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American Psychopaths: "Unchallenged Global Dominance"

Press TV | Apr 17, 2014

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As US President Barack Obama is to travel to the Asia-Pacific region next week in a bid to revive the “pivot” of US military towards the region, American author and radio host Stephen Lendman says Obama’s “pivot is global.”

The US president’s four-nation tour of Asia will begin on April 23 and many observers say his visit is to focus on reassuring Washington’s allies in the region of the US government’s commitment to the “Asia pivot” at a time of escalating tensions between China and US allies.

The United States has already interfered in territorial disputes between China and Japan over some islands in the East China Sea, on the one hand, and between China and some members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations over islands in the South China Sea, on the other hand.

US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel said earlier this month that Washington will stand by its allies against China in territorial disputes.

This comes as the Obama administration’s shift, or “pivot”, towards the Asia region has been seen by Beijing as a strategy to counter China’s increasing global influence.

However, Lendman says Obama’s pivot is global as the US wants to become “the unchallenged world hegemon.”

“[Obama] has the Syrian conflict on his plate, he has the Middle East in general, Libya, Iraq, one country after another that America has targeted; a cauldron of violence,” said Lendman in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday.

“And, of course, there’s Ukraine, that[’s] the major issue. The issue with Ukraine is targeting Russia,” he added, pointing out that US officials “want NATO bases encroaching on Russia’s border; they want Russia, and China also, surrounded by US bases, marginalized, weakened, [and] isolated.”

“I don’t know how the Obama people think. Instead of talking about an Asia pivot, I believe that Obama’s pivot is global with the primary focus on China and Russia, wanting all rival countries eliminated, wanting unchallenged global dominance, willing to wage war to do it whether against China or Russia I don’t know but the risk is there,” Lendman stated.

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