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Eleusinian Demeter & Plutus, Apulian red-figure
 loutrophoros C4th B.C., The J. Paul Getty Museum
Demeter's daughter Persephone may be a marker for the Zodiac that defines the nature of gender where masculine presides over feminine, (Ag)riculture  In this configuration, Aries and Libra serve as masculine Cardinals while Cancer or water (Persephone; also the moon) and Capricorn or Earth (Demeter) serve as feminine. However, when I began researching the configuration that has long been known to exist, the etymological record showed that Earth was not where I would expect, many of the senses told me that Earth was also as the fifth element, so to speak. After learning this, I began to loose faith in the configuration as being as is, rather I at least assumed there were falsities, that the Aries camp was actually feminine and Capricorn masculine. It also seemed apparent that the Scorpio (Pluto) and Virgo (Mercury) has been switched for whatever reason they seemed out of place. Then, later when finishing up some of the technical work surrounding the roots, G. I. Gurdjieff lead me to think of the centers of man as a straight line in which had never even dawned on me until then. This resulted in the correlation to the 22nd verse in the Gospel of Thomas. In the teachings Gurdjieff had left with me concerning the four primary elements in which he described from the table of elements but insisted that at some point in time it seems that one would know what to do with them, yet he never really described what that was, he just lists them out in a series, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen, which has also influenced the interpretation. According to Ouspensky, the Law of Three is about force, and the fourth about matter. The four elements are then explained by Gurdjieff in a series in which eventually is incorporated into the ray of creation.

In all this, emotions are described as the horse, and the body is described as a carriage. There is also the driver and master that compile the four bodies and each one more powerful than the previous. Each of the four bodies is connected, or not connected by three parts: shafts, reins, and a voice. Everything begins with the carriage, a useless piece of meat that will return to dust. The carriage must be trained by the horse, the horse learned from the driver, and the driver must hear the master's voice. The horse and driver live beyond death, while the master is immortal. The reader should ask about the relationship of the four elements as a matching series that would accomodate these teachings, however, I suggest that is not how this is to be understood. It may rather be a methodology to learn about the first part of your training called shafts by arranging the bodies in a manner that exhibits that nature which will lead to understanding the reins, and then to actually hearing the master's voice. Their order cannot be set forth just in one manner as it is more important to understand their natures in relation to each other which can only be learned by becoming awake and aware they indeed occupy our minds and determine our ability to proceed and create a world of consciousness and peace.

The Greek mythological Demeter is the goddess of the harvest, daughter of Rhea and Cronus and mother of Persephone. She is also Mother Earth in the sense of the fire that oversees all organic life. Everyone knows or is learning that we live in an electric universe, and this is what one may think of when thinking of the fourth body, all suns, and the starry nature. This is carried by the solar wind in the making of solar systems engulfed in the plasma of life. Celestial bodies that enter solar systems disrupt that which has been made. As we examined the senses of Artemis in the last part, as in the use of such words as amoral, Demeter also carries this sense with the use of the prefix de- which means many things that associate removed, without, away from, etc. Demeter is attached to the tenth agent in the Letter M root along with mother, matrix and material.
"DEMETER was the great Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain, and bread, the prime sustenance of mankind. She also presided over the foremost of the Mystery Cults which promised its intiates the path to a blessed afterlife. Demeter was depicted as a mature woman, often crowned and holding sheafs of wheat and and a torch.
Some of the more famous myths featuring the goddess include:--
"The spot where Persephone was believed to have been carried into the lower world is different in the different traditions; the common story places it in Sicily, in the neighbourhood of Enna, on mount Aetna, or between the wells Cyane and Arethusa. (Hygin. Fab. 146, 274; Ov. Met. v. 385, Fast. iv. 422; Diod. v. 3; Cic. in Verr. iv. 48.)" [...]
"Demeter wandered about in search of her daughter for nine days, without taking any nectar or ambrosia, and without bathing. On the tenth she met Hecate, who told her that she had heard the cries of Persephone, but did not know who had carried her off. Both then hastened to Helios, who revealed to them that Pluto had been the ravisher, and with the consent of Zeus. Demeter in her anger at this news avoided Olympus, and dwelt upon earth among men, conferring presents and blessings wherever she was kindly received, and severely punishing those who repulsed her or did not receive her gifts with proper reverence." [...]

"The mythus of Demeter and her daughter embodies the idea, that the productive powers of the earth or nature rest or are concealed during the winter season; the goddess (Demeter and Persephone, also called Cora, are here identified) then rules in the depth of the earth mournful, but striving upwards to the all-animating light. Persephone, who has eaten of the pomegranate, is the fructified flower that returns in spring, dwells in the region of light during a portion of the year, and nourishes men and animals with her fruits." [...]

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This is barely scratching the surface of the data on Demeter and it is recommended to read some of the quotes in the Homeric tales that talk of strange relationships between Persephone and her mother in the concealment of the winter Capricorn. Our world is now overrun with Agriculture that is away from the natural bounty, rather it is a matter of profits outside of the spectrum falling into the hands of a elite few, a corruption beyond imagination even with living organic matter as these obsessions overlay in these senses. We seem to forget that all matter is only vibration proportional with density and this story is played out in the making of muscle that is mathematics overlaying all that genetically exists, but for us only seen as an environment and mirage of interplay. This articulation deludes that of man as a form of racism over women, or error in magnitude. The tropical world tells you that the moon is your master, but you have to ask the question where is the prototype?

