Monday, October 13, 2014

Planet in Chaos: Images from the last moon

Last Messages | Oct 13, 2014

Editor's note: What is happening to our planet? Some may call it global warming, or climate change, yet some believe it goes deeper into the psyche of human life and our negligence and sleep. Have we become our own worst enemy? Is our consciousness creating our demise?

"We live in a time which carries a crucial message for those who learn to read the signs of our epoch in history. Everything seems to converge to a single point. In this period of ultra-globalization, a drastic change is underway, but most of us are blind by flutters (restlessness) of everyday life: work, entertainment etc.. and so few are willing to play a role in this change by lack of time (he believes..). Men have decided to be passive, accepting to run into the wall. We are alienated in a system that prevents man to awaken to the essential, the big picture. In a system that only works in the short term and focuses on material things.

But the key lies in developing our spiritual part and access a superior understanding of the world around us -to the primary connection between all things. If, one day, man attains enlightenment which Earth, the whole cosmos, is calling for then this day hope will take over the darkness that seems as promise to near futur of man. "


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