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 Andromeda (1869) Edward Poynter
The mythology is quite apparent when examining etymological roots and their sound origins, but it does take some effort to determine the senses intended as the alphabet emerges out of the ancient past. The story of Andromeda plays a seemingly larger role in describing the essence and potential of hydrogen that prevails throughout the letter A. First, this from Wikipedia.
"Andromeda is a princess from Greek mythology who, as divine punishment for her mother's bragging, the Boast of Cassiopeia, was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster. She was saved from death by Perseus, her future husband. Her name is the Latinized form of the Greek Ἀνδρομέδη (Andromédē). The traditional etymology of the name is "she who has bravery in her mind" from ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός (anēr, andrós) "man" as in "soldier", and similarly ανδρεία ("bravery") combined with μήδομαι (mēdomai) "to think, to be mindful of." Alternatively it could mean "she who leads"
As we follow through the beginnings of the alphabet, one immediately begins to sense the story of pH and the makings of Alkalinity near Andromeda and the mythological Achilles who make up the last and first day of the week. In this sense, the walls of Troy are made as the platform for the four elements and a fifth as absolute. Apollo picks up the story for the Hyacinthus and is described directly after the walls of Troy under the analecta Helios. The days of the week seem to make up the church astrology that we currently live by, but it may as well be the walls of Troy and what knowledge represents, and all that language provides as the last vestige to encourage the freedom of association and learning. This is truly what is under attack.

Trojan_War: "The war originated from a quarrel between the goddesses Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, after Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, gave them a golden apple, sometimes known as the Apple of Discord, marked "for the fairest"."

The argument proceeded with Hera in Greek "the name of Hera, the queen of the gods, admits a variety of mutually exclusive etymologies; one possibility is to connect it with hōra (ὥρα), season, and to interpret it as ripe for marriage, and Roman Juno  "Juno's own warlike aspect among the Romans is apparent in her attire. She often appeared sitting pictured with a peacock armed and wearing a goatskin cloak."

As in the letter B, we saw Athena burst out of the brain of Zeus splitting the Disocuri in two wearing the Gorgon for all to see. We also learn that it is Perseus who eventually kills the monster, husband of Andromeda. This leads back to the letter P, and the psyche for Helen of Troy, also a grammarian according to Julius Pokorny selections, while she describes the makings of locusts and those who are infected with the genesis of evil.

This is quickly followed by the story surrounding Agamemnon and then Ajax to set the context for the shied or sheath that comes with the body and to mark its power which contributes to the three goddesses in their arrangements. The "mistress of animals ," known as Artemis hides within the escutcheon where Aphrodite, also known as Cytherea is sensed: "Aphrodite also became instrumental in the Eros and Psyche legend, and later was both Adonis' lover and his surrogate mother."

As expected, we begin with the notion of the moon and the preposition of principles we have learned. It may be suggested that both the neural and active forces are portrayed as the mismatch in the brain.

Indo-European Roots © American Heritage Dictionary: 3rd Edition (1996) Reanimation © R. Mark Sink [A, 32 of 421; et: stem]

Analecta: Monday

1. 5-ad-ado-aid-amount1-at-et-ad- To, near, at (amount2 - men-2) [Pokorny 1. ad- 3, a3] preposition

Analecta: Tuesday - Wild Iris

2. 25-act-agendum-agent-agile-agitate-agogue-agony-ambiguous-axiology-axiom-choragus2-chronaxie-cogent-demagogue2-epact-essay-exact-glucagon-levigate2-mystagogue-navigate2-pellagra2-protaganist-stratagem2-synagogue-et-ag- To drive, draw, move (choragus1 - gher-1-) (demagogue1 - dā-) (levigate1 - lei-) (navigate1 - nāu-) (pellagra1 - pel-3-) (stratagem1 - ster-2-) [Pokorny - 4, ablation] Derivative agro-

