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The story of the twins Dioscuri known as Castor and Pollux that were made into the constellation Gemini have a secret.

In the making of astrology, Mercury and Venus are overlaying air and earth but what does this really mean? It is about color, and the adding of blue and yellow to make green and that which has resulted?

It is suggested that the Dioscuri is exactly this.
"THE DIOSKOUROI (or Dioscuri) were twin star-crowned gods whose appearance (in the form of St Elmo's fire) on the rigging of a ships was believed to portent escape from a storm. They were also gods of horsemanship and protectors of guests and travellers.

The twins were born as mortal princes, sons of the Spartan queen Leda, one being fathered by Zeus the other by her husband Tyndareus. Because of their generosity and kindness to man they were apotheosed into gods at death. At first Polydeukes alone, being a son of Zeus, was offered this gift, but he agreed only on condition that his half-twin Kastor share the honour. Zeus assented, but the pair had to spend alternate days in Haides to appease the Fates and the Gods of the Dead.

The Dioskouroi also received a place amongst the stars as the Cosntellation Gemini (the Twins). Their alternations between heaven and Haides may refer to the heavenly cycles - their constellation being visible in the heavens for only six months of the year." [...]

"Alcaeus, Fragment 34 (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric I) (Greek lyric C6th B.C.) :
"Come hither, leaving the island of Pelops [the Peloponnese], strong sons of Zeus and Leda; appear with kindly heart, Kastor (Castor) and Polydeukes (Polydeuces), who go on swift horses over the broad earth and all the sea, and easily resue men from chilling death, leaping on the peaks of their well-benched ships, brilliant from afar as you run up the fore-stays [St. Elmo's fire], bringing light to the black ship in the night of trouble." [...]

According to some of the analogies that have showed up, such as the Trojan horse letter L emulating the carpenter's square giving that the twins were mortal gods and masters of horses; these boys of Zeus were also complimentary to the story of Orion who was made by three gods urinating on a hide, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hermes, or red, blue, and yellow, known as the primary colors. Additive color isn't possible until blue and yellow have been mixed prior to set up, then blue, red, and the new green are used coercively as the electric signal. Color is addressed linguistically in the Avatar and described as the hollow, and the second sense of the Valhalla, a hall in which Odin received the souls of slain heroes. In this hall color is mixed and is referenced as occult, that which has supernatural influences, agencies, or phenomena. The primary function of the three primary colors are that of reading, a subtractive method. However, the new batch with the Dioscuri mix are designed to create light.

The presence of Zeus and Dioscuri are in agent 7, and the second element of Dioscuri is about "growing," and creation. In the linguistic journey, Julius Pokorny has changed the face of Arakis in the letter D, and removed some of the purity that majority has with justice. Take it slow, this one is loaded.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996) Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [D, 43 of 682; et: stem]

Note: Strangely, again it seems the first 12 agents are also the months of the Gregorian year.

Analecta: Melatonin - Movement

1. 17-endemic-epidemic-eventide-demagogue1-deme-demaurge1-democracy-demography-demon-demos-demotic-geodesy-pandemic-tide-tiding-time-zeitgeist-et-- To divide (demagogue2 - ag-) (demaurge2 - werg-) [Pokorny - 175, berdache]

Analecta: Serotonin - Momentum (C10H12N2O)

2. 4-deal-dole-firkin2-ordeal-et-dail- To divide (firkin1 - kwetwer-) [In Pokorny - 175, bereaved]

3. 1-levirate-et-daiwer- Husband's brother [Pokorny dāiuēr 179, beta wave]

4. 3-lachrymal-tear2-train oil-et-dakru- Tear (tear1 - der-) [Pokorny dakru- 179, betroth]

Analecta: Bhagavad-Gita (song of the blessed one)

5. 7-de-deteriorate-eisteddfod3-tattoo-to-too-tsimmes1-et-de- Demonstrative stem, base for prepositions, adverbs (eisteddfod1 - sed-) (eisteddfod2 - bheuə-) (eisteddfod4 - eghs-) (tsimmes2 - en) (tsimmes3 - bheid-) [Pokorny de-, do- 181, bhakti]

6. 47-abdicate-addict-apodictic-benediction2-betoken-condition-contradict-dedicate-deictic-dicast-dictate-diction-dictum-dictyosome-digit-disk-ditto-ditty-edict-fatidic-index-indicate-indite-interdict-judge-judicial-juridical2-jurisdiction2-maledict2-paradigm-policy-preach-predicate-predict-prejudice-revenge-syndic-teach-tetchy-theodicy-toe-token-valediction-verdict2-veridical2-vindicate-voir dire2-et-deik- To show, pronounce solemnly; also in derivatives referring to the directing of words or objects (benediction1 - deu-2) (juridical1 - yewes-) (jurisdiction1 - yewes-) (maledict1 - mel-3) (verdict1 - wēro-) (veridical1 - wēro-) (voir dire1 - wēro-) [Pokorny deik- 188, bio-]

Reference: Life is bound up in mathematics and follows a story which may be told in reverse. The Pentecost consists of five elements which have 35 possible combinations that may touch each other, four has twenty four, three has fifteen, two has seven, and one has three. There may also be an additional two added to the entire scenario that perpetually keeps attaching itself to the law of three. These associations are suggested as institutions of square.

