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Asymmetric Warfare: MH17 False-Flag Terror and the 'War' on Gaza | Jul 25, 2014 | Niall Bradley

When MH370 vanished into thin air on March 8th this year, an international search-and-rescue party scanned two of the world's oceans, pored over satellite images and radar readings, and consulted automated communication relays between parts of the plane and their manufacturers that monitor aircraft system performance in real-time. Despite these multiple layers of hi-tech monitoring systems, there is still no trace of the missing Boeing 777-200ER. Or so we've been told. All 239 passengers and crew are officially reported as missing, presumed dead. Planes have literally disappeared in the past, but none with so many people onboard.

As if that weren't extraordinary enough, here we are 4 months later and a second Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER and its passengers and crew have been 'taken out', although this time in a more easily discernible manner. There is as yet no direct connection between the two events, although only the most ardent scientific materialist could claim complete indifference to the fact that they're the same type of aircraft used by the same airline company, as well as the numerological synchronicity of a Boeing-777 with flight number MH17 crashing on 07/17/2014, exactly 17 years to the day since its maiden flight on 07/17/1997.

The first event seemed to be random and caught the world's media completely by surprise. But the second occurred at 'ground zero' of the 'new cold war' we find ourselves in. Shouting the loudest about the crash of MH17 is, as usual, the US government. From the get-go, it 'knew' exactly how it happened, and exactly who to blame for the deaths of 298 innocent people: the "Russian-backed terrorists" in eastern Ukraine had "shot MH17 down with an SA (surface-to-air) series missile shot from a BUK missile-launcher near where the plane came down in terrorist-controlled territory." The 'evidence' to support their claims, however, is non-existent, unless you count "social media" and the US brand of "common sense" as evidence.

Kiev and Washington's 'proof' included a 'leaked phone conversation' between Donbass rebels in which they "boasted" about shooting the airliner down. But this has since been shown to be fake: three separate conversations were spliced together, one of the speakers refers to a town 100 kms away from the crash site. The 'conversation' appears to have been created the day before the crash which is, in itself, loaded with implications.

© Mashable, Evgeny Feldman
Kiev military jet Su-25 fires decoy flares to protect
itself after launching rockets in the attack that
destroyed Donetsk airport, May 26th, 2014
What has been happening in the region is that the rebels have shot down over a dozen Kiev fighter jets in recent weeks, including at least one Antonov An-26 military transport plane, all of which Kiev says could not have happened without Russian weapons and training. Two days ago Kiev lost two more fighter jets to the rebels. On July 17th, just before MH17 fell out of the sky, Kiev went one further to claim that Russian military forces shot down one of its fighter jets, and from within Russian territory. The Kremlin called the report "absurd" and predicted - correctly, again - that Kiev would not produce the 'evidence' it claimed it had.

Given this background situation in the area where the plane crashed, it's easy to see how the Donbass rebels and/or Putin could plausibly be linked with either deliberately or accidentally shooting down MH17. Here's the rub though: many other commercial aircraft have regularly flown over this area, despite the chaos going on below. Kiev's airstrikes on cities in Donetsk and Lugansk, and the rebels' responses with shoulder-fired MAN-PAD rocket launchers, have all taken place at altitudes below which civilian airliners typically travel. As the Russian Defense Ministry pointed out, at least two other international flights were passing through the same immediate area around the same time, with the second airliner actually passing the same way after MH17 crashed. also called out various airline company statements in which they claimed they had no flights passing through the area.

Wreckage at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine.
 Then there's the issue of MH17 deviating from its usual flight path. MH17 descended from 35,000 to 33,000 feet upon entering Ukrainian airspace, presumably on the orders of someone within Ukrainian Air Traffic Control. It would be interesting to learn why, but it's looking extremely unlikely given the Kiev regime's track record with providing evidence, and the fact that, immediately after the incident, Ukraine's intelligence services confiscated the recordings of conversations between Ukrainian air traffic control officers and the crew of MH17. Have they something to hide? If not, then the tapes should be released in the interest of transparency. If they continue to withhold this information, then suspicion over the destruction of MH17 falls squarely on Kiev.  

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