Analecta: Wednesday - Sword Lily

3. 5-daisy1-dawn-day-landtag-today-et-agh- A day (considered a span of time) (daisy2 - okw-) [Pokorny agher- 7, absolute]

Analecta: Thursday - Dolphin

4. 8-acre-agrarian-agria-agriculture-agro-onager-peregrine-stavesacre-et-agro- Field [In Pokorny - 4, able]

Analecta: Friday

5. 1-ask-et-ais- To wish, desire [Pokorny 1. ais- 16, acquiesce]

Analecta: Andromeda

6. 16-age-aught-aye-coetaneous-coeval-eon-eternal-ever-every1-longevity2-medieval2-nay2-never2-no1-primeval2-sempiternal2-et-aiw- Vital force, life, long life, eternity; also "endowed with the acme of vital force, young." (every2 - [līk-) (longevity1 - del-1) (medieval1 - medhyo-) (nay1, never1, no2 - ne-) (primeval1 - per1) (sempiternal1 - sem-1) [Pokorny aiu- 17, acrostic] See also *yuwen- under yeu-.

7. 34-acerate-acerbic-acerose-acetum-acicula-acid-acidanthera-acme-acrid-acrimony-acro-acromion-acumen-acute-aglet-amphioxus-awn-carvacrol-eager-ear2-edge-egg2-egglantine-ester-exacerbate-hammer-heaven-mediocre2-oxalis-oxygen-oxyuriasis1-paragon-paroxysm-vinegar-et-ak- Sharp (ear1 - ous-) (egg1 - awi-) (mediocre1 - medhyo-) (oxyuriasis2 - ors-) [Pokorny 2. ak- 18, 3. kem- 556, acupuncture, doubting Thomas]

8. 9-aqua-aquarelle-aquarium-aquatic-aqui-ewer-gouache-island1-sewer1-et-akw-ā- Water (island2 - lendh-) (sewer2 - sed-) [Pokorny akuā- 23, admonish]

Analecta: Achilles

LEFT SIDE: A-1-2: not on; publican, public, turned back as expected
Right brain [[parallel]] (overload possibilities: TV horizontal tisaphone shut down)
(pictures, kinestheic, collage, energy being conscious) overload Adhd

law of three denial or unrecognizable by male deviated obfuscation; sexual center in hiding to feed passive/active incest, recognition of law of three may be seen as a type of witchcraft

9. 31-adulterate-alais-alarm1-alert-alibi1-alien-aliquot1-allegory1-alleomorph-alleopathy-alligator-allo-alter-altercate-alternate-altruism-eldritch1-EL NIÑO-else-hidalgo2-morphallaxis-other-outré-parallax-parallel-subaltern-trophallaxis-ulterior-ultimate-ultra-utterance-et-al-1- Beyond (alarm2 - ar-) (alibi2,aliquot2 - kwo-) (allegory2 - ger-) (eldritch2 - reg-) (hidalgo1- dhē(i)-) (hidalgo3- kwo-) [Pokorny 1. al- 24, 2. an- 37, Adonai, aiguille] Additions: adulterine, adultery

RIGHT SIDE: A-1-2: always; deme, people perception of time
Left brain serial-
(linearly (one-way), methodically (compiled), past and future (verb malfunction), details (absent),
categories (none), associates possibilities (opened), language (frustration), I am) disconnects with overload or manual shut down

10. 27-abolish-adolescent-alderman-alible-aliment-alimony-althea-altimeter-altiplano-altitude-alto-altocumulus-altostratus-altricial-alumnus-coalesce-elder-eldest-enhance-exalt-haughty-hawser-old-prolan-proletarian-proliferous-prolific-et-al-2- To grow, nourish [Pokorny 2. al- 26, adverb] Additions: adult

Tower complex warning

11. 2-all-also-et-al-3- All, *ala manniz, "all men."

Reference: A crucifixion takes place when Agamemnon and the agent provocateurs are sent into the field of disruption.