Analecta: Archaic - 42 (spin of earth: velocity squared)

(7.) 35-adieu-adjourn-circadian-deific-deism-deity-deodar1-deus-devanagari-devi-dial-diana-diary-diet-dione-dioscuri1-dismal1-diurnal-diva-dives-divine-joss-jove-jovial-july-jupiter-meridian2-psychedelic-quotidian1-sojourn-tiu-tyr-tuesday-zeus-et-deiw- To shine (and many derivatives, "sky, heaven, god)  (deodar2 - deru-) (dioscuri2 - ker-2-) (dismal2 - mel-3-) (meridian1 - medhyo-) (quotidian2 - kwo-) [Pokorny 1. dei- 183, bide]

Analecta: Eclipse - Three-headed dog (augmentation of seasons)

8. 25-condign-dainty-decent-decorate-decorous-deign-dignify-dignity-diplodocus-disciple-disdain-docent-docetism-docile-doctor-doctrine-document-dogma-doxology-heterodox-indigh-orthodox-pandect-paradox-synecdoche2-et-dek- To take, accept (synecdoche1 - eghs) [Pokorny 1. dek- 189, bioinorganic]

Analecta: Monopoly - Commandments

9.  55-cent-cental-centavo-centenary-centenial-centesimal-centi-centime-centum-century-cinquecento2-dean-deca-decade-decagon-decalogue1-december-decemvir1-decennium1-deci-decimal-decimate-decuple1-decussate-denary-dicker-dime-dodecagon2-dozen2-duodecimal-eighteen2-fifteen2-fourteen2-hecatomb1-hecto-hundred-nineteen2-nonagenarian-octodecimo2-octogenarian2-pentecost2-percent-quatrocento2-satem-seicento2-septuagent2-seventeen2-sexagenary-sexcentenary-sextodecimo2-sixteen2-stotinka-ten-thirteen2-trecento2-et-dekm- Ten (cinquecento1 - penkwe) (decalogue2 - leg-) (decemvir2 - wī-ro-) (decennium2 - at-) (decuple2 - pel-2) (dodecagon1 - dwo-) (dozen1 - dwo-) (eighteen1 - oktō(u)) (fifteen1 - penkwe) (fourteen1 - kwetwer-) (hecatomb2 - gwou-) (nineteen1 - newn) (octodecimo1 - oktō(u)) (octogenarian1 - oktō(u)) (pentecost1 - penkwe) (quatrocento2 - kwetwer-) (seicento1 - s(w)eks) (septuagent1 - septm) (seventeen1 - septm) (sextodecimo1 - s(w)eks) (sixteen1 - s(w)eks) (thirteen1 - trei-) (trecento1 - trei-) [Pokorny dekm 191, bipolar]

Analecta: Vibration

10. 17-belong-dolichocephalic-dolichocranial-eloign-langlauf-length-lent-linger-lombard-long-longeron-longevity1-longitude-lunge-oblong-prolong-purlion-et-del-1- Long (longevity2 - aiw-) [Pokorny 5. del- 196, black diamond]

11. 7-dolerite-sedulous2-taal-tale-talk-tall-tell-et-del-2- To recount, count (sedulous1 - s(w)e) [Pokorny 1. del- 193, bite]

Analecta: The Furies

12. 21-dame-dan-danger-despot-domain-dome-domestic-domicile-dominate-dominical-dominie-dominion-domino-dungeon-madame2-mademoiselle-madonna-(major-domo2)-predominate-timber-toft-et-dem- House, household (madame1 - me-1) (major-domo1 - meg-) [Pokorny dem- 198, blame] Megaera

Influence of moon rotations during year

13. 4-adamant-daunt-indomitable-tame-et-demə- To constrain, force, especially to break in (horses) [Pokorny (demə-), domə- 199, blaspheme] Tisiphone

