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Project Info

Project Information

Thank you for visiting our project sites and participating in the exchange of information.

Our ability derived from our collective consciousness not only depends on the ever flowing notion of value, but on the mere knowing and not knowing, which seems to rise above value notations and determine our pathos. If you like our work, please help us continue that effort. [help fund this project through a subscription coming soon]

Here is a short list of topics which describe what is "Known," and stand as pillars in the alternative collective.
  • Democracy has been replaced by a politically corrupt oligarchy, leaving the 99% struggling to cope with a survival strategy. (See Financial Terrorism; Corporate State; Fascism; )
  • The monopoly syndicated media is subordinate to a darker collective bent on disaster capitalism, hegemony, lack of conscience, manipulation of the senses, all to fulfill their pathocracy arriving out of their warmongering, climatic bottomless pit. (See Propaganda; Suppression; M$M; Thought Control; Agitprop; )
  • Our perception is adversely programmed and modified on fear and punishment (also called divide and conquer) driven by the status malapropisms of the material world. (See Agent Provocateurs; Puppets; Ponerology; Islamophobia; Empiric; )
  • Individual consciousness is suppressed allowing psychopathological patterns to falsely form blocking perception and revelation.(See Psyops; Police State; Servitude; Racism; War Insanity; )
  • Our energy and our work is made obsolescent by those despotic to humanity seemingly oblivious to any conscience awareness their impunities derive. Without any real connection to emotions (see psychopaths) procuring the prevalent apathy our apparent conscience is afraid and undeveloped, leaving an exposed Orwellian discourse.(See Criminal PTBAuthoritarianism; Psychopathy; Coup d'etat; EVIL; )
There are many interpretations as each individual perception is manifested through their acceptance level and barriers they derive. However, the wrath of the lamb is the collective journals now in existence that portray truth and justice in our consciousness. They expose the cognitive manipulation occurring, and the deceit of fear and punishment which are carrying the life-force into the unknown.

The media monopoly is there to steal the "eye in the mind," the one who helps you think and this is also your body which becomes exposed, and our ability to function and process energy. One cannot simply repair one element of the senses and reveal primary cognition replaced by a conceptual status quo attachment indirectly bound to every individual.

 True Lies

This is probably more accurately described as a psychological warlock upon the mind which will replicate the processing installed and portray the Orwellian nature of social cognition. A reptilian mythos exists on the edges of processing, where participles mate, and thought determines the know barriers.

Pathological corruption resides on all the edges, where concepts are instantly born to navigate existing pathology unbeknownst to body of the mine which gives and receives information acquiescent to operation status, contrary to a sound emotional response where our sense position recognizes the specter of persistent authoritarianism and the choosers' of the slain that explicatively rape the will of liberty.

Beyond the thanatopsis disgust, we make choices in our now, or know if we are aware of our precedent sense apparatuses where contacts are part of creation. Our sense of compassion respects a justifiable humane world order without the negation of value by violent proxy exposing a war on terror hoax and true lies perpetuated by those who need their self-service.

Having grown through the transformation from asleep to awake has required the continuation, in essence, a true restoration of information assimilation practice on the verbosity that is subliminally apparent in excessive distribution. Taking back what we "touch and see," from those who use these senses selfishly without regard to their sacred origins and  intend to destroy the life-force which in turn must feed from the delusions of the rhetorical fear creations.

The Misology Establishment

Our obsessions with labeling are tied to the noun, and our illusions are manifest overburdening the verb. And our psychological mean that reasons this relationship has a faulty compass. If all our feelings were to be given a name, it would not be the noun, it would be emotion. This truth is forbidden for its innate position and open accumulation thus replaced for repetitive televised reception. Etymology clearly describes how the "centers," are painted upon our psychic essence which we experience and express, each making their own measurements of these processes no matter the apparent etymon used.

