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US being hollowed out to support Israel's war machine

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An American anti-war activist says the United States is being "hollowed out" to support Israel's growing war machine that is "metastasizing all over the world."

Bruce Gagnon, a peace activist with the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, from Bath, Maine, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

"Right now the taxpayers in the US are sending Israel more than $3 billion dollars every year, that money is going to build the offensive Israeli military, and a part of it is also used to build the separation wall, that is basically blocking Palestinians from their own agricultural lands, blocking them from being able to reach other Palestinian communities to get to jobs," Gagnon said.

"So the US is really assisting in a huge way this apartheid system in Israel. Most American people don't know about this because the media in the United Sates is really controlled and restricted by the corporate agenda and by the Israeli lobby," he added.

"And most members of Congress don't talk about this because of the power of the Israeli lobby, but slowly -- slowly, slowly over the years -- there's a loosening-up and a growing support for the Palestinian people as more and more people do see the images of the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Israeli government," Gagnon continued.

"I think, the people are slowly beginning to wake up in our country but there's a long way to go," the peace activist noted.

"Sadly, we can't afford to be sending Israel $3 billion dollars a year because our schools are closing, teachers are being laid off, people still can't afford to get healthcare in a good way, our environment needs so much work, we're facing the coming reality of the climate change. And there's no money for any of this back here in the United States as our country is being hollowed out to support this growing military machine that's metastasizing all over the world, supporting corporate globalization," he concluded.

On Tuesday, a US Senate panel approved a measure that would double the funding for Israel's Iron Dome missile system amid Tel Aviv's new wave of aggression against Palestinians.

More than 200 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds wounded, including women and children, by the Israeli offensive against the besieged Gaza Strip. In response to the attack, Palestinian resistance fighters are firing rockets into Israeli cities. The Iron Dome has reportedly shot down most of the rockets fired from Gaza.

The Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee approved a spending bill that would provide $621.6 million for Israeli missile defense, including $351 million for the Iron Dome.

Israel already receives billions of dollars of American taxpayers' money each year. Under an existing 10-year aid agreement between Washington and Tel Aviv signed in 2007, $30 billion of American money is flowing to Israel.

The US annual military aid to Israel has been elevated from $2.4 billion to $3.1 billion through 2017 under the existing agreement.

Meanwhile, US and Israeli officials have discussed a surge in US military aid to Israel in a new aid package that would extend through 2027.

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