Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hypocrisy in Paris Unity March with Patrick Henningsen

Next News Network | Jan 21, 2015

The recent terror attacks in Paris started a worldwide conversation about free speech. Everyone from Presidents and heads of state to the Pope and top Muslim Imams - all speaking out to protect - or criticize - free expression. Immediately after the attacks, many of these world leaders converged in Paris, to march together in the streets, and show solidarity for the fallen victims.

It was quite the mixture in that lineup. Rivals like Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestine’s Mahmoud Abbas. Leaders from Turkey and Russia to Ukraine and Egypt. And all the way in the back, one American Ambassador, wearing sunglasses, a large hat and talking on her phone.

Here in the US, the White House felt so much heat from all the criticism, they even apologized, and later sent Secretary of State John Kerry and 66-year-old musician, James Taylor to hug it out and sing songs with the leaders of France. World leaders intended the display to show courage and unity, but instead, most people are confused, and unsatisfied. For more on this story, we turn to journalist Patrick Henningsen.

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