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The Celebrity of Terra Incognito and Why it Works | Mar 21, 2014 | R. Mark Sink

This brain anomaly is real and is set forth by constructive processes that we are familiar with, such as the five centers of man that Gurdjieff wrote about: [ In Search of the Miraculous (Harvest Book)]

I'm going to try and keep this short, as you well know, waking up is something you have to acquire on your own. Etymology is quite revealing if you are willing to "go for it," so to speak.

It seems apparent our Indo-European roots are addressing our possible demeanor in direct relation to our senses, and in the following root groups an obvious correlation exist portraying how each of these quintessential elements are 100% real and active.

They curiously begin with the social or sexual center (To call), followed by the spiritual (To shine), physical (To seize, take), intellectual (To grasp, enclose), and emotional (To like, want) centers and what may occur when their tendencies are not apparently conscious.

Julius Pokorny adds to the flavor of descriptions for the chosen analecta "Penthouse," an old Latin word meaning, "to cause to be suspended," then over time, understood as it is today. It is from the root penkwe- Five.

People of European decent have often lived around something called a house, so the references and noting the last Pokorny.

*Analecta: Penthouse - (Terra incognito - Celebrity)

20. 5-celandine-cichlid-nightingale-yell-yelp-et-ghel-1- To call [Pokorny ghel- 428, counterpose]

21. 46-acholia-arsenic-chloasma-chlorite-chloro-chole-choler-felon-gall-gild-glad-glance-glare-glass-glaze-gleam-glede-glee-gleed-gleg-glib-glide-glimmer-glimpse-glint-glissade-glisten-glister-glitch-glitter-glit-gloaming-gloat-glogg-gloss-glow-glower-gold-gowan-griseofulvin-guilder-hare krishna-melancholy-podzol1-yellow-zloty-et-ghel-2- To shine; with derivatives referring to colors, bright materials (probably "yellow metal"), and bile or gal (podzol2 - ped-) [Pokorny 1. ĝhel- 429, coup]

22. 21-apprehend-beget-comprehend-depredate-emprise-enterprise-forget-get-guess-misprision-osprey2-predatory-pregnable-prehensile-prehension-prey-prison-prize-reprehend-spree-surprise-et-ghend- Also ghed-, To seize, take (osprey1 - awi-) [Pokorny ghend- 437, crash]

23.19-choragus1-choric-chorus-cohort-cortege-court-courtesan-kindergarten1-garden-garth-gird-girdle-girth-hora-horticulture-orchard-ortolan-terpsichore-yard-et-gher-1- To grasp, enclose; with derivatives meaning "enclosure" (choragus2 - ag-) (kindergarten2 - genə-) [Pokorny 4. ĝher- 442, ĝherdh- 444, crinum, croft]

24. 10-catachresis-charisma-chervil1-chresard-chrestomathy1-eucharist-exhort-greedy-hortative-yearn-et-gher-2- To like, want (chervil2- bhel-3) (chrestomathy2 - mendh-) [Pokorny 1. ĝher- 440, Creole]

This interpretation (pre-made) is yours and should help one learn some of the feelings that are apparent.

Learn more in root g.

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