Successful rotation count

14. 16-ceratodus2-dandelion-dental-dentate-denti-denticle-dentist-edentate-edentulous-indent-mastodon-odon-odont-odonto-tooth-tusk-et-dent- Tooth (Originally participle of ed- in the earlier meaning "to bite".) (ceratodus1 - ker-1) [In Pokorny ed- 287, carbon 14] Alecto

Analecta: Transcendental shift - Vale (off axis)

15. 9-derm-derma1-dermato-derris-epidermis-tart-tear1-tetter-turd-et-der- To split, peel, flay; with derivatives referring to skin and leather (derma2 - terə-1) (tear2 - dakru-) [Pokorny 4. der- 206, blow holes]

16. 33-betroth-dendro-dendron-deodar2-dour-druid-drupe1-dryad-dryopithecine-duramen-duress-durum-endure-germander2-hamadryad2-indurate-obdurate-philodendron-rhododendron-shelter-tar-tray-tree-trig-trim-troth-trough-trow-truce-true-trust-truth-tryst-et-deru- To be firm, solid, steadfast, hence specialized senses "wood," "tree," and derivatives referring to objects made of wood (deodar1 - deiw-) (drupe2 - pekw-) (germander1 - dhghem-) (hamadryad1 - sem-1) [Pokorny deru- 214, bonanza]

*Analecta: Justice - Scientific Method

17. 5-deontology-deutero-deuteragonist-deuteronomy1-tire-et-deu-1- To lack, be wanting (deuteronomy2 - nem-) [Pokorny 3. deu- 219, Boreas] (For suffixed zero-grade form *du-s, combined form of *dew-es-, a lack, see dus-.)

Analecta: Electric field - Forest

18.23-aerodyne-beatific-beau-beauty-beldam-belladonna-belle-belvedere1-benediction1-benefaction2-benefactor-benevolent1-bonanza1-bonbon-bonhomie1-bonito-boon-bonus-bounty-debonair-dynamic-dynasty-embellish-et-deu-2- To do, perform, show favor, revere (belvedere2 - weid-) (benediction2 - deik-) (benefaction1 - dhe-) (benevolent2 - wel-1-) (bonanza2 - mel-1-) (bonhomie2 - dhghem-) [Pokorny 2. deu- 218, Boötes]

19. 6-durable-durance-duration-during-perdurable-thermoduric-et-deuə- Long (in duration) [Pokorny 3. deu- 219, borderline]

20. 22-abduct-adduce-circumduction-conduce-deduce-doge-douche-duct-ductile-duke-educate-reduce-seduce2-subduction-subdue-team-teem-tie-tow-tug-wanton-zugzwang-et-deuk- To lead (seduce1 - s(w)e-) [Pokorny deuk- 220, boron]

Analecta: Velocity

21. 90-abscond-affair-affect-apothecary-amphithecium-anathema-antithesis-artifact-artifice-benefaction1-bibliotheca-chafe1-cleistogamous-comfit-condiment-confect-counterfeit-diathesis-deed-deem-defeat-defect-difficulty-do-doom-duma-efface-effect-endothecium-epenthesis-epithet-face-facetious-facient-facies-facile-facsimile-fact-faction-facticious-factitive-factor-factotum1-faculy-fashion-fic-feat-feasible-feature-forfeit1-hacienda-hypothesis-incondite-infect-malefactor1-manufacture1-metathesis-multifarious-nefarious2-office-officinal1-omnifarious-orifice1-parenthesis1-perfect-perithecium-prefect-profit-putrefy1-prosthesis-prothesis-purdah1-rarefy-recondite-refect-ruberfacient1-satisfy2-sacrifice-sconce-spinifex-suffice-surfeit-synthesis-theca-thesis-theme-thetic-tick-tubifex-tumefacient1-et-dhē- To set, put (benefaction2 - deu-2-) (chafe2 - kelæ-1-) (factotum2 - teutā-) (forfeit2 - dhwer-) (malefactor2 - mel-3-) (manufacture2 - men-2-) (officinal2 - op-) (orifice2 - ōs-)(parenthesis2 - en) (putrefy2 - pΰ-) (purdah2 - per-1-) (nefarious1 - ne) (ruberfacient2 - reudh-) (satisfy1 - sā-) (tumefacient2 - teuæ-) [Pokorny 2. dhē- 235, break front]

22. 23-affiliate-effeminate-effete-endothelium-epithelium-fawn-felicific-felictate-felicity-fellatio-female-feminine-fennel-fetus-filial-filiate-fils1-finochio-hidalgo1-infelicity-sainfoin-superfetate-theelin-et-dhē(i)- To suck (fils2 - bhel-2) (hidalgo2 - al-1) (hidalgo3 - kwo-) [Pokorny dhē(i)- 241, broad-minded]

