Saturday, May 3, 2014

New video of UK militants committing war crimes in Syria

LONDON | May 3, 2014 | PressTV News Videos

As Syria's war rages on with no end in sight, militants fighting Syrian government forces are getting accused of new war crimes with British citizens among those implicated.

In a new video, armed men are seen shooting a prisoner as he kneels on the ground. One of the shooters is suspected of being this man, known as Abu Harb al-Brittani, who's appeared in other videos speaking in a strong London accent. When we spoke to the police earlier today, they refused to comment on this particular case but said that their advice remains the same; for families to keep an eye on what their children are doing and watching online [see TV, MSM] in order to make sure they're not being radicalized and advising all British citizens not to go to Syria to take part in the increasingly brutal Civil War which is ripping the country apart. The noise coming out of the British government is that these citizens pose a threat to the UK when they return home. Analysts say that London looked the other way while the same insurgents committed crimes in Syria. Some analysts believe that the recent focus of the British security apparatus on the Syrian conflict may be exaggerating the threat. But for others, it is borne out of a genuine concern that those who've travelled to Syria may one day come back and massacre people here in the UK. [my emphasis]

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