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State-control has been bread and circuses for many centuries, an integral part of the dark force

Centuries of propaganda
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State-control has been bread and circuses for many centuries, an integral part of the dark force

By R. Mark Sink

Do you know when your feelings are actually your senses? When your thoughts are just feelings? Or when you're sensations are really your thoughts?

Agitative propaganda, or otherwise known as “agitprop,” is a form of “state-control,” that is disseminated to implant forms of social or political impression without consideration of accuracy while emphasizing orientation. Agitprop is described during the Russian Communist party influence noted in 1934 and short for otdel agitatsii i propagandy incitement to install a deluded perspective. [1]

This perspective accepts conscious death from an authority creating a follower mentality, one that accepts judgement upon those in exception to oneself. The self in this case is seemingly omitted from the reality of death or formations of torture. Whether the deaths or crimes occurring devised from the cover formations are valid and justified, the altered self accepts them as valid.

The stories that wars on Earth have been valid are included as a form of altered perspective, and provides the incitement necessary to implement increased absolution and obedience to the removal of individual freedom protocol.

Removal of the self (voided soul) protocol is necessary for those who instigate “state-control,” methodologies whether through initiation or by frequency of information transformation. The concept “state-control,” exists on all platforms [2] and can be simplified to represent thought control, where the self utilizes information obtained.

Information formation exists as three forms as human life perceives it which consist of our sensations resting upon the self, our feelings that are manifest, and the processing or thought control that provides a form of consciousness and decision making.

Our sensations begin the journey and feelings are often immediate in life, however involuntarily we begin to ponder this life, and these initial forms of criterion created in thought transformation solidify patterns of thinking that assimilate repetitions formed.

Agitative propaganda has a frequency that is attuned to pattern transformation repetition as a replacement for individual thought and freedom. Sensations, feelings, and thoughts are effectively being replaced with the (PTR) propaganda disseminated respectively. These forms can range from the profane to the more subtle.

This is more than apparent when one examines some of our existing laws where labels are reproduced but portray amazing similarities.

  1. Scientific method: observation, hypothesis, experimentation
  2. Law of three: active force, passive force, neutralizing force
  3. Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
  4. Trivium: Grammar, logic, and rhetoric
  5. Yin and Yang: Passive female (moon), Active masculine (sun), life-force
  6. Meaning: verbs, adjectives, nouns
  7. Astrology: Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed

With this short punch list, the reader hopefully will be able to establish comparisons that begin to reveal the truth, and expose the port of entry for the PTR frequency, and the feelings and sensations that are more accurately inclined and apparent.

Acquisition of any one label cannot exist without the adjoining laws such as a verb requires adjectives and nouns to exist. There is no escape from the truth, and the apparent modus vivendi.

The historical idea that logic and death are somehow analogous is false as there is only life-force. Our thoughts do control our actions and we can choose to do our bidding individually through a formation of experimentation called awareness. Our replicate natures reveal our pattern making revelations expressed systemically.

The logic for propagandists now it seems is to target the individual perspective in an attempt to destroy it using fear as a replacement for feelings that may not become manifest, and lack the rememberings that instill the truth of the matter.

Our ability to distinguish sensations, feelings, and thoughts are critical to enable our true soul transformation that may live forever beyond our concepts of time. The propagandists would prefer that you perceive death as a price rather than a gift and it seems that for this reason, we are told stories that reflect this illusion by emphasizing each individual barbarously reproached with a form of cost.

With this in mind, it is easier to understand why millions of people have confused stories with reality that bear no resemblance to actual facts unless sales are included for Holy Ghosts that have long been dead and replaced with replicant patterns that are completely meaningless, and maintain altered perspectives that help degrade humanity.

Information dissemination requires a clear platform for the laws that offer balance to maintain the journey where the life-force exists. The introduction of death prerogative and pricing into information consciousness leaves a dark force lurking within the souls of the life-force.

The prominent journey and record of it remain at the core of processing where a systematic propagation of doctrine adhered is expressed. This manner was heralded by religious philosophy early on as Propagating the Faith and spread upon the integral parts of thinking in the collective conscious. [3] These attachments have clouded our thoughts which process our feelings and ritual sensations.

The life-force is evolving from a primal experience state to a journey state and one that will evaluate itself in all aspects, while the powers that be will focus on the empiric state to propagate neutralization [4] as an acceptable life-force ridden with the dark shadows of deceit. This animal experience is to die for all the wrong reasons.

The criminal powers that be require altering facts to implement state-control otherwise the wave of change that has occurred (journey state) repairs the cognates that reveal the essence of divine shelter (truth) and its ability to heal and destroy the dark forces.

The attack is made as effective strategy while attacking individual character and is simply a propagating form claiming control of thought itself. It will decide who is wrong and who is right. This is the beast or "war on terror," who claims modus operandi.

To close, maybe things aren't really what we think they are until we've taken a closer look.
Revelations 6: 15-17 KJV

“And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”
It turns out the lamb may have just been the manner at which we consider things. Today, this is referred to as journalism and considerably part of the advancement of our knowledge base, away from the primal experience state-control system and those who wish to dwell in the altered projection of themselves.

Those who appreciate our evolution are much more alive beyond the spirit test of knowing, they realize the beginning and end are together, and the past and future are organically one. Experience is only the result of the journey. Let us end the disillusionment of experience which destroys empathy, and the reading of natural characteristics present in human passage especially those who suffer and are not recognized in social reparation, through the wrath of the Lamb. This is the journey. [5]

[1] American Heritage Dictionary 1992-96, page 32-33.
[3] Ibid : Propaganda: Roman Catholic Church; Sacred Congregation, 1622, AHD, page 1451
[5] Ibid : Journey: derived from diary, Indo-European root stem deiw-, to shine, “sky, heaven, god” (Some additional agents: Deus, Devanagari, Diana, Jupiter, Zeus, Tuesday)

R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here. (Randy) is currently working on and with project awakening.

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