Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Opinion poll shows US, UK Afghan involvement was futile, made us less safe

Press TV | Oct 28, 2014

Recent opinion polls have unveiled that most Britons and Americans believe that the military intervention of their governments in Afghanistan was futile.

The polls were commissioned by the BBC. In a telephone survey, 68 percent of the Brits said their country’s involvement in Afghanistan didn't bear any fruit. The majority of participants said they thought the UK war in Afghanistan wasn't worthwhile. Also a further 42 percent of those surveyed believed that Britain is less safe as a result of the war. In a similar poll asking Americans about their opinion on Washington’s war in the Asian country, almost two-thirds said they were skeptical that the US involvement enabled the Afghan government to defend its own people without assistance. Britain's combat operations were terminated in Afghanistan on Sunday, but the US is still operating in the country.

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