23. 17-configure-dairy-disfigure-dough-effigy-feign-fictile-fiction-figment-figure-lady-paradise2-prefigure-teiglach-thigmotaxis-thixotropy-transfigure-et-dheigh- To form, build (paradise1 - per1) [Pokorny dheigh- 244, Brown Shirt]

24. 12-affirm-confirm-dharma-dharna-farm-fermata-firm-infirm-sirdar2-tahsildar-throne-zamindar2-et-dher- To hold firmly, support (zamindar1 - dhghem-) (sirdar1 - ker-1) [Pokorny 2. dher- 252, bull fight]

Analecta: Corporate militant state

25. 1-dare-et-dhers- to venture, be bold [Pokorny dhers- 259, bush pig]

26. 14-atheism-apotheosis-enthusiasm-fair-fanatic-feast-feria-festival-festive-oktoberfest-pantheon-polytheism-profane-theo-et-dhēs- Root of words in religious concepts. [Pokorny dhēs- 259, business]

Analecta: Caught in the act

27. 2-dew-sundew2-et-dheu-1- To flow (sundew1 - sāwel-) [Pokorny 1. dheu- 259, bus]

28. 4-dead-death-die1-dwindle-et-dheu-2- To die (die2 - dō-) [Pokorny dheu- 260, bust] See dhū-no-

29. 3-deep-dip-dive-et-dheub- Deep, hollow [Pokorny dheu-b- 267, cadence]

Analecta: Red blood - Wayward

30. 3-doughty-heptateuch-pentateuch-et-dheugh- To produce something of utility [Pokorny dheugh- 271, caldron]

31. 25-autochthon-bonhomie2-bridegroom-chamaephyte-chameleon-chamomile-chernozem-chthonic-exhume-germander1-homage-hombre-homicide-hominid-homo-homunculus-human-humble-humus-inhume-ombre-sierozem-transhumance-zamindar1-zemstvo-et-dhghem- Earth  (bonhomie1 - deu-2-) (germander2 - deru-) (zamindar2 - dher-) [Pokorny ĝhđem- 414, coordination]

Analecta: Brave New World

32. 1-yester-et-dhgh(y)es- Yesterday [Pokorny ĝhdiés 416, coquet]

33. 14-affix-antefix-crucify-dike-ditch-fibula-fichu-finca-fix-infix-microfiche-prefix-suffix-transfix-et-dhīgw- To stick, fix [Pokorny dhēigu- 243, brothel]

34. 3-drench-drink-drown-et-dhreg- To draw, glide [Pokorny dhreĝ- 273, Calliope]

35. 3-drift-drive-drove-et-dhreibh- To drive, push; snow [Pokorny dhreibh- 274, Callisto]

36. 7-dreary-drip-drizzle-droop-drop-drowse-lithotripter-et-dhreu- To fall, flow, drip, droop [Pokorny dhreu- 274, Calvary]

Analecta: Empathy - Steadfast

37. 1-daughter-et-dhughəter- Daughter [Pokorny dhug(h)əter- 277, can1]

38. 3-down-dune-town-et-dhū-no- Enclosed, fortified place [Pokorny 4. dheu- 261, butterfat]

39. 10-door-durbar-faubourg1-foreclose-foreign-forensic-forest-forfeit2-forum-thyroid-et-dhwer- Door, doorway (usually in plural); Originally an apophonic noun *dhwor, *dhur, in the plural, designating entrance to the enclosure (*dhwor-o-) surrounding the house proper (faubourg1 - bhergh-2-) (forfeit1 - dhē-) [Pokorny dhuěr- 278, can2]

40. 8-biltong2-language-languet-ligula-ligule-lingo-lingua-linguist-et-dnghū- Tongue (biltong1 - bhel-2-) [Pokorny dnĝhū 223, boundary]

Analecta: Desire - Handfast

41. 25-add-anecdote-antidote-apodosis-condone-dacha-dado-date-dative-datum-die2-donation-dose-dot-dowager-dower-endow-epidote-lobster thermador-pardon-perdition-render-samizdat3-tradition-vend2-et-dō- To give (die1 - dheu-2) (samizdat1 - sem-1) (samizdat2 - eghs) (vend1 - wes-3)  [Pokorny - 223, bound4, see bheuə-] Additions: betray; rent; surrender; donative; donor; dowry; traitor; treason

42. 1-dys-et-dus- Bad, evil; mis- (used as a prefix) [Pokorny dus- 237, bribe]

