Sunday, August 17, 2014

Exposing the Anti-hoax Language Used in Media

RuptlyTV | Aug 17, 2014

Editor's note: In the following report, the words "anti-monsanto," are used. We see this all the time with various concepts, the question to ask is, "are these valid assumptions?" No, they are incorrect, there are no anti-monsanto people, they do not exist. People are not concepts, they are "thinking people," and they are concerned about the state of affairs related to contamination from frivolous research practices that have shown much harm to people and our environment. In truth, the corporations take on this label of anti-care, or anti-life, etc. However, this is also a frivolous conception which only hides the truth. This practice of divide and conquer seems appropriate for news agencies to quickly categorize information in relation to useless government where corporation are people, one that is anathema to the needs of "thinking people." What thinking people have actually learned is that what we eat can be defined as a key aspect of health, which is a responsibility many corporation would rather forget. When the term anti-monsanto is placed upon the definition, it cloaks the truth. The use of these terms are rampart, and we should call out those who use them. Please leave your comments below.

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