Monday, May 26, 2014

Walmart Pre-Crime Treats All Customers Like Criminals

TruthStream Media | May 26, 2014 | CHANNEL

...but won't/don't stop real shoplifters.

Gone are the days of "Thank you, come again (we appreciate your business)."

Instead, today's box stores target average customers as potential criminals, subjecting them to post-checkout screenings.

Because... somehow, RFID-tagged & tracked merchandise, ubiquitous security cameras from every angle inside and outside the store, security personnel, police officers and metal detectors at the door just aren't enough.

No... places like Wal-Mart ALSO feel the need to put customers -- who spend their hard-earned money on their goods -- through the inspection of a semi-retired minimum wage greeter -- an employee whose job used to be to tell shoppers "Hi" or something snappy about the current sales, but who is now used to boss around shoppers after they've already paid, and match up their receipts against the items in the cart... while everyone waits.

Why shop at a place where you are presumed guilty until proven innocent? That's where the commerce goes when smaller stores go out of business and those with the least means go where the prices are cheapest -- despite the ethics of the place, respect for the individual or the customer service.


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