Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Humanity from Psychopaths: Terrorist Israeli forces attack emergency teams in Gaza

Press TV | Jun 27, 2014 | CHANNEL

This ongoing massacre named by the Israeli military as “Protective Edge” has gone insane. The toll of the casualties wouldn’t rest at all. The humanitarian ceasefire was supposed to be a rest, a moment of quietness for the helpless civilians who have been under continuous outrageous attack for 20 days now.

On the contrary, this ceasefire was only for evacuating tens of burnt decomposed corpses of the civilians all over the crisis areas in Gaza… and for those who are still alive to get supplies, and rush back to their homes in order to continue their struggle for life, and freedom. The situation doesn’t seem to be ending at all.

Despite the humanitarian ceasefire, the emergency teams are attacked by the Israeli forces on the ground whenever they attempted to go further in the crisis areas for rescue work. Meanwhile, the civilians who could survive the non-stop shelling and air strikes, took this 12-hour ceasefire as an opportunity for hastening to the shops and grab whatever their money could buy of supplies and available medicine. If this situation continues, there will be no civilian left in Gaza. Now the poor people are in fear of their lives because more will be killed if the barbaric bombardment continues.

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