Saturday, December 27, 2014

ISIL now conscripting locals in Iraq after major losses in Syria using CIA inspired torture - Eric Draitser interview

Press TV | Dec 27, 2014

The ISIL has called on local men in Iraq’s western province of Anbar to join the group in its war against government forces.

Tribal sources in Heet say anyone who refuses to join the Takfiri militants would be lashed up to 80 times. They say local people are living in a state of fear and are not allowed to leave the town. ISIL terrorists are reportedly trying to compensate the militants they lost during battles in recent weeks. The insurgents have also transferred part of their combat equipment and armored vehicles to al-Baghdadi district and the town of Haditha. They are preparing for an offensive against Ain al-Asad airbase. The base is currently used by the Iraqi army as a launch pad for attacks on ISIL-held areas.

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