Our sensory apparatuses consist of five senses, two that are primarily thought to be voluntary and three thought to be primarily involuntary. Sight is thought primarily involuntary, however, it is the voluntary that needs refining. This is why we create lists but often the lists we create do not break through the involuntary notions we create. The connections must be made first, then the true involuntary is seen for the first time. This is in preparation for what is to come.

The Terror Con

Inspiration above from Robert Scheer: The terror con

Psychopathic World

Cross of Changes

Altered States


Silent Warrior

Return to Innocence

Disaster Capitalism

The Eyes of Truth

Snakes in Suits

Vital Force

Hell's Angels

Smell of Desire

Between Mind and Heart

Endless Quest

Modern Crusaders

T.N.T. for the Brain

Out from the Deep

Historical Influences

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