Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Be Very Afraid (of M$M) ISIS Grid Jihad Redux 9/11 Agitprop

TruthStream Media | Sep 10, 2014

Going into another 9/11, the normal al Qaeda fearmongering is nowhere to be found. This year it's all about ISIS, and for the past week, it has been all about how the group is not only going to easily knock out our super weak, unprotected grid — thus throwing the entire country into complete chaos — but EXACTLY HOW THEY COULD DO IT STEP-BY-STEP.

These government officials and media outlets even refer to this scenario as "bait". think?

They aren't just inviting disaster here, they're blatantly *advertising* it. If there's a false flag recipe book, this one has got to be featured.

Grid Terror Recipe:
— Fund and train the asset: check
— Leave all potential targets (border, power grid) purposefully unprotected: check
— Lay out the whole entire plan (open source documents, who to hire, how much they'd take for the job) IN DETAIL: check

I mean, is there anything these people forgot here?

Now when these kinds of sweeping threats are this widely publicized all over the place ad nauseum, they usually amount to nothing (except keeping people in a perpetual fear state), but with the timing just before another 9/11 anniversary and everything else going on right now, it seems worth it to point out the obvious here.

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