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Last updated Mar 9: 2015

Note: I am attempting to define the possibility of category, however, this is preliminary in relation to the Best Of 2014 list in development. The current list: know-how, interview, commentary, documentary, and musical score which are selected to associate art as entertainment versus entertainment as art where the mainstream and hollywood primarily exist. We may need to realize the truth, and that is to say, we have been had. Moreover, what people have been attracted to wasn't really what they were truly looking for.

2014 Best Of Categories: Know-how; Interview; Commentary; Documentary; Musical Score

Commentary/Doc- Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
Interview/Doc- Dimitri Khalezov 911 video - the most prohibited item on the web 
A short promo created for a documentary available in parts here, by Dimitri Khalezo, first published in 2011.
Musical Score- ♫ "I See Fire" Ed Sheeran Palestinian Genocide 2014
Commentary- Truth in Media – The Root of Police Militarization
Commentary- Corbett Report: How to Herd Your Tax Cattle
Interview/Commentary- Chris Hedges: ‘We’ve decapitated more civilians than ISIS ever has’ 
Chris Hedges is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist interviewed here by Tyrel Ventura on RT in relation to an article he wrote entitled The Myth of the Free Press where entertainment has commercialized journalism.
Know-how/Musical Score- Americans Killed by Cops Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War
This film was made is late 2013 by Charles Shaw, an amazing film maker who is currently working on a new film here. From Youtube at and music by
Interview- Norman Finkelstein on Gaza conflict, Hamas goals and Iron Dome myth
Interview/Doc- Extensive War Crimes in East Ukraine: Donbass. Chronicle of Genocide. Banned on TV
Interview/Doc-  The Faces of the Resistance: With Your Own Eyes
Commentary/Musical Score- The Reality of the US Government
Documentary- White Widow - The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy
Commentary- ISIS, The Muslim Menace & The Greater Israel Project
Commentary/Doc- Historical Cycles: Are we doomed to repeat the past?
Know-how/Commentary- Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion
Commentary/Doc- The Covert Origins of ISIS
Know-how/Commentary- Pathocracy, a case study: Israel, a nation ruled by, for, and of psychopaths
Know-how/Commentary- How Israel Uses Twitter, Facebook & Tinder to Legitimize Murder
Know-how/commentary- Confronting Cognitive Dissonance - The Eyeopener
Commentary/doc- Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told
Know-how- Odessa Horror: How clashes turned into massacre

Commentary/doc- The Mainstream Media's Blind Spot in Gaza  
Interview/doc- Welcome to Nulandistan: Propaganda and the Crisis in Ukraine 
Know-how/commentary- The Truthseeker: Psychopathic NATO false flags in Ukraine
Commentary- Syria: The Crime and the Criminals
Commentary- The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine. The World is at a Dangerous Crossroads 

Note to readers/viewers: presents an idea and provides a sample of that idea in the form of our Best Of 2014 Video selections. The categories are based on the idea that the viewer is capable of distinguishing fact from fiction by understanding the differences between art and entertainment, and knowing what is what.