Sunday, March 19, 2017

Clif High’s Webbot 3.0! Venery and Reductionism, Breakdown Memes, Solar Expulsions

Web Bot Radio | Mar 19, 2017

Editor's note: Root section including venery...

20. 4-berdache-valhalla1-valkyrie-vulnerable-et-welə- To strike, wound (valhalla2- kel-1-) [Pokorny 8. uel- 1144, milfoil]

21. 5-emesis-emetic-(nux vomica)-vomit-wamble-et-wemə- To vomit [Pokorny uem- 1146, military]

22. 21-banyan-vanadium-vanir-venatic-venerate-venereal-venery-venial-venison-venom-venus-wanderoo-wean-ween-wend-win-winsome-wish-won-wynn-et-wen-1- To desire, strive for [Pokorny 1. uen- 1146, mill]

Editor's note: Venery 1 and 2 Archaic 1:indulgence of sex, 2: to hunt (Evaluation: reductionism of nouns as sexual formation which may include death, fear of exposure where noun serves cover in sensory hall: example- name of drug, metaphors, euphemisms, etc. Bitcoin is represented in the inversion of the ray of creation [verb takes place of noun] 25 though 28 where the abdication of handmaidens is defined rather than corrupted or stolen.)

23. 2-wen-wound-et-wen-2- To beat, wound [Pokorny 1. - 1108, mastiff]

24. 1-evil-et-wep- Bad, evil. From earlier wep-.

Editor's note: In our language, we must focus on what is, that being verbs and nouns, as all other speech labels are forms of these two aspects or are simply there to assist them. They represent the left and right, system 2 and 1, and many other things.

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