The frequency alters the prevalent interpretation by interruption necessary for social mediation. Our critical senses (touch, sight) determine any pathology that may exist, and sought by those who understand their power. They reveal our contacts and viewing which are sequentially primary to our breathing, hearing, and taste.

Our enemies and those of the beast, depend on their ability to control our senses over all their methods, as they know these develop the feelings necessary to cloak open accumulation and the resulting false operation status.

These altered perceptions develop necrophiliac, simplistic dependencies absent of life-force that are portrayed in organic nature and the habitats present on mother earth. Open accumulation may represent a sound beginning nevertheless knowing the pain ahead required for awakening or renaissance and psyche restoration.

Breaking the Cycle of Death

Connecting our emotions to open accumulation creates the warrior, as with this project, a striving force exists to break down the false media barriers and to emphasize those who present the most effective journalistic natures bound in conscience and truth.

This message, or this wavelength if you will, its true nature may be defined as open accumulation, consisting of feelings that are portrayed through empathic means; and this process can begin when the sense positions are not preoccupied.

It has been discovered that references to our senses have been integrated in the English language and specifically address the ray of creation notwithstanding its historical fascination associating both vibrations and sound intellectual understanding. In one academic sense, there is the study of bilingual aspects that may show comparative value of which I have not even begun to explore. However, my concerns remain focused on revealing and making information available to help those empaths find ways to heal the cycle of death humanity currently resides on.

Primarily, the whole of the sense apparatus is emotion, although given names for various feelings that are portrayed in human life. One who has experienced open accumulation has the ability to control their feelings to some extent, and that being the nature of their senses. This ontological approach is bound up in historical facts where time serves as deception. An example being the nature of the lexicon as it exists today which has been built that only existed in fragments long ago, of which you can read the agents here on that became part of the architecture of thought processing.

How They Rob the Life-Force

The question arises how can we learn from these institutions and their nature of being? We can begin by realizing the truth, and this consists of the battle unseen in the way our feelings are born, and our conscience nature that resides as the individual psyche. At some point in time, our touch became also sight, and our perceived emotions became our current intellect, which has left us unaware to the primary senses of both ontology and epistemology conjugating on the verb as the noun.

These three-brained beings only see what they are willing to touch thus breaking down the sense apparatus with preoccupation, racism, and so on, while their emotions are thought intelligent by design leading to the diseases and distress our world now experiences.

As examples, the concept "touch," has many, many interpretations, and is rooted in the concept "contact." What we see is not contact, it has more depth and personality while also having many interpretations that are unique to each individual. What one sees is usually not what another sees depending on their perspectives which consist of the five senses and their experiences.

On the other hand, those who do not fear love, hold their emotions in the light with a savory attribution to knowing the truth that guides the intellect to become acceptable to open accumulation, and the free exchange of ideas, feelings, and the humility of caring about what happens.

Our arguments often project upon the things that divide us rather than the things that bring us together; our illusions are perpetuated by those who feed from the self in hopes we remain oblivious to our truer sense positions that are most receptive to our positive emotion which thus becomes enlightened.

The robbing of energy from our centers, as with touch, that which we experience and are allowed to partake of, that which we consume, that which we obtain, and all that we are able to process with our thoughts encompasses our decisions and our pathos that reflects upon our collective conscious. What we see and choose to observe gives us a bearing on our scientific methodology that will occur based on the first center contact ability.

As with our motive for living our emotions are capable of stealing energy from our sexual center unbeknownst to the preoccupation of negative energy cast out upon the psyche. This disconnect strongly associates the perpetuation of psychopathologies apparent today where the accepted rhetoric displays the absence of actual conscience or respect for others. You might as well be naked to those who dwell in the mists of their possessions. And in this sense, our world has begot pornography to fill the gap in perception, an acceptable disarray of the leading senses which can prevent the cycle of death and the ever flowing energy into the void.

My original concept of a knowing test is a feeling that's subjective to the sense of insight, where we challenge our spirit to open accumulation processing and fair conscience exchange. This is also reflected in the overall project to determine a model upon which as been instituted long ago, and to expose this model to reestablish operation status.

