Sunday, December 7, 2014

#ICantBreathe Message Growing: Rubber bullets, tear gas in Berkeley as police disperse #EricGarner, #Ferguson rally

RT | Dec 7, 2014

Protests against police brutality have turned violent in Berkeley, California, as officers are resorting to rubber bullets, flash bang grenades and tear gas in a tense standoff with demonstrators demanding justice.

Police officers scuffle with protesters during aprotest against police violence in the U.S.,
in Berkeley,California December 6, 2014 (Reuters / Noah Berger)
The scene in this liberal college town remains chaotic Saturday night as reports of injured protesters at the hands of the police begin emerged. The protesters took to the streets to express their anger over a series of high-profile incidences involving the death of black Americans at the hands of white police officers - all of whom were cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts.

According to police, some of the protesters took to more violent methods of expression. [...] 

Protests have erupted across the country in Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas and dozens of other cities. In New York, where a fourth consecutive day of rallies took place, several dozen people participated in a mock “die-in” at Grand Central Station, as well as conducting protests inside shops on Times Square. There were no reports of arrests.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, several hundred people assembled at police headquarters Saturday, which resulted in a small group of protesters hurling rocks at police. Seven of the protesters were arrested.

In Portland, Oregon, a throng of peaceful yet passionate protesters entered the Justice Center building, shouting “Justice,” before moving to a shopping mall, where the chant turned to “Don’t shoot” and “Black lives matter.”

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