Sunday, January 25, 2015

Butcher, Soldier, King: The Truth About ISIS, Chris Kyle and The Saudi King

21st Century Wire | Jan 25, 2015 | Jay Dyer

CASTING CALL: The Saudi King, the American
Sniper and Jihadi John – each play a role
in the ongoing geopolitical psycho-drama.
In the wake of recent psy ops news (in other words, news in general), an interesting conundrum was apparent to me today, when we consider the hype surrounding Chris Kyle and his legendary sniping skills, and the death of the King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. What a quandary the average American patriot must be in here, as the same establishment lionizing Kyle as a hero is simultaneously lauding one of the chief terror exporters – the Saudi regime.  

If Chris Kyle is a hero, why is the establishment he fought for exalting the Saudi King?  If the Saudi King is a nefarious character, then Chris Kyle fought for a corrupt administration, regardless of his personal desires and motivations.

This ridiculous contradiction is lost on most of the public, who are ferocious in their re-energized neo-conservative zeal for mindless, frothing militarism and death worship.  I am no pacifist, and I certainly advocate a strong male image, but you’ll notice the same establishment that promotes destructive feminism and constantly denigrates masculinity, now suddenly allows a sanctioned image of masculinity because it was a trained killer for the corrupt establishment.  In any other case, Kyle would be lambasted as a Neanderthal ape.

The Pan-Arabian Enquirer noticed this laughable dilemma today, pointing out the embarrassment displayed in the glowing similarities in the US and ISIS eulogies for King Abdullah:

“There were red faces in both the corridors of the White House and across the Islamic State last night after it emerged that the US and ISIS tributes sent to the late King Abdullah were noticeably alike.

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