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Government: A Mind Boggling Program of “Lies & Deceit”

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Liberty Beacon | Jun 21, 2014 | Roger Landry

The utilization of deception, misdirection or outright lies is not new, but their facilitation is at a level so far beyond past utilization that the truth must hold an elevated status on the endangered  list of concepts at risk of extinction. In 1981 William Casey (CIA Director) stated:

“We will know our disinformation program is  complete when everything Americans believe is false.”

That was well over 30 years ago and the program had been instituted many years prior to this statement.

When a government must lie to its people to maintain its credibility or viability then … it is its people it fears.

When the people realize their government is lying to maintain its hold on power and can no longer be trusted to represent them then … it is this government it fears.

When these two concepts exist simultaneously … revolution is most likely unavoidable … And the possible catalyst is …

Today thanks to the age of information and the internet this facade is quickly breaking down … Toto has tugged back on the curtain of diversion and misdirection hiding the evil wizard of deception. What we know for certain is not pleasing for those who wish us in a continued state of ignorance, too late our eyes are opening and what we see angers us because the scope of lies is unfathomable and even the limited number we have glimpsed are truly overwhelming …

The Government is here to protect you and your rights.

Psychotropic drugs are not habitual and are good for you.

All Muslims are out to kill us for our freedoms.

The economy is getting better.

The dollar is sound.

Common Core Standards are a leap forward in education.

GMO’s are nutritious and healthy and won’t harm the environment.

Chemtrails don’t exist.

Vaccines are the savior of humanity and do no harm.

Guns are evil, they kill people and should be confiscated for your safety.

Government snooping is necessary to keep us all safe.

If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

Drones will never be used against Americans, on American soil.

The Affordable Healthcare Act is … affordable.

We are winning the war on drugs.

Corporatism does not influence the government.

The Military Industrial Complex does not drive US hostilities.

Our president is a Constitutional Scholar.


But how was/is this program of lies and deception facilitated, propagated; how does it function; how does it infiltrate our lives so thoroughly and effectively that most don’t ever become aware? What should you look for or be aware of to protect yourself from the wizard?  

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