Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Another West" and a small ray of hope

Lavrov answering questions at
the Munich Security Conference.
SOTT | Feb 8, 2015 | The Saker
" The people of Russia and the people of the USA have the same enemy and that makes them allies. We are all struggling together against the same evil."
I have said that many times on this blog and I will say that today: there is "another West" which we, all those who oppose the Empire, should never forget. This is a West which you will never ever see in the corporate media and it is formed a innumerable individuals who don't go into politics, don't organize demonstrations and who simply live a life of spiritual freedom, away from the degenerate, ugly, deceptive and evil order which the so-called "elites" have imposed upon us all. I mentioned this "other West" in my Submarines in the Desert post and I won't repeat it all here. I will just say that I get amazing letters from that "other West" almost every day.

Letter which, if I posted them here, nobody would believe are genuine and I would be accused of making them up. I show some of them to my wife, but even to her I say that "if I showed you how many such letters I get you would probably have a hard time believing me". I can sincerely say this: these letters have changed my view of humanity, quite literally, and now know, I really *know* something crucial: we are truly everywhere (as David Rovics put it) and there is a lot of us (even if we often feel isolated).

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