Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pathocracy, a case study: Israel, a nation ruled by, for, and of psychopaths

SOTT Media | Oct 8, 2014

Pathocracy is a macrosocial disease, wherein the psychopaths in any given population rise to the top in sufficient numbers to begin exerting totalitarian control and dominance over the normal population.

Israel is somewhat atypical in that it was never 'under the rule of normal man', as Lobaczewski, author of Political Ponerology, would have put it. Nevertheless, it provides humanity with a clear-cut example of a country in the advanced stages of pathocracy, when it begins savaging everything in its vicinity.

In short, Israel's brief history - along with U.S. behavior since 9/11 - is an instructive lesson in the metastasis of the spread of psychopathy through society.

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