Reanimation Sequencing

Our senses are portrayed as matching groups specific to their origins starting with the sexual (touch), spiritual (sight), breath (physical), sound (intellectual), and taste (emotional) as with the refinement of understanding associating both the elements, and the nature of the ray of creation, also the tree of life, seed, water, earth, wind, and fire. It is seed and fire that have been abducted leaving a weary apparatus. Here are two obvious examples from the lexicon.

24. per1. preposition base (preverbs), forward; through; “in front of”, “before”, “near”, “at”, “around”
25. per2. to lead, pass over (verbal)
26. per3. to try, risk (verbal)
27. per4. to strike (verbal)
28. per5. to traffic in, sell (verbal)

25. wer-1. to raise, lift, hold suspended (touch-social)
26. wer-2. conventional base of Indo-European roots, to turn, bend, wind (sight-spirit)
27. wer-3. to perceive, watch out for (breath of life-physical)
28. wer-4. to cover (sound-intellectual)
29. wer-5. to speak (taste-emotion)

So as it goes, the abduction of our senses are primary objectives as those who ponder these stigmas may learn of their power and ability to improve reception. In the second example of Indo-European stems, I've added additional references not included with the original work contained in the American Heritage Dictionary Appendix.

Regaining Sentience

Everyone has a inalienable right to operation status without the thief of human nature by the machines and reptilian websites claiming consciousness. If you think about what you touch each day, you will no doubt feel the vacuum that overrides our senses. How important do you think this is to human development?

Some are aware of battleground earth in the making and the unfortunate consequences ahead which will return the historical cycle which has been repeated unable to break the curse man has wrought upon the living souls of earth. In each scenario, everything seems to start out with a restorative phase which eventually is usurped and this may have something to do with our awareness of our senses which carry truth at their heart, and our respect of their initiating of our feelings which reflect our emotion.

The three-brained beings (verbs, adjectives, nouns) are obsessed with maintaining complete control of everything you touch, and everything you presume to feel from those experiences through new world classifications, that create emotions that do not exist, thus blocking the freedom of association and the development of a sustainable and life-giving existence.

Our feelings are emotions we create ourselves, and brought forward in the selection of specialized senses which have been allowed to fly on their own without interference through power structures abhorrent to their freedom. These thought control methodologies are failing and this is the refreshing wavelength now in progress overlaying the chaotic pathology projected.

Stick and stones will not help us rebuild our humanity absent the conscience that now exists, so in retrospect, it is up to us to end the destitution of the living, and to repair the collective disruption of human integrity. There may not be another opportunity for thousands of years.

Update on Project Status

It has taken eight years to reach this stage of research, five years to compile etymological agents and explore their natures, three years of testing a platform that could reflect associative knowledge through empathic sources, and to hypothesize on the nature of corruption apparent in our sense apparatuses. It is my understanding that the preoccupation of our senses prevent their enlightenment which in turn identifies our true feelings, and thus our relationship with open accumulation and emotional consciousness.

This ancient corruption usurps the leading senses (touch, taste) which are voluntary, while our remaining senses (sight, breath, sound) are more involuntary. By removing the voluntary and overlaying them upon the involuntary, we are deceived about their true nature and power of healing.

Those who also research these senses will be able to feel this alteration occurring, where emotions are completely false and made to order, and while touch, which may be the most dynamic of all the senses is robbed by technology to portray a false spirit.

After all this, I sit here living in severe poverty, surrounded by cognitive dissonance, a complete destruction of our living conditions, and left waiting for criminal bankers to foreclose on my home in a case they have so far been unable to prove. If they succeed, it is likely this project will come to an end and I will not survive. My ability to scrounge around and sustain a living is rapidly deteriorating and this project in conjunction with the economic stability of our current environment reveals the obviousness of the truth.

My support page will be updated soon.
 "Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness." - James Thurber
updated: Nov. 26, 2016

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