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [M, 43 of 533; et: stem]

Analecta: Oxygen - Conduction

1. 6-immature-manana-matins-manes-mature-premature-et-mā-1- Good, with derivatives meaning "occurring at a good moment, timely, seasonable, early." [Pokorny 2. - 693, fledge]

Analecta: Breath of life

2. 5-maia-mama-mamma-mammal-mammilla-et-mā-2- Mother [Pokorny 3. - 694, fleece]

Analecta: Solar system - Vertebra

3. 11-among-macerate-magma-make-maquillage-mason-mass-mazaedium-match-mingle-mongrel-et-mag- Also mak-. To knead, fashion, fit [Pokorny maĝ- 696, 2. māk- 698, men()k- 730, flipper, flourish, frontispiece] Additions: mannequin

Analecta: Ark - Electronic

4. 7-dismay-machine-magus-main-may1-mechanic-might-et-magh- To be able, have power (may2 - meg-) [Pokorny magh- 695, flight deck]

Reference: Understanding Energy in an Electric Universe? This guy seems to know..(although no corporation should be allowed to profit from this technology, this should be free to all human kind)

Analecta: Demeter - Agriculture

5. 3-maid-maiden-matjes herring-et-maghu- Young person of either sex [Pokorny maghos 696, flock]

6. 7-amphimacer-emaciate-macro-macron-meager-mecopteran1-paramecium-et-māk- Long, thin (mecopteran2 - pet-) [Pokorny māk- 699, flower]

Analecta: Hidalgo

7. 9-alemanni-fugleman2-landsman2-man-maniken-mensch-muzhik-norman2-ombudsman3-et-man-1- Also man-, Man (fugleman1 - pleu-) (landsman1 - lendh-) (norman1 - ner-1-) (ombudsman1 - ambhi-) (ombudsman2 - bheudh-) [Pokorny manu-s 700, fluke2]

8. 31-amanuensis-command-commend-countermand-demand-emancipate-maintain1-manacle-manage-mandamus-mandate-manner-manual-manubrium-manus-maneuver1-manicotti-manicure-manifest-maniple-manipulation-mansuetude1-manufacture1-manumit-manure1-manuscript1-mastiff1-mortmain-quadrumanous-manqué-remand-et-man-2- Hand (maintain2 - ten-) (maneuver2 - op-) (manufacture2 - dhē-) (mansuetude2 - s(w)e-) (manure2 - op-) (mastiff2 - s(w)e-)  (manuscript2 - skrībh-)  [Pokorny mə-r 740, gaff]

Analecta: Motive - Golden fleece

9.1-mare1-et-marko- Horse (mare2 - mori-) [Pokorny marko- 700, fluid]

10. 13-demeter-madrepore-mater-material-maternal-maternity-matrimony-matrix-matron-matter-metropolis2-metro-mother-et-māter- Mother. Based ultimately on the baby-talk form mā-2-, with the kinship term suffix *-ter- (metropolis1 - pelə-3-) [Pokorny māter- 700, flume]

*Analecta: Analemma

11. 8-madame1-mavourneen-me-mine-monsieur-my-mynheer-myself-et-me-1- Oblique form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular. (madame2 - dem-) [Pokorny 1. me- 702, fly]

12. 2-meta-midwife-et-me-2- In the middle of {Pokorny 2. me- 702, flying start]

*Analecta: Speed of Light

13. 7-bismuth-gemülich-mood-moral-morale-mores-morose-et-mē-1- Expressing certain qualities of mind [Pokorny 5. - 704, fogbow]

14.27-amenorrhea-catamenia-diameter-dimension-dysmenorrhea-emmenagogue-geometry-immense-isometric-meal1-measure-meniscus-meno-menses-menstrual-meter-metis-metrical-metrology-metronome1-metry-month-moon-piecemeal-semester1-symmetry-trimester-et--2- To measure (meal2- melə-) (metronome2 - nem-) (semester2 - s(w)eks-) [Pokorny 3. - 703, mēnōt- 731, foal, frustum] Additions: Monday

15. 4-claymore-märchen-more-most-et-mē-3- Big [Pokorny 4. - 704, fogbound]

16.4-aftermath-mead2-meadow-mow-et-mē-4- To cut down grass or grain with a sickle or scythe (mead1 - medhu-) [Pokorny 2. - 703, foetus]

*Analecta: Fourth Way

17. 27-commodious-empty-immoderate-immodest-medical-medicate-meditate-medusa-meet-mete-metheglin-modal-model-moderate-modern-modest-modicum-modify-modulate-module-modulus-mold-modiolus-mote-must-mutchkin-remedy-et-med- To take appropriate measures [Pokorny 1. med- 705, folium] Additions: medicine, medico, mood2, moulage, accomodate, commode

*Analecta: Elemental Bridge

18. 3-amethyst-mead1-methylene-et-medhu- Honey, also mead (mead2 - mē-4-) [Pokorny médhu- 707, food]

*Analecta: Man of Four bodies

19. 20-amid-intermediate-mean3-medial-median-mediastinum-mediate-medieval1-medium-mediocre1-mediterranean1-meridian-meso-mid-middle-midgard-milieu-mizzen-moiety-mullion-et-medhyo- Middle (mean1- mei-no-)(mean2- mei-1-) (medieval2 - aiw-) (mediocre2 - ak-) (mediterranean2 - ters-) [Pokorny medhi- 706, foment]

20. 33-acromegaly-almagest-maestoso-maestro-magisterial-magistral-magistrate-magnamimous1-magnate-magnific-magniloquent1-magnitude-magnum-maharajah1-maharani1-maharishi-mahatma-mahayana1-majesty-major-(major-domo1)-majority-majustcule-may2-master-maxim-maximum-mayor-mega-megalo-mickle-much-omega-et-meg- Great (magnamimous2 - anæ-) (magniloquent1 - anæ-) (maharajah2 - reg-) (maharani2 - reg-) (mahayana2 - ei-) (major domo1 - dem-) (may1 -magh-) [Pokorny meĝ(h)- 708, footle]

21. 28-amiss2-amoeba-commmon-commune-communicate-commute-congé-emigrate-immune-irremeable-mad-mean2-meatus-mew-migrate-mis-miss-mistake-molt-municipal1-munificent-mutate-mutual-permeate-permute-remuda-renumerate-transmute-et-mei-1- To change, go (amiss1 - an-) (mean1 - mei-no-)(mean3 - medhyo-) (municipal2 - kap-) [Pokorny 2. mei-, 3. mei- 710, meigu- 713, 2.  meit(h)- 715, fore-check, foreclosure, forlorn hope, formula] Additions: communism, commune1

22. 16-comminute-diminish-meiosis-menshevik-menu-minestrone-minister-ministry-minor-minuend-minus-minuscule-minimum-minute-miocene-mystery-et-mei-2- Small [Pokorny 5. mei- 711, foremost] Additions: mince

Analecta: Progression - Elixir

23. 4-micturate-mist-mistletoe-mizzle-et-meigh- To urinate {Pokorny meik- 713, forget-me-not] Additions: missel thrush or mistle thrush

24. 16-admix-apomixis-commix-immix-mash-meddle-mestizo-miscegenation1-miscellaneous-miscible-mix-mixture-mustang-panmitic-panmixia-promiscuous-et-meik- To mix (miscegenation2 - genə-) [Pokorny meik- 714, former] Additions: medley, melange, pell-mell
Reference: Intention is recorded as based on the laws pertaining to miracles and the signs are enamored.

