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Understanding the Elusive Nature of Language Experience

Understanding the Elusive Nature of Language Experience

By R. Mark Sink

The simplest definition of time is called a derivative which beckons the question of separation, such as in interpretation. Are we separate from what we think? This sematic has always been a question of how individual letters join with others to form what we so eloquently call words.

The minds including our children take these notions of symbology and run with it never realizing their organic archetypal natures that remain present in thought processing. Since it is more likely we are not divided or hierarchical, let's examine the possible corruption of both definition and interpretation of symbology with the D base for the proposition of meaning.

The notion of the water of life as the binding source where letters form the lemma are recognizable in languages and especially those where concepts are individually bound to the avatar. Each letter of the English alphabet holds this element which is described by the preposition "to," where hydrogen speaks.

Mathematics reveals the first prime and this is given to a stem root called de-. This powerful root is the fifth root of the D base. The root a priori to its location is called dakru-, which describes the interpretation of when two letters join and the space that exists between them, also called train oil.

Prior to these stems, are more disturbing notions of interpretation of the derivative where its descriptive is defined as deterioration, where the space is redefined to the notion of the moon. The appearance of this demon based on only a syntactic nature where the semantics are forgone to group self-servicing seems apparent in today's media.

In examining these five roots, note that there are no words that contain spellings of da-, although the stems bear this notion. The stem daiwer- is the only bearing which seems to portray an interpretation of the first three roots specifically without consideration for the conceptual meaning that is described in de- and the Yin manipulation. Another interpretation of this is called the tattoo where a symbol is presented.

Analecta: Melatonin - Movement

1. 17-endemic-epidemic-eventide-demagogue1-deme-demaurge1-democracy-demography-demon-demos-demotic-geodesy-pandemic-tide-tiding-time-zeitgeist-et-- To divide (demagogue2 - ag-) (demaurge2 - werg-) [Pokorny - 175, berdache]

Analecta: Serotonin - Momentum (C10H12N2O)

2. 4-deal-dole-firkin2-ordeal-et-dail- To divide (firkin1 - kwetwer-) [In Pokorny - 175, bereaved]

3. 1-levirate-et-daiwer- Husband's brother [Pokorny dāiuēr 179, beta wave]

4. 3-lachrymal-tear2-train oil-et-dakru- Tear (tear1 - der-) [Pokorny dakru- 179, betroth]

Analecta: Bhagavad-Gita (song of the blessed one)

5. 7-de-deteriorate-eisteddfod3-tattoo-to-too-tsimmes1-et-de- Demonstrative stem, base for prepositions, adverbs (eisteddfod1 - sed-) (eisteddfod2 - bheuə-) (eisteddfod4 - eghs-) (tsimmes2 - en) (tsimmes3 - bheid-) [Pokorny de-, do- 181, bhakti]

Julius Pokorny has offered us an opportunity to understand the concepts of the beta which is a driving force, the second letter of the Greek alphabet, a mathematical measure (prime), and the notion of the second position where a radical can replace what exists. In these simple elements, one can feel how the art of language is built.

It may be more apparent that what has been given to alphabetical order is a form of deception in which hopefully the reader can now sense, and arrange the proper interpretation of time. Additional examination may occur when correlating the three tsimmes to the three versions of mean.

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R. Mark Sink has a history of research in etymology and the esoteric sciences. Check out his reanimation sequencing here. Contact him here, and you may follow him on Twitter here. (Randy) is currently working on and with project awakening.

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