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EU losers! Russia scraps South Stream pipeline project, announces major alternative gas deal - Did Putin just poach Turkey?

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Bye, bye South Stream
SOTT | Dec 2, 2014 | Aeneas Georg

'The Russians are slow to saddle their horses, but they run really fast'... And as Dmitry Orlov said in an interview a couple of days ago:
They're not very interested in communicating. They're far more interested in acting. So, what we'll probably see is a constant stream of surprises coming from Russia that will be completely unannounced and not predicted by anyone.
It should be added that when they act, it is significant. And boy did they act recently! Putin announced yesterday the decision to scrap the South Stream pipeline and simultaneously open a new one to Turkey with the same capacity, which thus makes NATO member Turkey a strategic partner for Russia.

That was a surprise and it didn't take long for the fallout and finger-pointing to begin. The Bulgarians, who have several times blocked the South Stream pipeline under the excuse of 'following EU directives', didn't see this coming. After not taking Russia seriously at first, they're now blaming Russia for the project's collapse!

Of course, who else to blame, when one is under the spell of US anti-Russian hysteria, incapable of taking responsibility for wrong-headed decisions? Russia of course! Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov had this to say on Tuesday, the day after the shock announcement:
Russia's refusal to implement the South Stream project with the European Union demonstrates that Russia is not going to observe the laws existing in the territory of the European Union ...
And what laws might they be exactly? Protection of pedophiles and support for war criminals, unsanctioned aggression without UN security council approval? Support for terrorists and toppling of sovereign states such as Syria, Libya, Ukraine, etc.? Weapons sales - including cluster bombs - to Israel in their genocidal war on Palestine? The mind boggles what excuses Western-aligned politicians come up with!  

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