25. 3-bemoan-mean1-moan-et-mei-no- Opinion, intention (mean2 - mei-1-) (mean3 - medhyo-) [Pokorny mei-no- 714, formal]

*Analecta: Constant

26. 23-amblygonite1-amblyopia-bland-blandish-blenny-bonanza2-chrondromalacia-emollient-enamel-malacology-malt-maltha-melt-mild-milt-moil-mollify-mollusk-mulch-mutton-schmaltz-smalt-smelt--et-mel-1- Soft; with derivatives referring to soft or softened materials of various kinds (amblygonite2 - genu-1) (bonanza1 -deu-2 ) [Pokorny 4. mel- 716, forum]

*Analecta: Constable

27. 5-meliorate-meliorism-molti-multi-multitude-et-mel-2- Strong, great [Pokorny 4. mel- 720, fragment] Additions: ameliorate

*Analecta: Conspire

28. 11-dismal2-mal-malady1-malaria1-maledict1-malefactor1-malefic-malentendu-malevolence1-malice-malversation1-et-mel-3- Bad (dismal1 - deiw-) (malady2 - ghabh-) (malaria2 - wer-1) (maledict2 - deik-) (malefactor2 - dhē-) (maleviolence2 - wel-1) (malversation2 - wer-2) [Pokorny mēlo- 724, freemason] Additions: malign

Reference: In the making of a galaxy, there are particular programs we've created that help to understand how this is possible and what can go wrong. The best example I've found is the transitive verb "comprise," which has both a traditional usage and strict usage that are acceptable. First realize that the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics are working together as exemplified with the verb.

"The traditional rule states that the whole [black hole] comprises the parts; the parts [relativity] compose the whole. In strict usage: The Union comprises 50 states. Fifty states compose (or constitute or make up) the Union." According to the AHD notes on the panel's opinion, comprise is increasingly used in the passive form. [my emphasis]

So, in our world the parts are money drawing in the sickness of psychopathy, when they are truly living conscious beings. What sets off the psychopaths may be related to both the demon and the berdache, which can be studied. It is suggested that these associations hide the result of the relationship. We have learned of the characteristics of psychopaths and this is compared to the void as a simple form of logic, and as their goals are to absorb anything that touches their evil. The root marker for the transitive verb is the word "compress," located in the psyche.

Analecta: Black hole

29. 20-amylum-blin-blintz-emolument-immolate-maelstrom1-malleable-malleus-maul-meal1-mealie-milium-millet-mola-molar-mold2-mole-mylonite-ormolu-(pall-mall2)-et-melə- Also mel- To crush, grind; with derivatives referring to various ground or crumbling substances (such as flour) and to instruments for grinding or crushing (such as millstones) (maelstrom2 - sreu-) (meal2 - mē-2) (mold1 - med-) (pall-mall1 - bhel-2) [Pokorny 1. mel- 716, forward] Additions: molder, mallet

Analecta: Solar capacity

30. 12-agalactia-emulsion-galacto-galaxy-lacteal-lactescent-lacto-lettuce-milch-milchig-milk-polygala-et-melg- To rub off; also to milk [Pokorny mělĝ- 722, glag- 400, fraxinella, connote]

31. 9-hydromel-marmalade-melilot-melliferous-mellifluous1-mildew-molasses-mousse-oenomel-et-melit- Honey (mellifluous2 - bhleu-) [Pokorny melit- 723, freedom of the seas]


*Analecta: Man of Physical Body

32. 40-admonish-ahriman-ahura mazda1-ament-amnesia-amnesty-anamnesis-automatic-comment-dement-demonstate-maenad-mandarin-mania-maniac-manic-mantic-mantis-mantra-mental-mention-mentor-mind-minerva-minikin-minnesinger1-mnemonic-monish-monition-monitor-monster-monument-mosaic-muse-museum-music-muster-premonition-reminiscent-summon-et-men-1- To think; with derivatives referring to various qualities and states of mind and thought (ahura mazda2 - ansu-) (minnesinger2 - sengwh-) [Pokorny 3. men- 726, mendh- 730, Frey, frown]

33. 16-amenable-amount2-demean-eminent-menace-minacious-mons-montane-monte-monticule-mount-mountain-mouth-prominade-prominent-untramontane-et-men-2- To project (amount1 -ad-) [Pokorny 1. men- 726, 2. menth- 732, fret 3, fuehrer]

34. 6-immanent-manor-manse-mansion-permanent-remain-et-men-3- To remain [Pokorny 5. men- 729, frontal2] Additions: ménage

35. 7-manometer-minnow-monad-monastery-monk-mono-pseudomonad-et-men-4- Small, isolated [Pokorny 4. men- 728, meni- 731, fringe, frustum]

Analecta: Crystal - Altarpiece

36. 3-chrestomathy2-mathematical-polymath-et-mendh- To learn (chrestomathy1 - gher-2-) [Pokorny mendh- 730, froward]

*Analecta: Mass

37.  1-many-et-menegh- Copious [Pokorny men(e)gh- 730, frontispiece]

Analecta: The Story of Exodus

38. 25-amaranth-ambrosia-amortize-amrita2-immortal-manticore1-marasmus-morbid-mordacious-mordant-mordent-moribund-morsel-mort-mortal-mortar-mortgage-mortify-mortuary-murder-murrain-nightmare-postmortem-premorse-remorse-et-mer-  To rub away, harm (amrita1- ne) (manticore2 - swel-) [Pokorny 4. mer-, 5. mer- 735,elemental]

39. 14-cymry-demarcation-emarginate-marc-march-marchese-marchioness-margin-margrave-mark-markka-remark-marquetry-marquis-et-merg- Boundary, border [Pokorny mereĝ- 738, future] Additions: marquee, marquise

40. 11-commotion-emotion-mobile-momentum-mosso-motion-motive-motor-move-movement-promote-et-meuə- To push away [Pokorny 2. meu- 743, galley slave] Additions: mob, momentous, motif, remote, remove

