Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Support growing in eastern Ukraine for reunification with Russia

DONETSK | May 13, 2014 | PressTV News Videos

Organizers of Sunday's referendum in eastern Ukraine insist that the vote was carried out openly and fairly. There was a large turnout and people overwhelming voted in favor of the region becoming independent from Ukraine.

So the leaders of the revolution decided that there is no need for additional vote on reunification with Russia. They asked Moscow to consider rejoining. But first, they say, regional security is a priority. The West says that Sunday's referendum was illegal and so its results have no credibility but the Kremlin says the wishes of citizens must be listened to. There is clearly growing support among the population for the eastern region of Ukraine to be absorbed into the Russian Federation. Protest leaders say people who took part in Sunday's referendum in their thousands obviously have no interest in voting again on May 25 when polling stations open for the Ukrainian presidential election.

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