Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Obama’s ‘belligerent’ policies pushing US towards ‘bankruptcy, ruin and tyranny’

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Press TV | Sep 17, 2014

The “belligerent” policies of US President Barack Obama are pushing the United States on the edge of “bankruptcy, ruin and tyranny,” an author and radio show host in Chicago says.

“You can only define US policy under Obama as madness,” Stephen Lendman told Press TV during a phone interview on Wednesday.

“This is the Obama doctrine, wage war on humanity, wage war on one country after another, ravage them, destroy them, plunder them, exploit their people,” he added.

“Unless Americans challenge this outrageous system and decide they will not tolerate what harms their welfare and wellbeing, and it certainly does, this rampaging will continue.”

Lendman made the comments after he was asked by Press TV about former US congressman Ron Paul’s recent warning that fighting the ISIL terrorist group will end in the country’s bankruptcy.

In an interview with US News, Paul argued that fighting ISIL "will just hurt us and it will end when we go bankrupt.” “If we weren't there, nobody would be getting killed,” he said.

The US has recently been carrying out bomb attacks against the positions of ISIL insurgents in Iraq.

During his televised speech on September 10, Obama said the US military will expand its bombing campaign against ISIL terrorists beyond Iraq and launch airstrikes in Syria.

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