41.13-(bêche-de-mer)-mare2-mariculture-marinara-marine-maritime-marram-marsh-meerschaum1-mere2-morass-ormer1-ultramarine-et-mori- Body of water; lake (?), sea (?) (meerschaum2 - (s)keu-) (mare1 - marko-) (mere1- (s)mer-2-) (ormer2 - ous-) [Pokorny mori- 748, garret]

42. 14-abbreviate-amphibrach-brace-bracero-brachium-brachy-brassard-brassiere-brief-brumal-merry-mirth-pretzel-tribrach-et-mregh-u- Short [Pokorny mreghu- 750, gate] Additions: abridge, embrace

43. 9-epimysium-mouse-murine-muscle-musteline-myosotis-mysticete-perimysium-syringomyelia-et-mūs- A mouse, also a muscle (from the resemblance of a flexing muscle to the movements of a mouse) {Pokorny mūs- 752, gazetteer]


© Wikipedia  Detail from The Procession of the
Trojan Horse in Troy by Domenico Tiepolo
(1773), inspired by Virgil's Aeneid
Letter L: Trojan horse With a little luck, we have spotted the Trojan Horse as that which was previously associated, although this one is hallow, or hollow if you like, and the story proceeds, as Sinon seems to be the fail-safe who hides the Graces of time that beget the inductees. This same fauvism exists today for emotions and their weaknesses that are seen only as food. It seems that the story of Laocoön who was a Trojan priest of Apollo who was killed along with his two sons by two sea serpents for having warned his people of the Trojan horse is similar to Laomedon, who was a founder and first king of Troy and father of Priam. You can feel the serpents moving in about agent 9 through 11 leading to the spellbinder. After this, a whole new story is made in the lexicon where the wooden horse is discarded and the Holy Grail is put in its place. A strong sense of mem continues throughout the 27 agents of 304 programs ending with the making of light.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996) Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [L, 27 of 310; et: stem]

Analecta: Air - Pleiades

1. 2-gravlax2-lox-et-laks- Salmon (gravlax1 - ghrebh-2) [Pokorny lak- 653, factious]

Analecta: Nitrogen - Xeno

2. 4-lascivious-list-lust-wanderlust-et-las- To be eager, wanton, or unruly [Pokorny las- 654, fade]

Analecta: Water of life
3. 3-guerdon2-lucrative-lucre-et-lau- Gain, profit (guerdon1 - wi-) [Pokorny lāu- 655, fainéant]

Analecta: Prime - Pendulum

4. 11-alas-lassitude-last1-late-latter-lenient-lenis-lenitive-lenity-let-liege-et-- To let go, slacken (last2/3- leis-1-) [Pokorny 3. lē(i)- 666, Faust]

Analecta: Prime number - Sinon

5. 6-labellum-labial-labium-labret-labrum-lip-et-leb- Lip [Pokorny lěb- 655, fail-safe]

Analecta: The Three Graces

6. 57-alexia-analects-analogous-anthology-apologue-apology-catalog-colleague-collect-decalogue2-delegate-diligent-dialect-dyslexia-eclectic-elect-epilogue-homologous-horologe2-intelligent-lectern-lecture-leech1-legacy-legal-legate-legend-legible-legion-legislator1-legist-legitimate-lesson-lex-lexicon-ligneous-ligni-logarithm2-logic-logion-logistic-logo-logos-logue-logy-loyal-neglect2-paralogism-prelect-privilege2-prolegomenon-prologue-relegate-sacrilege-select2-sortilege1-syllogism-et-leg- To collect; with derivatives meaning "to speak" (decalogue1 - dekm-) (horologe1 - yēr-) (leech2 - leig-) (legislator2 - telə-) (logarithm1 - ar-) (neglect1 - ne-) (privilege1 - per-1-) (select1 - s(w)e-) (sortilege2 - ser-2-) [Pokorny leĝ- 658, falling rhythm]


7. 21-anlage2-belay-beleaguer2-bylaw2-coverlet-fellow2-laager-lagan-lager-lair-law-lay-leaguer-ledge-lees-lie1-litter-lochia-outlaw2-(wagon-lit)-vorlage2-et-legh- To lie, lay (anlage1 - an-) (beleaguer1 - ambhi-) (bylaw1 - bheuə-) (fellow1 - peku-) (lie2 - leugh-) (outlaw1 - ud-) (vorlage1 - per1)  [Pokorny legh- 658, 2. lēğh- 660, fallacy, fan-in] Additions: Danelaw, ledger, stalag


8. 12-alleviate-carnival-elevate-leaven-legerdemain-leprechaun1-lever-levity-light2-lighter-lung-relieve-et-legwh- Light, having little weight (leprechaun2 - kwrep-) (light1 - leuk-) [Pokorny leguh- 660, fancy]


9. 15-levigate1-lime-limacine-limicoline-liniment-litotes-loam-oblivion-oubliette-schlep-slick-slight-slime-slip1-slippery-et-lei- Also slei-. Slimy (levigate2 - ag-) (slip3 - sleubh-)  [Pokorny 3. lei- 662, farthingale]


10. 10-allude-collude-delude-elude-illusion-interlude-ludic-ludicrous-prelude-prolusion-et-leid- To play, jest [Pokorny leid- 666, fauvism]

Analecta: Ecology

11. 14-alloy-colligate-furl-legato-league-leech-liable-ligase-ligate-ligature-lictor-lien-oblige-rely-et-leig- To bind [Pokorny 4. leig- 668, featherbone] Additions: ally, rally, religion

Analecta: Economy

12. 5-anilingus-cunnillingus2-electuray2-lichen-lick-et-leigh- To lick (cunnillingus1 - (s)keu-) (electuray1 - eghs-)  [Pokorny leigh- 668, fecund]

Analecta: Spellbinder

13. 5-delinquent-eclipse-lend-loan-relinquish-et-leikw- To leave [Pokorny leiku- 669, feeling]

Analecta: Counterpose

14. 10-aliphatic-delay-leave1-lebensraum1-life-lipo-live-lively-liver-relay-synalepha-et-leip- To stick, adhere, fat (leave2 - leubh-) (lebensraum2 - reuə-) [Pokorny leip- 670, feign]

Analecta: Read

15.4-delirium-last2/3-learn-lore-et-leis-1- Track, furrow (last1 - lē-) [Pokorny leis- 671, feme sole]