Analecta: Agamemnon

12. 14-abele-alb-albedo-albescent-albino-albite-album-albumen-aubade-auburn-daub-elf-oaf-oberon-et-albho- White {Pokorny albho- 30, affix]

13. 1-ale-et-alu- In words related to sorcery, magic, possession, and intoxication. [Pokorny alu- 33, agent provocateur]

Analecta: Eye of the tiger

14. 11-abaft1-ambi-ambulate-be2-beleaguer1-bivouac2-by-ember day1-funambulist-ombudsman1-umlaut1-et-ambhi- Also mbhi. Around (abaft2 -apo-) (be1 - bheu ə-) (beleaguer2 - legh-) (bivouac1- weg-) (ember day2 - rei-) (umlaut2 - kleu-)(ombudsman2 - bheudh-) (ombudsman3 - man-1-) [Pokorny ambhi 34, aggregate]

15. 7-aloft-amiss1-ana-anlage1-anschluss-on-onslaught-et-an- On (amiss2 - mei-1-) (anlage2 - legh-) [Pokorny 4. an 39, Ajax]

Reference: Ajax  "Like most of the other Greek leaders, Ajax is alive and well as the Iliad comes to a close. Later, when Achilles dies, killed by Paris (with help from Apollo), Ajax and Odysseus are the heroes who fight against the Trojans to get the body and bury it next to his friend, Patroclus. Ajax, with his great shield and spear, manages to drive off the Trojans, while Odysseus pulls the body to his chariot, and rides away with it to safety."

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 Artemis, Athenian-red figure lekythos
 C5th B.C., State Hermitage Museum
In the second half of the agents of A, the senses begin to pick up the story of a harmony that must be maintained that is more about the planetary sun than that of the pH above. Here, we begin to examine the mythology of Artemis.
"ARTEMIS was the great Olympian goddess of hunting, wilderness and wild animals. She was also a goddess of childbirth, and the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage. Her twin brother Apollon was similarly the protector of the boy child. Together the two gods were also bringers of sudden death and disease--Artemis targetted women and girls, and Apollon men and boys.

In ancient art Artemis was usually depicted as a girl dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and quiver of arrows.

Some of the best known myths featuring the goddess include:--
  • Her birth, immediately following which she assisted her mother in the birth of her twin brother Apollon;
  • The Trojan War where she was beaten by Hera in an angry contest of the gods;
  • The hunter Aktaion who encountered the goddess whilst she was bathing and was turned into a stag;
  • The Aloadai giants who attempted to storm Olympos but were tricked by Artemis into killing each other;
  • The sacrifice of Iphigeneia whom King Agamemnon offered to her for the passage of the Greek fleet to Troy;
  • The giant Orion, a close companion of the goddess, who was slain by the goddess or her jealous brother;
  • The Kalydonian boar sent by Artemis to ravage Kaldyon;
  • The nymph Kallisto, a companion of Artemis, who was seduced by Zeus in the guise of the goddess."
Analecta: Escutcheon

16. 13-anemo-anima-animadvert-animal-animate-animism-animosity-animus-equanimity-longanimity-magnanimous2-pusillanimous2-unanimous2-et-anə- To breathe (magnanimous1 - meg-) (pusillanimous1 - pau-) (unanimous1 - oi-no) [Pokorny 3. an(ə)-38, aircraft carrier]

17. 7-agnail-anger-angina-angst-anguish-anxious-quinsy2-et-angh- Tight, painfully constricted, painful (quinsy1 - kwon-) [Pokorny anĝh- 42, alchemy]

18. 2-aesir-ahura mazda1-et-ansu- Spirit, demon (Ahura mazda2 - men-1) [Pokorny ansu- 48, alley cat]

19. 15-advance-along-ancient-ante-anterior-anti-antic-antique-elope-enantiomer-enantiomorph-end-un2-until-vedanta-et-ant- Front, forehead (un1 - ne-) [Pokorny ant-s 48, alligator]

