Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cops raid family party, pepper spray children, taser grandma

Protesters showed up Saturday at Baytown
Police Department to voice their opposition
to such brutal tactics.
Sott.net | May 11, 2014 | The Free Thought Project

Baytown Police, who were responding to a noise complaint, turned an evening of joy into a nightmare for those involved.

For something as trivial as a noise complaint, police felt it necessary to dispatch 5-10 officers and enter through the back door in a SWAT style raid.

Once inside, the situation quickly turned violent. Pepper spray, tasers, and pistol whipping was now the scene inside this house, which moments early consisted of laughing and celebrating.

Toddlers were left crying, wondering what is going on as they try and wipe the pepper spray from their eyes, watching in horror as their parents are being beaten, tased, and hauled away.

This is what 'protecting and serving' has become; gangs of costumed thugs running rampant over peaceful people.

How can you sleep at night Baytown cops?

Here is the raw video uploaded to youtube by Abel Garcia. He explains what is going on in this 6 seconds of pandemonium.

"In the red shirt we have my brother, the girl ON HIM, my sister in law PROTECTING HIM, in the blue a surrendered man getting pistol whipped."

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