Analecta: Write
(2x8, 4x4)

16. 2-least-less1-et-leis-2- Small (less2 - leu-)

Analecta: Wardrobe - Energy

17. 5-lead-leitmotif-livelihood-load-lode-et-leit- To go forth, die [Pokorny leit(h)- 672, fermata]


18. 11-auslander2-bilander2-geländesprung-hinterland2-island2-land-landscape-landsmål-landsman1-lawn-uitlander2-et-lendh- Open land (auslander1 - ud-) (bilander1 - en-) (hinterland1 - ko-) (island1 - akw-ā-) (landsman2 - man-1) (uitlander1 - ud-) [Pokorny 3. lendh- 675, fiancé]

Analecta: The work - Shelter

19. 30-absolute-analysis-assoil-catalysis-consolute-dialysis-dissolve-forlorn-forlorn hope-lag-leasing-less2-loess-lorn-lose-loss-loose-lues-lyase-lyo-lysis-lyso-lyte-lytic-paralysis-resolve-soluble-solute-solve-tachylyte-et-leu- To loosen, divide, cut apart (less1 - leis-2-) [Pokorny 2. leu- 681, fin1]


20. 10-belief-believe-furlough-leman-lief-libido-leave2-livelong-love-quodlibet2-et-leubh- To care, desire , love (leave1 - leip-) (quodlibet1 - kwo-) [Pokorny leubh- 683, finite]


21. 7-deliver-landsleit-liberal-liberate-libertine-liberty-livery-et-leudh- To mount up, grow [Pokorny 1. leudh- 684, wāw]

Analecta: Chaos

22. 13-ablution-alluvion-colluvism-deluge-dilute-elute-lather-latrine-lave-loment-lotion-lye-pyrolusite-et-leu(ə)- To wash [Pokorny lou- 692, flash-forward]


23. 3-belie-lie2-warlock2-et-leugh- To tell a lie (warlock1 - wēro-) (lie1 - legh-) [Pokorny leugh- 686, firth or fisc]

Analecta: Day
(4x6; 3x8; 2x12)

24. 32-elucidate-illuminate-illustrate-lea-leuko-levin-light1-limn-link-lucent-lucid-lucifer-lucina-lucubrate-luculent-luminary-lunar-lunate-lunatic-lune-lunula-luster-lustrum-lux-lychnis-noctiluca-ounce2-pellucid-phillumenist-relucent-translucent-sublunary-et-leuk- Light, brightness (light2 - legwh-) (ounce1 - oi-no-) [Pokorny leuk- 687, fitness]


25: 8-alike-each-every2-frolic-like-likely-ly-lych gate-et-[līk- Body, from, like, same (every1 - aiw-) [Pokorny 2. lěig- 557, Downing Street]]

Analecta: Alpha

26. 9-crinoline2-line-linen-lingerie-linin-linnet-linoleic acid-linseed-lint-et-lĭno- Flax (crinoline1- sker-2) [Pokorny lī-no- 691, flamingo]


27. 1-louse-et-lūs- Louse, Old English lūs- (see parasite) [Pokorny lŭs- 692, flatboat]

© Wikipedia
 Matsya, fish avatar of Vishnu
Letter K: Avatar So now we may understand what the walls of Troy were all about, they in fact may have been that which is peace, that of the page, and that which energy is displayed for the relief where symbology begins in the midst of light and shade. The letter K which may also associate the letter A is some instances, brings the idea of the relative sun, and at the same time all that is perceived by human thought as in the God of Love or kama. The Hinduism of karma is that which each individual projects into the plasma of the moving organic life force, a peculiar sphere of livable space adhering to a molten core flying and twirling through space at thousands of miles per hour which just happens to inhabit life. Each star system carries with it the capability of communicative life. The best description of this Avatar is in the agents 57 through 60 called Signs. This has a strong correlation to the numeric manifestation while also analogous to the story of Neo who crosses over from one world to the next. It could also be said that the ten Arabic numerals are also an avatar in that each number depends on those that touch it.
The concept of avatar within Hinduism is most often associated with Vishnu, the preserver or sustainer aspect of God within the Hindu Trinity or Trimurti or the one and only supreme God for followers of Vaishnavism.

Vishnu's avatars typically descend for a very specific purpose. An oft-quoted passage from the Bhagavad Gita describes the typical role of an avatar of Vishnu—to bring dharma, or righteousness, back to the social and cosmic order:[1][3]
“ Whenever righteousness wanes and unrighteousness increases I send myself forth.

For the protection of the good and for the destruction of evil, and for the establishment of righteousness, I come into being age after age.”

The appropriate Avatar for the Letter K is the fish displayed as a designation for the astrological notion of the Capricorn. Descent is also best described in the progression of these 67 agents which end with the first stain or point of paint. Exclusively, it is the relative sun in our solar system that is the language we speak as described. The Earth responds in agent 30 to what is being said. Shiva is the first key listed in agent 18. Brahman was associated with the bull Taurus in Letter T-S-R. Vishnu's presence here is sensed in agent 58.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996) Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [K, 67 of 849; et: stem]

Analecta: The Sun - Superman

1. 7-caress-charity-cherish-kama-kamasutra1-whore-whoredom-et-kā- To like, desire (kamasutra2 - syū-) [Pokorny - 515, dialectic]

2. 15-accident-cadaver-cadence-cadent-caducous-cascade-case-chance-chute-decay-deciduous-escheat-incident-occasion-recidivism-et-kad- To fall, Latin cadere, to fall, die [Pokorny 1. kad- 516, Diaspora]

Analecta: Utilitarianism

3. 16-abscise-caelum-caesura-cestus2-cetus-cement-chisel-cide-circumcise-concise-decide-excise-incise-precise-recision-scissors-et-kaə-id- To strike (cestus1 - kent-) [Pokorny (s)k(h)ai- 917, indelible]

4. 2-heat-hot-et-kai- Heat [Pokorny kāi- 519, die-hard]

Analecta: The stand

5. 7-hale1-hallow-health-holy-whole-wholesome-wassail2-et-kailo- Whole, uninjured, of good omen (hale2 - kelə-2) (wassail1 - wes-1) [Pokorny kai-lo- 520, diet]

