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The Day After Nuclear War: Two Islands in a Black Sea

Specter News | Feb 11, 2015 | R. Mark Sink
 This is a fictional story written as news journalism, a novel idea hey? To explain why fiction allows one to examine predictive programming before it actually happens may provide the time to prevent false predication as a logical apparatus.
"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." Albert Einstein

It was now March 2015, the war rhetoric had been building its seminal premise which only made things worse, deeper into the hole they went, not willing to present any conscience in the matter with the working living people.

The coup in Ukraine was beginning to come loose at the seams, and Kiev had become the most dangerous place on Earth, a target for destruction. In the Ides of March, the frustration between the EU, IMF, and the puppets installed in Ukraine's U.S. instituted coup d'etat had broken, and to shore this up, the fighting in Ukraine had been steadily intensifying.

This was not in any way a method to solve the real issues for the people living in Ukraine, however on March 15, Ukrainian EU troops had begun using small-scale nuclear devices in and around the Russian border along the Donetsk region. A thermonuclear retaliation was launched directly on land near Kiev destroying the entire city.

The U.S. immediately went to Defcon 4, and started maneuvers preparing for a counter-strike, and later that day during western daylight used a thermonuclear device on the island the in Black Sea, better known as Crimea.

The majority of living working people in America never saw it coming. It had been late in the day, and in the darkness so often a call-sign of U.S. hegemony, hell's gate would be opened upon the eastern and midwestern mega-cities in North America.

On March 16, in the U.S., there was no America.

Those in power had long been in preparation for these events and fully knowing the outcomes. Russia and China had been finalizing their defensive postures leading up and during early March to mutually target U.S. military structures around the globe for total annihilation.

China would assist in launching missiles from submarines in the Pacific, and these launches took place within minutes of the attack on Crimea which coincided with attacks on Tehran by Israel.

Russia sent in approximately 500 missiles upon the Canadian and U.S. territories, while Germany and France held tight, the U.K., Canada, and U.S. suffered 90% losses.

Poland, France, and Germany conscientiously objected at the last moments, a notion of surrender, and break up with NATO to have the opportunity to side with the eastern underground movement which set contrary to the perceived dark brotherhood of Illuminati who were already set up with thousands of underground bases in and around U.S. territories.

These were inclusive on the Zionist land of Israel which no longer existed along with Saudi Arabia oil fields having suffered 100% losses.

Iran also suffered great losses while India and Pakistan fought it out. Many of the smaller countries survived the final moments of March 15, but their futures did not bode well for the cold surface temperatures to come.

When the U.S. retaliated on Crimea, Israel followed the lead without U.S. approval as told. China took out the entire West coast of the U.S. The U.S. retaliated on both Russia and China with limited success. It seems a percentage of their submarines stood down for some unknown reason. Russia nukes hit their marks with lightning precision leaving many potential retaliations incapable of response.

Iran and Russia retaliated on Tel Aviv with over 50 devices. Africa and Latin America were the last continent on Earth to live, and thousands evacuated southward. Turkey, Syria, and Iraq also suffered greatly, Italy included. Australia it was said, did not survive any better than China. Many of the smaller islands were uninhabitable.

Most other smaller countries exchanged fire with little result. Nothing had changed, the living working people remained as many weapons were hyped that did not exist.

When it was all said and done on March 16, the sun faded away as the atmosphere was filled with lightning, and thick nuclear fallout which would begin to contaminate all living organism upon the majority of planet Earth. There were aurora lights in what remained of Kansas it was said.

Everyone thought of death, yet life continued and many survived, and it took about a month for the truth to sink in for those who had dug graves to live in, and that is to say, their plans to dominate the Earth had actually failed miserably, and the whole idea was thought completely insane.

It had been the psychopathic nature of man that had infiltrated the life-force and we let these parasites get into power and rot out the integrity of man-kind, and did nothing about it.
"Judgement day is inevitable." Terminator 3
Is not judgement day today? How can one judge tomorrow?

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