Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Elf on Shelf Toy Teaches Kids to Love Surveillance Society

TruthStream Media | Dec 24, 2014

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TruthStream Media
A new Christmas "tradition" has suddenly emerged that not only has Santa making a list of who's naughty and nice, but a personal "Elf" to watch over children, spy on them in every room and "report" back to the North Pole ahead of Christmas.

NSA surveillance state conditioning, anyone?

Did you ever notice that SANTA equates to little else than, hmm.... SATAN?! Actually, that's the church lady's take, we were thinking more of the NSA & co. who are collecting and analyzing every phone call and Internet thread in the country, and profiling who's been a good consumer and loyal, blind American dupe during all the unconstitutional spying, wars, bank heists and provocateuring going on over the last few decades.

The NSA's making a list and checking it twice... and this year, the "Elf on Shelf" can help make that experience more, umm... personal. Let's just say, we were a little bit creeped.

There are even extra outfits you can buy to make your Elf one of the family, keeping an eye out for the Big Boys in government, while hanging out with you! It was kind of like this Christmas' Tickle Me Elmo, but updated for the 21st Century Big Brother society.

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