6. 3-heath-heathen-hoyden-et-kaito- Forest, uncultivated land [Pokorny kaito- 521, digit]

7. 6-caco-cacodyl-cacoëyhes1-cacophonous1-cucking stool-poppycock-et-kakka- Also kaka-. To defecate (cacoëyhes2 - s(w)e-) (cacophonous2 - bhā-2-) [Pokorny kakka- 521, digestion]

8. 18-accent-canorous-cant-cantabile-cantata-canticle-cantillate-cantor-canzone-chant-charm-descant-enchant-hen-incentive-oscine-precentor-recant-et-kan- To sing [Pokorny kan- 525, Dionysus]

9. 6-candent-candid-candle-candor-incandesce-incense-et-kand- To shine [Pokorny kand- 526, diploma]

Part of Speech labels K10-19

Adjective - To throw

10. 36-accept-anticipate-behoof-behoove-cable-capable-capacious-capias-capstain-caption-captious-captive-captor-capture-catch-conceive-copepod-deceive-except-gaff-haft-have-haven-hawk-heavy-heddle-inception-intercept-intussusception2-municipal2-nuncupative2-occupy-participate-perceive-recuperate-susceptible-et-kap- To grasp (intussusception1 - en) (municipal1 - mei-1) (nuncupative1 - nŏ-men-) [Pokorny kap- 527, direct] Additions: captivate, chase, incipient, recover, Rx Compare ghabh-

Analecta: Adverb - To speak

11. 25-biceps-cadet-cape-capital-capitate-capitation-capitellum-capitulum-capo-caprice-captain-cattle-caudillo-chapter-chief-chiefain-corporal2-decapitate-kerchief-mischief-occiput-precipitate-recapitulate-sinciput-triceps-et-kaput- Head (corporal1 - kwrep-) (corporal3 - kwrep-) [Pokorny kap-ut- 529. disaster, see kā-]Additions: capitulate, capo, chapiter

Analecta: Conjunction - Compounded preposition

12. 15-ard-canker-carcino-carcinoma-careen-carina-chancre-cracy-eukaryote-gillyflower1-hard-hardy-karyo-standard2-synkaryon-et-kar- Hard (gillyflower2 - bhel-3-) (standard1 - stā-) [Pokorny 3. kar- 531, Discordia] Additions: cancer

Reference: Astrology has two signs that have roots: Capricorn and Taurus. They are both Earth signs. Cancer is a modern stem.

Analecta: Definite article - Temple

13. 2-canescent-hasenpfeffer-et-kas- Gray [Pokorny kas- 533, disguise]

Analecta: Indefinite article - Unfixed identity

14. 2-cadelle-cata-et-kat- Down [Pokorny 2. kat- 534, disinformation]

Analecta: Interjection - Capable of standing

15. 6-hay-hag-haggle-hew-hoe-incus-et-kau- To hew, strike [Pokorny kāu- 535, dismay]

Analecta: Noun - Leitmotif (body and mind)

16. 20-abscess-accede-access-ancestor-antecede-cease-cede-cession-concede-decease-exceed-intercede-necessary-precede-predecesor-proceed-recede-retrocede-secede2-succeed-et-ked- to go, yield (secede1 - s(w)e-) [Pokorny sed- 884, Hyacinthus]

Analecta: Preposition - Solicitation of the hunt

17. 7-haček-hack-harquebus-hake-heckle-hook-hooker-et-keg- Hook, tooth [Pokorny keg- 537, dispirit]

Analecta: Pronoun - Noun substitution

18. 9-ceilidh-cemetery-city-civic-civil-hide2-hind2-incunabulum-shiva-et-kei-1- To lie, bed; couch, beloved, dear (hide1 - (s)keu-) (hind1 - ko-) [Pokorny 1. kei- 539. dissociation]

Analecta: Verb - To speak

19. 17-behest-cinematograph-cite-excite-hest-hyperkenesia-incite-kinematics-kinesics-kinesiology-kenesis-kinesthesia-kinetic-kinin-oscitancy2-resuscitate-solicitous2-et-kei-2- To set in motion (oscitancy1- ōs-) (solicitous1 - sol-) [Pokorny kēi- 538, dissenter]

Analecta: Sentence - enigmatic oracle

20. 1-copro-et-kekw- To excrete [Pokorny keku- 544, divide]

Analecta: Corposant (train man)

*21. 31-apocalypse-calypso-cell-cella-cellar-cellarer-cilium-clandestine-coleopteran1-coleoptile1-coleorhiza1-coleus-color-conceal-eucalyptus-hall-haugh-hel-hell-helm-helmet-hold-hole-holster-hollow-housing-hull-occult-seel-supercilious-valhalla2-et-kel-1- To cover, conceal, save (coleopteran2 - pet-) (coleoptile2 - pet-) (coleorhiza2 - wrād-) (valhalla1 - welə-) [Pokorny 4. kel- 553, dorsum]

*22. 8-colonel-colonnade-colophon-column-culminate-excel-hill-holm-et-kel-2- To be prominent, hill [Pokorny 1. kel- 544, divinity]

Analecta: Wavelength

23. 17-caldron-calenture-caloric-calorie-caloreceptor-calorific-calorimeter-calorimetry-caudle-chafe-decalescence-incalescent-lee-lukewarm-nonchalant-recalescence-scald-et-kelə-1- Warm [Pokorny 1. kel- 551, don]

24.26-acclaim-calendar-calends-chiaroscuro1-claim-clairvoyant1-clamant-clamor-class-clear-conciliate-council-declaim-declare-ecclesia-exclaim-éclair-glair-hale2-haul-keelhaul-low2-nomenclator2-paraclete-proclaim-reclaim-et-kelə-2- To shout (chiaroscuro2 - (s)keu-) (clairvoyant2 - weid-) (hale1- kailo-) (low1 - legh-) (nomenclator1 - nŏmen-) [Pokorny 6. kel- 548, dog in the manger]

Analecta: Capacity - Living conditions

25. 5-cainotophobia-cene-cenozoic-kainite-recent-et-ken- Fresh, new, young [Pokorny 3. ken- 563, drinking fountain]

26. 7-cinch-cincture-cingulum-enceinte1-precinct-shingles-succinct-et-kenk- To gird, bind (enceinte2 - keuə-) [Pokonry 1. kenk- 565, droshky]