43. 54-anadiplosis-balance-barouche1-between-betwixt-bezel-bi-binal-binary-bis-biscuit1-combine-deuce-di-dichasium-didymium-didymous-dicho-diplo-diploid-diploma-dodecagon1-double-doubloon-doubt-dozen1-duad-dual-dubious-duet-duo-duodecimal1-duple-duplex-duplicate-duplicity-epididymous-hendiadys2-tedradymite-twain-twelfth-twelve-twenty-twig-twilight-twill-twin-twibill-twice-twine-twist-two-zwieback-zwitterion-et-dwo- Two (barouche2 - ret-) (biscuit2 - pekw-) (dodecagon2/dozen2/duodecimal2 - dekm-) (hendiadys1 - sem-1-) [Pokorny duō(u)- 228, brag]

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 Athena, Athenian red-figure
amphora C6th B.C.,
Antikenmuseen, Berlin
Letter B: Athena is portrayed as the setting for the house that is easily dominated. Seemingly the house is built with pillars for the sheath that which interjects in the dynamic. Food, water, clothing, and shelter make up the sustainability of the house and its social projection. Unfortunately, this projection may be carried around at a level that is disturbing (see agent 26) leading to the mythological Medusa as to carry the breath of the psyche for all to see. As with the relationship associating the primary gods with color, and their stigmatizing of light, it may be assumed that out of the blood red brain material of Zeus they were beget. In a much more simplified manner, this is an assumption of emotion that correlates both the birth of Athena, and the boys of Zeus.

Many of the Greek mythological gods carry the set of three principles with them and are expressed in various ways. Athena is depicted in the three statues by Pheidias.
"The first of these statues represented the goddess in a standing position, bearing in her hand a Nike four cubits in height. The shield stood by her feet; her robe came down to her feet, on her breast was the head of Medusa, in her right hand she bore a lance, and at her feet there lay a serpent. (Paus. i. 24. § 7, 28. § 2.)" [...]
"ATHENE (or Athena) was the great Olympian goddess of wise counsel, war, the defence of towns, heroic endeavour, weaving, pottery and other crafts. She was depicted crowned with a crested helm, armed with shield and spear, and wearing the snake-trimmed aigis cloak wrapped around her breast and arm, adorned with the monstrous head of the Gorgon.

The more famous myths featuring the goddess Athene include:--
  • Her birth from the head of Zeus, fully-grown and arrayed in arms;
  • Her contest with Poseidon for dominion of Athens in which she produced the first olive tree and he the first horse;
  • The War of the Giants in which she buried Enkelados beneath Mount Etna and made her aigis from the skin of Pallas;
  • The attempted rape of the goddess by Hephaistos, who spilled his seed upon the earth and produced Erikhthonios, who she then adopted as her own;
  • The assisting of Perseus in his quest to slay the Gorgon and the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece;
  • The assisting of Herakles with his twelve labours;
  • The weaving contest with Arakhne who was transformed by the goddess into a spider;
    The blinding of Teiresias for viewing her naked in the bath;
  • The Judgement of Paris in which she competed with Hera and Aphrodite for the prize of the golden apple;
  • The Trojan War where she sided with the Greeks in battle, but attacked their ships with a storm when they failed to punish Oilean Ajax for violating her Trojan shrine." [...]
"In Libya she was also said to have invented the flute; for when Perseus had cut off the head of Medusa, and Stheno and Euryale, the sisters of Medusa, lamented her death, while plaintive sounds issued from the mouths of the serpents which surrounded their heads, Athena is said to have imitated these sounds on a reed. (Pind. Pyth. xii. 19, &c.; compare the other accounts in Hygin. Fab. 165; Apollod. i. 4. § 2 ; Paus. i. 24. § 1.)" [...]

"Everything, therefore, which gives to the state strength and prosperity, such as agriculture, inventions, and industry, as well as everything which preserves and protects it from injurious influence from without, such as the defence of the walls, fortresses, and harbours, is under her immediate care.

As the protectress of agriculture, Athena is represented as the inventor of the plough and rake: she created the olive tree, the greatest blessing of Attica, taught the people to yoke oxen to the plough, took care of the breeding of horses, and instructed men how to tame them by the bridle, her own invention." [...]

"Besides the inventions relating to agriculture, others also connected with various kinds of science, industry, and art, are ascribed to her, and all her inventions are not of the kind which men make by chance or accident, but such as require thought and meditation. We may notice the invention of numbers (Liv. vii. 3), of the trumpet (Böckh, ad Pind. p. 344), the chariot, and navigation. [Aethyia.] In regard to all kinds of useful arts, she was believed to have made men acquainted with the means and instruments which are necessary for practising them, such as the art of producing fire." [...]