Analecta: Pyramid of Giza - Aphrodite

20. 35-ab-abaft2-ablaut2-aft-after-apo-apposite-awkward-component-contrapposto-depone-deposit-dispose-ebb-expound-impose-interpose-of-off-offal-oppose-pogrom-position-positive-post2/3-posterior-postiche-posture-preposition-propose-provost-puisne1-reposit-suppose-transpose-et-apo- Also ap-. Off, away (abaft1 - ambhi-) (ablaut1 - kleu-) (post1 - sta-) (puisne2- genæ-) [Pokorny apo- 53, alphabet]

Analecta: Ankh - Artemis

21. 52-adorn-alarm2-anarthrous-aristocracy-arithmetic-arm-armadillo-armature-armillary sphere-armoire-army-arraign-art1-artho-article-artiodactyl-artisan-artist-coarctate-coordination-disarm-diarthrosis-enarthrosis-exordium-harmony-hatred-inert-inordinate-kindred1-logarithm1-ordain-order-ordinal-ordinary-ordinate-ordo-ornament-ornate-primordial1-rate-rathskeller-ratio-read-reason-rede-riddle1-rite-rhyme-subordinate-suborn-synarthrosis-et-ar- Also arə-To fit together (alarm1- al-1-) (art2- er-1-) (kindred2- genə-) (logarithm2- leg-) (primordial2- per-1-) (riddle2- krei-) [Pokorny 1. ar- 55, altarpiece]

22. 7-agrimony-argent-argentine-argil-arginine-argue-litharge-et-arg- To shine; white; the shining or white metal, silver [Pokorny ar(e)ĝ- 64, amulet]

23. 8-ara-ardent-ardor-arid-arson-ash-azalea-zamia-et-as- To burn, glow [Pokorny as- 68, ancillary]

Analecta: Troy

24. 16-annals-anniversary1-annual-annuity-biennum-decennium2-millennium2-perennial-quadrennium-quindecennial2-quinquennium-septennial2-sexennial-superannuated-triennium-vicennial-et-at- To go (anniversary2 - wer-2) (decennium1 - dekm-) (millennium1 - gheslo-) (quindecennial1 - penkwe-) (septennial1 - septm-) [Pokorny at- 69, Andromache]

Reference: Andromache "The name means "battle of a man", from ἀνδρός (andros) "of a man" and μάχη (machē) "battle"."

25. 3-atrabilious-atrium-atrocious-et-āter- Fire [Pokorny āt(e)r- 69, Andromeda]

Analecta: Helios

26. 14-aesthetic-anesthesia-audible-audience-audile-audio-audit-audition-auditor-auditorium-auditory-obey-oyez-subaudition-et-au- To perceive [Pokorny 8. au- 78, antibaryon]

27. 13-auction-augend-augment-augur-august-author-auxesis-auxiliary-auxin-eke-inaugurate-nickname-wax-et-aug- To increase [Pokorny aueg- 84, aperture]

28. 9-aurora-east-easter-eastern-eo-eos-eosin-ostmark-ostragoth-et-aus- To Shine [Pokorny aues- 86, Apollo]

Analecta: Alchemy

29. 21-auspice-avian-aviary-aviation-aviculture-avifauna-bustard-caviar-cockney-egg1-ocarina-osprey2-ostrich-oo-oval-ovary-ovate-ovi-ovolo-ovule-ovum-et-awi- Bird (egg2 - ak-) (osprey1 - ghend-) [Pokorny auei- 86, apologue]

30. 4-atavism-avuncular-ayah-uncle-et-awo- An adult male relative other than one's father [Pokorny ayo-s 89, appliqué]

31. 4-early-ere-erst-or-et-ayer- Day, morning [Pokorny aier- 12, acculturation]

32. 2-aeneous-era-et-ayes- A metal, copper, or bronze [Pokorny aios- 15, acoustic]

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