27. 3-censor-census-recension-et-kens- To proclaim, speak solemnly [Pokorny kens- 566, dryad]

28. 5-aminocentesis-center-cestus1-dicentra-eccentric-et-kent- To prick, jab (cestus2 - kaə-id-) [Pokorny kent- 567, dry dock]

Analecta: Sixth sense

29. 53-alpenhorn-althorn-bicornulate-capricorn-carat-carotid-carrot-cerastes-ceratodus1-cerebellum-cerebrum-cervine-cervix-charivari1-cheer-chelicera-cladoceran-corn2-cornea-corneous-corner-cornet-corniculate-cornification-cornu-corydalis-corymb-corynebacterium-coryphaeus-cranium-criosphinx-flügelhorn2-hart-hartebeest-horn-hornblende-hornet-keratin-kerato-lamellicorn-longicorn-migraine-monoceros-olecranon2-reindeer-rhinoceros-rinderpest-saveloy-serval-sirdar1-triceratops-tricorn-unicorn2-et-ker-1- Horn, head; with derivatives referring to horned animals, horn-shaped objects, and projecting parts (ceratodus2- dent-) (charivari2 - gwerə-1-) (corn1- grə-no-) (flügelhorn1 - pleu-) (olecranon1- el-) (sirdar2 - dher-) (unicorn1 - oi-no-) [Pokorny 1. ker- 574, dwarf star]

30. 17-accrue-cereal-ceres-concrete-create-creole-cresendo-crescent-crew-decrease-dioscuri2-excrescence-hypocorism-increase-recruit-procreate-sincere-et-ker-2- To grow (dioscuri1 - deiw-) [Pokorny 2. ker- 577, earth]

31. 6-carbon-carbuncle-ceramic-crash-cremate-hearth-et-ker-3- Heat, fire [Pokorny 2. ker- 577, earnest1]

32. 25-accord-cardia-cardiac-cardio-cordate-cordial-concord-cordiform-courage-credible-credit-credo-credulous-discord-endocardium-epicardium-grant-heart-megalocardia-miscreant-misericord-myocardium-pericardium-record-recreant-et-kerd- Heart [Pokorny kered- 579, Rapi Nui]

Analecta: Warmongering

33. 5-crater-dyscrasia-idiosyncrasy-rare-uproar2-et-kerə- To mix, confuse, cook (uproar1 - upo-) [Pokorny kerə- 582, Echo]

Analecta: Housing - Idol

34. 7-carp-carpel-carpet-carpo-carpous-excerpt-harvest-et-kerp- To gather, pluck, harvest [Pokorny 4. sker- 938, integument]

Analecta: Sexual center

35. 32-car-career-cargo-caricature-cariole-caroche-carpenter-charge-chariot-concourse-concur-corral-corrida-corridor-courante-courier-course-current-cursive-cursor-curule-decurrent-discourse-excursion-incur-intercourse-occur-percurrent-precursor-recourse-recur-succor-et-kers- To run [Pokorny 2. kers- 583, ectomorph]

Analecta: Shade

36. 9-alcazar-caret-caste-castigate-castle-castrate-chaste-incest-quash-et-kes- To cut [Pokorny kes- 586, effect] Additions: cashier

37. 8-acoustic-hear-hearken-scavenger-scone-sheen-show-weltanschauung2-et-keu- To perceive, see, hear (weltanschauung1 - wī-ro-) [Pokorny 1. keu- 587, effort]

38. 18-accumulate-cave-cavern-cavetto-cavity-celiac-church-codeine-coel-coelom-concave-cumulate-cumulus-cyma-enciente1-excavate-kyrie-pseudocyesis-et-keuə- To swell; vault, hole (enciente2 - kenk-) [Pokorny 1. keu- 592, El Dorado2]

39. 29-acclivity-aclinic line-anaclisis-client-climate-climax-clinal-clinandrium-cline-clinic-clino-clitellum-clitoris-diclinous-decline-declivity-enclitic-incline-ladder-lean-lid-matriculous-monoclinous-patroclinous-pericline-proclitic-procliviity-recline-triclinum1-et-klei- To lean (triclinum2 - trei-) [Pokorny klei- 600, emancipate]

Analecta: Volume - Helium

40. 9-ablaut1-clio-hercules-leer-list1-listen-loud-umlaut2-sarod-et-kleu- To hear (ablaut2 - apo-) (list2 - las-) (umlaut1 - ambhi-) [Pokorny 1. kleu- 605, Enceladus]

Analecta: Macro phenomena - Hebrew

41. 12-behind-et cetera-he-hence-her-here-him-hind1-hinterland1-his-hither-it-et-ko- Stem of demonstrative pronouns meaning "this" (hind3 - kei-1) (hinterland2 - lendh-) [Pokorny 1. ko- 609, energy]

*42. 5-cone-conic-conifer-conodont-hone-et-kō- To sharpen, whet [Pokorny kēi- 541, distrain]

*Analecta: Sunrise - Cognition

43. 1-hap-et-kob- To suit, fit, succeed [Pokorny kob- 610, enfeeblement]

*Analecta: Sunset - Flow

44. 16-cenobite1-coeno-com-contra-contrary-cooncan1-counter-country-cum-encounter-enough2-epicene-gemot-handiwork-koine-witenagemot2-yclept-et-kom- Beside, near, by, with (cenobite2 - gwei-) (cooncan2 - kwo-) (enough1 - nek-2-) (witenagemot1 - weid-) [Pokorny kom 612, entelechy]

*Analecta: Vapor - Magnesium

45- 4-cunctation-hang-hanker-hinge-et-konk- To hang [Pokorny kenk- 566. konk- 614, Druid, enterprise]

*Analecta: Table

46. 8-(arrière-ban)-harangue-harbinger-harbor-harness1-harry-herald-heriot-et-koro- War; also war-band, host, army (harness2 - nes-1- ) [Pokorny koro-s 615, entrepôt]

Analecta: Iron man - Metallic

47. 9-accost-coast-costa-costard-costrel-cuesta-cutlet-intercoastal-sternocoastal-et-kost- Bone, related to ost- [Pokorny kost- 616, entry]

