Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Debate: As FCC Votes on Internet's Future, What's the Best Way to Protect Net Neutrality?

freespeechtv | May 15, 2014

Editor's note: This debate back in 2014 exposes the false political narrative between the right (regulation free) and left (regulation) debate that exists on the surface of supposedly reality. However, both of these narratives are false. There is always regulation, it is who is doing it that is not discussed. One person wants to be the regulator themselves without exposing conscience, while the other is unwilling to admit that power corrupts. Are we to let corporations do whatever they want with the internet? Are we to assume the bill of rights was a mistake? Similarly, is this not a first amendment issue? Yes, it is scary to let criminals into the political system and we should vote them out in the least. Yes, power is dangerous if those who obtain it consider themselves a people when they hide conscience, and their motives are obsessed. If government is corrupt, then lets get rid of those who corrupt it by exposing their true natures. Leave your comments below.

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