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Sudden Witnesses | Videos Of The UFO Experience 2014 (3)

HawkkeyDavisChannel | Mar 7, 2014 | CHANNEL

Recent UFO sightings can be found here with some of the better uploads over the last few weeks. Everything included within this video can be found here in the description box. Thanks to the ones that have already replied to my messages allowing me to share your footage or findings. However I'm still wait for a few responses! If you see your video here please check your inbox and reply to my message.

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*Music Used*
Peter Gundry Music - Nostalgic Dream
A special thanks to Peter Gundry Music for donating and sharing his beautiful piece for this series. Find more of his music here...
Youtube Channel:

*Sightings And Sources*
НЛО В КОЛОМНЕ- Частые гости!!!!
Source: Денис Бакуня

UFOs Photographed in Colonial Heights, Virginia
AlienPeace1 - There is GOOD out there

Footage of UFO sighting in Gold Coast, Queensland
Source: Jack Purcell

UFO Sighting with Triangle Shape in Albury, Australia
Source: FindingUFO

Mysterious beam of light spotted on the surface of Mars! Alien base? UFO?
Source: TheLifebeyondearth

Maassluizer filmt UFO
Source: rtvrijnmond

UFO Huge Mother Ship Over Lima Peru- OVNI Enorme previo Eclipse Lunar
Source: jmhz71

UFO caught in Mexico DF.before the earthquake↔OVNI Ixtacala antes del sismo 7.2 Mexico
Source: jmhz71

Fast UFO Appears Over Fairfield Sydney Australia
Source: UFODI

Stunning UFO Caught By Mars Curiosity Rover
Source: StephenHannardADGUK

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