Monday, July 21, 2014

Deadly Sunday in Gaza: At least 87 Palestinians & 13 Israeli soldiers killed

Palestinians react to destroyed homes in the Shejaia
neighbourhood, which was heavily shelled by Israel
during fighting, in Gaza City July 20, 2014

(Reuters / Finbarr O'Reilly)
RT | Jul 20, 2014

Scores of Palestinians and Israeli soldiers have been killed on Sunday as hostilities continue in the Gaza strip. Both sides earlier agreed to a brief ceasefire to allow medics to reach those wounded by Israeli shells.

At least 87 Palestinians were killed on Sunday, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry, as the Israeli Defense Forces shelled the Shejaia district in the north east of Gaza. The casualties are the heaviest since Israel launched its offensive on the Palestinian territory on July 8.

Harry Fear, an RT contributor who is in Gaza summed up the scene this afternoon. “For approximately one hour this afternoon, Israel held fire on the Shejaia neighborhood in east Gaza. Just over the last few minutes, Israel has continued to fire on this neighborhood, which has been heavily pounded this morning and last night,” he said.

Both Hamas and Israel agreeded to a brief ceasefire earlier in the day, which was broken after just an hour after shots were fired in Gaza.

“The agreement to implement a ceasefire was ended because of Hamas who started shooting at our soldiers. We had to answer back,” said an Israeli army source.

Hamas is yet to comment on Israeli allegations that it had breached the ceasefire.

The death toll was condemned by the Arab League who described Israeli attacks on Gaza on Sunday as a “war crime” against Palestinian civilians.

Over 400 Palestinians have been killed in Israel’s operation Protective Edge, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Sunday. 13 Israeli soldiers were killed on Saturday night and early Sunday in several incidents across the Gaza strip, bringing the total number of fatilites in less than two days, according to Haaretz.

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