"As the patron divinity of the state, she was at Athens the protectress of the phratries and houses which formed the basis of the state.....She was believed to have instituted the ancient court of the Areiopagus, and in cases where the votes of the judges were equally diviled, she gave the casting one in favour of the accused. (Aeschyl. Eum. 753; comp. Paus. i. 28. § 5.)" [...]

"She does not love war for its own sake, but simply on account of the advantages which the state gains in engaging in it; and she therefore supports only such warlike undertakings as are begun with prudence, and are likely to be followed by favourable results. (x. 244, &c.)" [...]

"The character of Athena, as we have here traced it, holds a middle place between the male and female, whence she is called in an Orphic hymn (xxxi. 10) arsên kai thêlus, and hence also she is a virgin divinity (Hom. Hymn. ix. 3), whose heart is inaccessible to the passion of love, and who shuns matrimonial connexion." [...]

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996)
Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [B, 37 of 507; et: stem]

Analecta: Elephant - Domination

1. 6-bacillus-bacterium-baculiform-baguette-debacle-imbecile-et-bak- Staff used for support [Pokorny bak- 93, Arachne]

*Analecta: Big Bang

2. 3-bolshevik-debilitate-debility-et-bel- Strong [Pokorny 2. bel- 96, Archimedes' screw]

Reference: The American Heritage English language dictionary of 1996 has a total of 14 words with the prefixed spelling of bh-, however, there are now listed 33 Indo-European agent roots that use this spelling as a source stem containing 499 of the 508 programs. This begins with the nature of god described as fortune in song which is applicable.

*Analecta: Electricity

3. 26-bandoleer-banner-beacon-beckon-berry-buoy-diaphanous-emphasis-epiphany-fantasy-frambesia-hierophant2-mulberry-phane-phanerogam-phantism-phase-pheno-phenomenon-phos-phosphene-phosphorus-phot-photo-sycophant-theophany-et-bhā-1- To shine (hierophant1 - eis-) [Pokorny 1. bhā- 104, arthropod] Thanatos

*Analecta: Disconnection (Magnetism; language)

4. 36-abandon-affable-anthem-aphonia-apophasis-ban-banal-bandit-banish-banns-bee2-blaspheme-boon-cacophonous2-confess-contraband-defame-euphemism-euphony-fable-fame-famous-fate-ineffable-infamous-infant-phasia-phone-phoneme-phonetic-phono-phony-preface-profess-prophet-symphony-et-bhā-2- To speak (bee1 - bhei-) (bee3 - bheug-) (cacophonous1 - kakka-) [Pokorny 2. bhā- 105, artifact] Eros

Reference: Agents 5 through 11 are classified based on the science of the brain and interpretation in the way the brain lights up as recorded as an analogy to these agents and their descriptions. See Brain waves, EEG for chart comparisons. (now classified under Electroencephalography). With the help of Wikipedia and Julius Pokorny, we may at least assume these patterns are coercive, that is to say, they are exhibited as in the way bacteria is subjected in the "as above, so below," dilemma.

Analecta: Gamma - 30 - 100+

5. 3-bean-fava bean-phacoemulsification-et-bha-bhā- Broad bean [Pokorny bhabhā 106, As]

Analecta: Beta - >13 - 30

6. 4-batten-best-better-boot-et-bhad- Good [Pokorny bhād- 106, ascender]

Analecta: Theta - 4 - 7

7. 8-baksheesh-(bhagavad-gita)-nebbish-pagoda-phage-phagia-phago-phagous-et-bhag- To share out, apportion, also to get a share [Pokorny 1. bhag- 107, ascribe]

Analecta: Alpha - 8 - 12

8. 1-bough-et-bhāghu- Arm [Pokorny bhāghú-s 108, ashram]

Analecta: Delta - Up to 4

9. 4-book-beech-buckwheat-bokmål-et-bhāgo- Beech tree [Pokorny bhāgo-s 107, ash]

Analecta: Mu -  8 - 12

10. 9-barb-barbel-barbellate-barber-barbicel-barbule-beard-halberd-rebarbative-et-bhardh-ā- Beard [Pokorny bhardhā 110, aspire]

11. 4-barley-barn-farina-farrago-et-bhares- Also bhars-. Barley {Pokorny bhares- 111, assiduous]

Analecta: Rhythm

12. 15-abut-baste-beat-beetle2-butt-buttock-button-buttress-confute-footle-halibut-rebut-refute-sackbut-turbot-et-bhau- To strike (beetle1 - bheid-) [Pokorny 1. bhau- 112, assize]

13. 3-beck-phobe-phobia-et-bhegw- To run [Pokorny bhegu- 116, Atlas]

