Monday, October 27, 2014

US ignores CIA, allies weapons aid to ISIL, continues bombing people anyway

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Press TV | Oct 27, 2014

As the #US military intensifies its bombing campaign against #ISIL in #Iraq and #Syria, the #CIA and intelligence agencies from members of the US-led coalition are lending material support to the terrorist organization, an analyst says.

“The US in the last week or so began an increased bombing campaign; some of it around the area of the Turkish border, in particular the sites where ISIS (ISIL or #Daesh) has been most effective,” #Gordon #Duff, senior editor at Veterans Today, told Press TV on Saturday.

“While the US military is openly supporting the Kurds and Iraq as they have promised, other coalition members are still actively behind ISIS,” the journalist said.

According to US Central Command officials, the United States and its allies conducted 22 airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria Friday and Saturday.

While the air campaign has “certainly reduced the capability” of ISIL to seize more territory, Duff said, “the United States has not kept to its promises.”

“The United States has not dealt effectively with Turkey [which is] absolutely behind #ISIS,” he explained.

“We know that the Israelis have been involved in support as well, we know that #Saudi money or money from #Qatar is still flowing in,” he continued.

“And the CIA itself-- tied to Saudi intelligence, Turkish intelligence, and Israel—is supplying arms, and money and weapons of mass destruction to ISIS,” the journalist noted.

Furthermore, Duff pointed to the hypocrisy of US strategy in dealing with the terror network. “The US is ignoring all of these things… they are talking to the public out of one side of their mouth, and from the other side they are ignoring the realities of what’s going on.”

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