Thursday, February 5, 2015

Atrocities in Ukraine: Shedding light on the excuse of ignorance

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SOTT | Feb 4, 2015 | Aeneas Georg

Wherever atrocities happen it is a crime. Wherever atrocities happen AND the media remains silent it is not only a crime, but also a dark spot on the conscience of humanity. As Hitchcock showed in the documentary of the Holocaust and the concentration camps, the people living near these camps claimed to be unaware of such atrocities being committed in their midst. Information was available, but as Harrison Koehli wrote in his article, a number of social conformity biases take effect. This causes unpleasant events to be explained away and compartmentalized in a dark corner of the brain. This is one of the characteristics of authoritarian followers, as Bob Altemeyer has shown in his studies. Today, even more so than in the 1930's, the information is available for anyone wishing to know is only a google search away. Yet, in all fairness, the signal to noise ratio is probably the same as in the '30s, especially given that the vast majority of the media is owned by just six corporations who do not appear to have the interests of humanity at heart.

One example is Ukraine. The tragedy in Ukraine has now been going on for more than a year. The Western media has, throughout the entire sequence of events, been accusing Russia of starting it and of invading Ukraine. Sanctions upon sanctions have been heaped upon Russia based on those statements, which in Russian and alternative media have been exposed as falsehoods. Yet everything that contradicted the official Western line was labelled as Russian propaganda and the statements coming from the Western installed puppets in Kiev were taken as unquestionable facts. But the truth will eventually come to light, this time even from statements made by Western and Ukrainian leaders. Below is a list of quotes that have come out in recent days, which contradict everything the West have been saying for the last year. At the same time, they show by contrast the veracity of a great deal of reporting coming from Russian and alternative media.  


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