Analecta: Hope - Host

14. 1-bee1-et-bhei- A bee (bee2 - bhā-2-) (bee3 - bheug-) [Pokorny bhei- 116, Athena]

15. 11-abet-bait-bateau-beetle1-bite-bitt-bitter-boat-fid-fissi-tsimmes3-et-bheid- To split; with Germanic derivatives referring to biting (hence also to eating and to hunting) (beetle2 - bhau-) (tsimmes1 - de-) (tsimmes2 - en-) [Pokorny bheid- 116, Atlantean2]

Analecta: Meditation - Hope

16. 17-abide-affiance-affidavit-bide-confederate-confide-confident-defy-diffident-faith-fealty-federal-fiancé-fidelity-fiducial-infidel-perfidy-et-bheidh- To Trust, confide, persuade [Pokorny bheidh- 117, Atman]

*Analecta Faith

17. 39-beluga-black-blanch-blancmange-blank-blanket-blaze1-bleach-bleak-blemish-blench-blend-blende-blesbok-blind-blitzkreig1-blond-blue-blush-conflagrant-deflagrant-effulgent-flagrant-flame-flamingo-flammable-flavescent-flavo-foudroyant-fulgent-fulgurate-fulminate-inflame-phlegthon-phlegm-phlegmatic-phlogiston-phlox-phlogopite-et-bhel-1- To shine, flash, burn; shinning white and various bright colors (blaze3 - bhlē-) (blitzkreig2 - gwerə-1-)  [Pokorny 1. bhel- 118, bheleg- 124, bhleu-(k)- 159, Atropos, autobahn, bazaar]

*Analecta: Magnetism  (Quetzalcoatl - Shame)

18. 29-bale-baleen-ball1-balloon-ballot-bawd-bilberry-biltong1-bold-bole-boll-bollix-boulder-bowl-bulk-bull-bullock-bulwark1-fils2-follicle-fool-full2-ithyphallic-(pall-mall)-phallus-phellem-phelloderm-phellogen-rocambole-et-bhel-2- To blow, swell; with derivatives referring to various round objects and to the notion of tumescent masculinity (ball2 - gwelæ-) (biltong2 - dnghū-) (bulwark2 - werg) (fils1 - dhē(i)) (full1 - pelæ-1-) [Pokorny 3. bhel- 120. attract] (The following derivatives of this root are entered separately: bhel-3-, bhelgh-, bhleu-.)

*Analecta: Doubt

19. 37-blade-bleed-bless-blood-bloom-blossom-blow2-cherval2-deflower-defoliate-effloresce-emblements-enfleurage-exfoliate-ferret2-feuilleton-flora-floriated-florid-florigen-florin-florist-florous-flourish-flower-foil-foliicolous-folio-folium-gillyflower2-milfoil2-perfoliate-phyllo-phyllous-podophyllin2-portfolio2-trefoil-et-bhel-3- To thrive, bloom. Possibly from bhel-2. (blow1 - bhlē-) (cherval1 - gher-2)  (ferret1 - bher-1) (gillyflower1 - kar) (milfoil1 - gheslo-) (podophyllin1 - ped-)  (portfolio1 - per2)  [Pokorny 4. bhel- 122, auricle]

Analecta: Lotus eaters

20. 6-bellows-belly-billow-bolster-budget-bulge-et-bhelgh- To swell [Pokorny bhelgh- 125, autoecious]

21. 10-band-bandanna-bend-bind-bindlestiff-bond-bund-bundle-ribbon-woodbine-et-bhendh- To bind [Pokorny bhendh- 127, avaricious]

Analecta: Triton - Supernatant

22.44-afferent-amphora-anaphora-bairn-barrow1-bear1-bier-birr-birth-bore-bring-burden-circumference-confer-defer-diaphoresis-differ-efferent-euphoria-fer-feretory-ferret2-fertile-forebear-furuncle-furtive-infer-metaphor-offer-opprobrium-paraphernalia-periphery-pheromone-phore-phoresis-phorous-prefer-proffer-refer-suffer-telpher-tocopherol-transfer-vociferate-et-bher-1- To carry; also to bear children (barrow2 - bhergh-2-) (bear2-  - bher-2-) (ferret1 - bhel-3-) [Pokorny 1. bher- 128, avoirdupois]

23. 8-bear2-beaver-berserker-brown-bruin-brunet-burnet-burnish-et-bher-2- Bright, brown (bear1-  - bher-1-) [Pokorny 5. bher- 136, badger]

Analecta: Snakestone

24. 4-birch-birk-bright-fraxinella-et-bherəg- To shine; bright, white [Pokorny bherəg- 130, axiom]

