Sunday, November 23, 2014

UK Devolution Divisions Could Lead to Scottish Independence

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David Cameron has been explaining his plans for devolution in the UK following the Scottish referendum to a Liaison Committee of senior MPs. The main political parties are bitterly divided on the issue of “English votes for English laws”.

If you thought the issue of Scottish independence had gone away, think again.

At the beginning of this year, most politicians at Westminster believed that the Scottish referendum on independence would herald a decisive victory for the “No” camp and that the United Kingdom would return to business as usual.  But they were wrong.  Far from returning to business as usual, many observers believe the UK will never be the same again following the referendum, despite the fact that the “No” camp won the vote, albeit by a small margin.

The three main parties at Westminster — the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats – were so alarmed  by the prospect of a “Yes” victory that they agreed on more devolved powers to the Scottish Parliament in the event of a “No” vote, including greater control over Scotland’s taxation, welfare and finance.  

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