Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trigger Happy Extremists: Video footage counters Philadelphia police version of fatal shooting

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RT | Feb 24, 2015

New footage from a 7-Eleven convenience store surveillance camera appears to contradict the stated rationale two Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police officers gave for the Dec. 15 shooting death of Brandon Tate-Brown.

The Philadelphia Police Department has maintained that Tate-Brown was pulled over by officers because the lights of his 2014 Dodge Charger were not turned on.[...]

Yet the new footage given to the Philadelphia Daily News by Brian Mildenberg, an attorney for Tate-Brown's mother, Tanya Brown-Dickerson, revealed that Tate-Brown stopped at a 7-Eleven moments before his death. Identified by his mother, Tate-Brown had his car lights on in the footage.

"You see clearly that he pulls up in his white car with the headlights on. He gets out, walks into the 7-Eleven, walks around, and then drives off with his lights on the entire time," Mildenberg said.

The surveillance footage was accessed by private investigators, Mildenberg said, and made public by the Daily News first on Monday evening.

"We know from the video that his headlights were on, and we know that he wasn't reaching for a gun when they shot him," Mildenberg said. "Whether Brandon started the struggle or whether he had a gun is not clear, but we do know [that the Police Department] lied about two items."

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