25. 4-bargain-borrow-burial-bury-et-bhergh-1- To hide, protect [Pokorny bhergh- 145, bank]

26. 20-barrow2-belfry-borough-burg-burgess-burgher-burgler-burgomaster-comfort-deforce-effort-faubourg2-force-fort-forte-fortify-fortis-fortitude-fortress-iceberg-et-bhergh-2- High; with derivatives referring to hills and hill-forts (barrow1 - bher-1) (faubourg1 - dhwer-) [Pokorny bheregh- 140, baleful]

27. 4-metempsychosis-psyche-psychic-psycho-et-bhes- To breathe [Pokorny 2. bhes- 146, baptism of fire]

Analecta: Matter - Curious Lord

28. 9-beadle-bid2-bode-bodhisattva1-bo tree-buddha-forbid-ombudsman2-verboten-et-bheudh- To be aware, to make aware (bid1 - gwhedh-) (bodhisattva2- es-) (ombudsman1 - ambhi-) (ombudsman3 - man-1-) [Pokorny bheudh- 150, barn owl]

 29. 41-apophysis-bauhaus-be1-beam-boer-bondage-boodle-boom-boor-booth-bound-bower-build-bumpkin-bustle-bylaw1-diaphysis-diphyodont-eisteddfod2-epiphysis-euphuism-fiat-future-husband-hypophysis-imp-monophysite-neighbor2-neophyte-periphyton-phyle-phyletic-phylogeny-phylum-physic-physics-physio-physique-phyte-phyto-symphysis-tracheophyte-et-bheuə- To be, exist, grow (be2 - ambhi) (bylaw2 - legh-) (eisteddfod1 - sed-) (eisteddfod3 - de-) (eisteddfod4 - eghs-) (neighbor1 - nēhw-iz) [Pokorny bheu- 146, baptism]

Analecta: Photon - Commensurable

30. 7-bagel-bail-bee3-bight-bog-bow-buxom-et-bheug- To bend; with derivatives referring to bent, pliable, or curved objects (bee1 - bhei-) (bee2 - bhā-2) [Pokorny 3. bheug- 152, barter]

31. 14-afflatus-bladder-blasé-blast-blather-blow-blaze3-conflate-flabellum-flatus-flavor-inflate-isinglass-soufflé-et-bhlē- To blow (blaze1 - bhel-1) [In Pokorny 3. bhel- 120, attrition]

Reference: The next agent was part of: bhel-2- To blow, swell; with derivatives referring to various round objects and to the notion of tumescent masculinity as noted with the following derivatives entered separately: bhel-3-, bhelgh-, bhleu-.

32. 19-affluent-bloat-confluent-effluent-fluctuate-flueric-fluent-fluid-flume-fluor-fluvial-flux-fluviomarine-influence-mellifluous2-phloem-phlyctena-reflux-superfluous-et-bhleu- To swell, well up, overflow (mellifluous1 - melit-) [Pokorny bhleu- 158, Bay of Pigs] Additions: fluoride

Analecta: The ring - Outer world

33. 2-ballast-bare-et-bhoso- Naked [Pokorny bhoso-s 163, beauty]

Analecta: Chakra - Chi

34. 9-brother-bully-confrere-fra-fraternal-fratricide-friar-pal-phraty-et-bhrāter- Brother, male agnate [Pokorny bhrāter- 163, because]

Analecta: Transcendental number

35. 26-anfractuous-bracken-brake-bray-breach-break-breccia-brioche-chamfer-defray-diffraction-fraction-fracture-fragile-fragment-frail-frangible-infrangible-infringe-irrefragable-ossifrage2-refract-saxifrage2-septifragal-suffragan-suffrage-et-bhreg- To break (ossifrage1 - ost-) (saxifrage1 - sek-)  [Pokorny 1. bhreĝ- 165, bed of roses]

Analecta: Silent measure

36. 23-barm-bourn-braciola-braise-bratwurst-brawn-braze-bread-breed-breeze-brew-brewis-broil-broth-burn2-defervescemce-effervesce-ferment-fervent-fervid-phreatic-sauerbraten-et-bhreu- To boil, bubble, effervesce, burn; with derivatives referring to cooking and brewing (burn1 - gwher) [Pokorny bh(e)reu- 143, 2. bher- 132, ban]

Analecta: Knight - Distance

37. 2-bridge-brow-et-bhrū- Eyebrow [Pokorny 1. bhrū- 172, 2. bhrū- 173, benchmark, benevolent]

This may set the stage to address the last letter A which has become the ghost in the machine.

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