bear close upon each other with a grudging gulf between; the shadow of a mountain above and leafy ridges of curving woodland shut them in . . . Through the middle of the rocks threads a rough and narrow track, below which lies a plain and a broad expanse of sloping fields. Over against it a threatening cliff rises high, the home of the winged monster of Oedipus [the Sphinx]; here aforetime she stood, fierce uplifting her pallid cheeks, her eyes tainted with corruption and her plumes all clotted with hideous gore; grasping human remains and clutching to her breast half-eaten bones she scanned the plains with awful gaze, should any stranger dare to join in the strife of riddling words, or any traveller confront her and parley with her terrible tongue; then, without more ado, sharpening forthwith the unsheathed talons of her livid hands and her teeth bared for wounding, she rose with dreadful beating of wings around the faces of the strangers; nor did any guess her riddle, till caught by a hero that proved her match, with failing wings--ah! horror!--from the bloody cliff she dashed her insatiate paunch in despair upon the rocks beneath. The wood gives reminder of the dread story: the cattle abhor the neighbouring pastures, and the flock, though greedy, will not touch the fateful herbage; no Dryad choirs take delight in the shade, it ill beseems the sacred rites of the Fauni [Satyroi], even birds obscene fly far from the abomination of the grove." [...]
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Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [R, 14 of 185; et: stem]


1. 7-arrears-re1-(rear guard)-rearward1-reredos-retral-retro-et-[re- Also red-. Backward. Latin combining form conceivably from Indo-European *wret-, metathetical variant of *wert-, to turn (< "turned backward"), as extended form of wer-2. (re2 - rē-) (rearward2 - wer-3)]

Analecta: Esprit - Paradigm

2. 5-re2-real1-rebus-reify-republic-et-rē- To bestow, endow (real2 - reg-) [Pokorny 4. rei- 850, hide1] (re1 - [re-]) (Latin rēs, thing)

Analecta: Earth - Inferior vehicle

3. 11-abrade-corrade-corrode-erase-erode-raclette-radula-rash-rasorial-rodent-rostrum-et-rēd- To scrape, scratch, gnaw [Pokorny 2. rēd- 854, Hinayana]

Analecta: Outer limits - Monarchy

4. 56-abrogate-anorectic-anorexia-arrogate-bishopric-correct-corvée-derogate-eldritch2-ergo-interrogate-maharajah2-maharani2-prerogative-prorogue-rack-rail-rake-raj-rajah-rank-real2-realm-reck-reckless-rectangle-rectify-rectilinear-rectitude-recto-rector-rectum-regal-regent-regicide-regime-regiment-region-regius professor-reglet-regular-regulate-regulus-reichsmark-reign-rich-riksmål-right-rogation-rogatory-royal-rule-subrogate-supererogate-vicereine-viceroy-et-reg- To move in a straight line, with derivatives meaning "to direct in a straight line, lead, rule." (eldritch1 - al-1) (maharajah1 - meg-) (maharani1 - meg-) (real1 - rē-) [Pokorny 1. reĝ- 854, himation] Additions: porrect, resurge, risorgimento, rani, rye

Analecta: Mass - Monotheism

5. 8-derive-ember day2-rennet-rill-rival-rivulet-run-runnel-et-rei- To flow, run (ember day1 - ambhi-) [Pokorny 3. er- 326, checkerberry]

 6. 9-array-curry-palfrey2-raddle-raid-ready-ride-ritter-road-et-reidh- To ride (palfrey1 - per1-) [Pokorny 3. reidh- 861, hold]

7. 3-reach-rigid-rigor-et-reig- To reach, stretch out [Pokorny (reiĝ) 862, holistic]

8. 9-erepsin-rapacious-rape-rapid-rapine-rapt-ravin-ravish-surreptitious-et-rep- To snatch [Pokorny rep- 865, homer]

Analecta: Rhythm - Fertile

9. 15-barouche2-control-prune-rodeo-roll-rota-rotary-rotate-rotiform-rotogravure-rotund-roulette-round-rowel-tory-et-ret- To run, roll (barouche1 - dwo-) [Pokorny ret(h)- 866, Homohabilis]

Analecta: The Moon

10. 31-bilirubin-corroborate-erysipelas1-erythema-erythro-red-rissole-roble-roborant-robust-rorqual-rouge-roux-rowan-rubescent-rubefacient1-rubella-rubeola-rubicund-rubidium-rubiginous-rubric-ruby-ruddle-ruddock-ruddy-rufescent-rufous-russet-rust-rutilant-et-reudh- Red, ruddy (erysipelas2 - pel-3) (rubefacient2 - dhē-) [Pokorny reudh- 872, horologe] Additions: rambunctious

Long-wave end

11. 6-lebensraum2-ream-room-rummage-rural-rustic-et-reuə- To open; space (lebensraum1 - leip-) [Pokorny reuə-, rū- 874, host]

12. 2-eruck-reek-et-reug- To vomit, belch; smoke, cloud [Pokorny 4. reu- 871, hoppergrass]

13. 20-abrupt-bankrupt-bereave-corrupt-disrupt-erupt-interrupt-irrupt-loot-rip-reave-rob-robe-rout-rover-rubato-ruble-ruplicolous-rupture-usurp-et-reup- Also reub-. To snatch [Pokorny 2. reu- 868, hood]

14. 3- arctic-arcturus1-ursine-et-rtko- Bear (arcturus2 - wer-3) [Pokorny rkto-s 875, hound]

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