Saturday, February 7, 2015

Syria's deputy FM calls US-led attacks against ISIL “theatrical”

Press TV | Feb 6, 2015

Syria's deputy foreign minister says the US, France, Britain and the Saudi regime tried to topple the Syrian government and change the region’s map by supporting terrorist Takfiri groups.

Faisal Meqdad, who made the comments on Iranian TV, said the Syrian nation stood against foreign-backed militant groups and did not allow them and Israel as their main ally to achieve their goals. He added that all the weapons used by terrorists were brought to Syria through Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, with the funding of regional Arab countries. Regarding the aerial attacks of the so-called US-led coalition on ISIL positions, Meqdad described them as theatrical, adding that Syrian fighter jets are pounding the terrorists fifty times a day. The senior Syrian diplomat noted that thousands of terrorists from 85 countries are fighting against the Syrian government, and this could not have happened without the knowledge of foreign intelligence services. Syria has been fighting foreign-backed terrorists since 2011.

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