Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who are the Terrorists in Ukraine? Civilians That Want to Vote or the Yatsenyuk Regime Killing Them?

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The coup-installed US-backed Yatsenyuk regime has killed Ukrainian citizens trying to exercise their democratic rights to vote peaceful in a referendum. Instead of allowing inhabitants of Krasnoarmeysk, in Donetsk Oblast, to vote on their future, the US-backed Yatsenyuk regime has sent armed forces to prevent them them from voting under the pretext of anti-terrorism operations.

The civilians in the video can be heard yelling "fascists" over and over again at the armed men sent by the coup-installed regime in Kiev.

Who are the real terrorists? Unarmed civilians trying to vote or those so-called "EuroMaidan leaders," like Arseniy Yatsenyuk, sending troops to threaten and kill them?

Welcome to Nulandistan...

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