Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Human Rights Watch Publishes Damning Video of Cluster Bomb Use by Kiev

Cluster bomb munitions found by HRW
Russia Insider | Oct 21, 2014

Presents incontrovertible evidence of use by Kiev. Interviews with eye-witnesses, victims, relatives of those killed.

Human Rights Watch, which together with Amnesty International are the two most authoritative human rights group in the world, published a video yesterday on their youtube channel detailing their accusation against Kiev that it used cluster bombs, banned in 114 countries because of their indiscriminate destructive nature.

The video charges that cluster bombs were used against civilians in East Ukraine by Kiev, saying that this "violates the laws of war, and may amount to war crimes."

An elderly man describes how his wife was killed
when a cluster bomb exploded in their village
The video explains that the weapons are banned because they indiscriminately kill people over a wide area when used, and because unexploded cluster bombs also cause indiscriminate danger to civilians even after military use.  The HRW investigators said they found "dozens" of unexploded cluster bombs during their investigation.

The video claims that a one week investigation identified 6 civilians killed by cluster bombs and "dozens" injured. It further claims that the cluster bombs were fired into densely populated civilian areas, i.e., cities.

The video is very professionally made and presented, reflecting a decision HRW made several years ago to create its own media creation capabilities, to better convey its findings to the public, bypassing interpretation from media.

The video features expert testimony, graphics showing how the bombs work, interviews with eyewitnesses and relatives of those killed by cluster bombs, and those wounded.

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