Monday, November 17, 2014

US working on dangerous plan to break up Russia

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Press TV | Nov 17, 2014

The #US and #NATO are working on a “dangerous” and “destabilizing” plan to “break up” Russia and force it to submit to Western authority, which will lead to more instability and possibly a nuclear confrontation, an American anti-war activist warns.

“It’s very clear to me that the United States is trying to break Russia’s will,” said Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space organization.

“The US is trying to force Russia to either submit to US/NATO authority or if it doesn’t want to submit, then it must be broken into pieces, the way Iraq is being broken, the way Syria is being broken up” Gagnon told Press TV on Sunday.

“This is the alternative that the United States is offering to Russia today, you either submit to our authority, you either allow US, British, Western capitalists to control your country, to steal the resources from the people or we will humiliate you, embarrass you, lie about you on the international scene,” he added.

“This is leading to increasing military confrontation as we’re seeing in Ukraine where the entire Ukraine situation is being brought on by US and NATO, it’s trying to create chaos on the Russian border, hoping that the chaos will spread into Russia,” he noted.

“This is a very arrogant, very dangerous and very destabilizing plan that the US and NATO are working on,” the activist warned.

“It does lead to more instability, it does lead to, as Noam Chomsky says in a worst case scenario, could be a nuclear war, could happen even accidentally between the US and Russia as tension increase.”

In an article published Saturday by the New York Times, an American nuclear scientist and research professor said Washington’s decision to isolate Russia over the crisis in Ukraine would bear great consequences including the possibility of a nuclear catastrophe.

Siegfried Hecker, a senior fellow in the department of management science and engineering at Stanford University, warned about the recent tensions between the two nuclear powers.

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