Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Russian Sub" in Sweden Hysteria - Deliberately Spread by Western Media - 'Cold War' Redux

Run for your lives! It's Putin!...in a sub!
SOTT | Oct 27, 2014 | Joe Quinn

As Russia continues to assert itself and lay claim to its rightful place as a leading global power, Western governments and their media whores, in a desperate attempt to preserve their faltering hegemony, are resorting to increasingly outrageous anti-Russian stunts and manipulations that surpass even the worst propaganda of the Cold War era.

The most recent episode in the ongoing absurd anti-Russian theater occurred 10 days ago when the Swedish Svenska Dagbladet paper declared that the Swedish military had "intercepted a distress call in Russian on a radio frequency reportedly used by Russia for emergency calls" off the Swedish coast.

Citing unnamed "sources" the newspaper claimed that the call was "encrypted radio traffic between a location outside of Stockholm and Russia's Baltic enclave, Kaliningrad" and that it "indicated a damaged Russian submarine."

Western media outlets needed no encouragement. Every 'newspaper of record' carried inflammatory headlines like What's Putin's war game? A Russian sub in Swedish waters, as if Putin had already been arrested at the helm of the phantom sub. But the 'Best in Yellow Journalism Class' prize must go to Neocon weekly Foreign Policy Magazine for its Cold War redux headline, with a direct reference to the movie The Hunt for Red October, a sterling piece of pro-Western and anti-Russian Hollywood propaganda:  

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