48. 25-apocrine-certain-concern-cribriform-crime-crisis-criterion-critic-decree-diacritic-discern-discriminate-eccrine-endocrine-epicritic-excrete-exocrine-garble-hematocrit-hypocrisy-recrement-recriminate-riddle2-secern2-secret2-et-krei- To sieve, discriminate, distinguish (riddle1 - ar-) (secern1 - s(w)e-) (secret1 - s(w)e-) [Pokorny 4. sker-, Section II. 945, intolerant] Additions: criminal, excrement, incertitude

49. 9-creatine-creodont-creosote1-crude-cruel-ecru-pancreas2-raw-recrudesce-et-kreuə- Raw, flesh (creosote2 - teuə-) (pancreas1 - pant-) [Pokorny 1. A. kreu- 621, equator]

50. 10-crouton-crust-crustacean-crustaceous-crustose-crymotherapy-cryo-crystal-crystalline-crystallo-et-kreus- To begin to freeze, form a crust [Pokorny 1. B. kreu- 621, equatorial current]

Analecta: Bullet - Comet

51. 3-soviet-sputnik1-syn-et-ksun- Preposition and preverb meaning "with" (sputnik2 - pent-) [Pokorny 2. sem- 902, image maker]

*Analecta: The Octave

52. 2-sesqui2-ubiquity2-et-kwe- And. (enclitic) (sesqui1 - sēmi-) (ubiquity1 - kwo-) [Pokorny kue 635, even2]

*Analecta: Theory of Relativity

53. 7-impunity-pain-penal-penology-pine2-punish-subpoena-et-kwei-1- To pay, atone, compensate (pine1 - peiə-) [Pokorny kuei-(t) 636, evict] (compare to weik-3-)

*Analecta: Quantum mechanics

54. 12-cheetah-epopee2-mythopoeic-onomatopoeia2-poem-poesy-poet-poetic-poiesis-poietic-pharmacopoeia-prosopopeia-et-kwei-2- To pile up, build, make (epopee1 - wekw-) (onomatopoeia1 - nŏ-men-) [Pokorny 2. kei- 627, esperance] (compare to spē-)

Analecta: Universe - Holograph

55. 8-acquiesce-coy-quiet-requiem-requirescat-tranquil-while-whilom-et-kweiə- To rest, be quiet [Pokorny kuei- 638, exarch2]

56. 5-edelweiss-witloof-wheat-white-whiting-et-kweit- White, to shine [Pokorny 3. kuei- 628, estimation]

Analecta: Signs

57. 47-accolade-ancillary-bucolic2-calash-chakra-charkha-chukker-col-collar-collet-colony-colous-cullet-cult-cultivate-cycle-cyclo-cycloid-cyclone-cyclosis-decollate-décolleté-encyclical-entelechy1-epicycle-hauberk-hawse-incult-inquiline-kolacky-machicolate-palimpsest-palindrome-palingenesis-palinode-pole2-pratincole-pulley-ringhals2-talisman-teleology-teleutospore-telic-telo-torticollis2-silvicolous-wheel-et-kwel-1- To revolve, move around, sojourn, dwell (bucolic1 - gwou-) (entelechy2 - segh-) (pole1 - pag-) (ringhals1 - sker-2-) (torticollis1 - terkw-) [Pokorny 1. kuel- 639, excessive] (Earth, Fire)

58. 2-paleo-tele-et-kwel-2- Far (in space and time) [Pokorny 2. kuel- 640, exedra] (Water, Air)

59. 7-apathy-nepenthe2-pathetic-patho-pathos-pathy-sympathy-et-kwent(h)- To suffer (nepenthe1 - ne-) [Pokorny kuenth- 641, exergonic] Additions: pathognomonic

60. 7-karma-peloria-sanskrit2-tera-teratogen-teratoid-teratoma-et-kwer- To make (sanskrit1 - sem-1) [Pokorny kuer- 641, exempt]

Analecta: The sphinx - Density

61. 5-cyst-cysto-quarrel1-querulous-wheeze-et-kwes- To pant, wheeze (quarrel2 - kwetwer-) [Pokorny kues- 631, etiolate]

62. 9-cascara-concuss-discuss-paste-percuss-rescue-scutch-squash-succussion-et-kwēt- To shake [Pokorny kuēt- 632, eugenic]

63. 34-cadre-cahier-(cater-cornered)-czardas-diatessaron-farthing-firkin-forty-four-fourth-fourteen-quadrant-quadrate-quadri-quadrille-quadroon-quarantine-quarrel2-quarry-quart-quartan-quarter-quaternary-quaternion-quarto-quatrain-quatrocento1-quire-square-tessera-tetra-tetrad-trapezium1-trocar2-et-kwetwer- Four (quarrel1 - kwes-) (quatrocento2 - dekm-) (trapezium1 - ped-) (trocar1 - trei-)  [Pokorny kuetuer- 642, exogenous]

[Note: 4th density- quodlibet can be defined as a prime number.]
64. 34-aliquot2-cheese-cooncan-cue-either-hildago3-how-neither2-neuter2-qua-quality-quasi1-quibble-quiddity-quidnunc1-quip-quodlibet1-quondam-quorum-quote-quotidian1-quotient-ubiquity1-what-when-whence-where-whether-which-whither-who-whom-whose-why-et-kwo- Also kwi- Stem of relative and interrogative pronouns (aliquot2 - al-1) (hidalgo2 - al-1) (hidalgo1 - dhē(i)-) (neither1 - ne-) (neuter1 - ne-) (quasi2 - swo-) (quidnunc2 - nu-) (quodlibet2 - leubh-) (quotidian2 - deiw-) (ubiquity2 - kwe-)  [Pokornykuo- 644, expel] Adverbs: how, when, where, why

65. 14-canaille-canary-canicular-canine-chenille-corgi-cynic-cynosure1-dachshund2-hound-keeshond-kennel-procyon-quinsy1-et-kwon- Dog (cynosure2 - ors-) (dachshund1 - teks) (quinsy2 - angh-) [Pokorny kuon- 632, Eucharist]

66. 14-corporal1/3-corporate-corporeal-corposant1-corps-corpse-corpulence-corpus-corpuscle-corsage-corse-corset-leprechaun2-midriff-et-kwrep- Body (corporal2 - kaput-) (corposant2 - sak-) (leprechaun1 - legwh-) [Pokorny 1. krep- 620, epode]

67. 1-kermes-et-kwrmi- Worm [Pokorny kurmi- 649, extra] Additions: crimson

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