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World Chaos Never Touches the Blissheads of 'Happiness'

World Chaos Never Touches the Blissheads of 'Happiness'
Nov 19, 2013 | Signs of the Times | Lisa Guliani

Think about what has been sown with regard to our government's illegal invasions, occupations and mass murder campaigns post-9/11. Take Iraq as just one example, if you will.

Please read the following excerpt from: How the U.S. poisoned Iraq
MSNBC reports: Between 2002 and 2005, U.S. forces shot off 6 billion bullets in Iraq (something like 300,000 for every person killed). They also dropped 2,000 to 4,000 tons of bombs on Iraqi cities, leaving behind a witch's brew of contaminants and toxic metals, including the neurotoxins lead and mercury. Mozhgan Savabieasfahani, an Iranian-born toxicologist at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, is studying the health impact, and her early findings are worrying.

Last year, in a study published with Iraqi colleagues, she reported staggering increases in birth defects in the heavily bombarded cities of Basrah and Fallujah. The increases started in the early 90s, after the bombings of the first Gulf War, and continued right through 2011.
So that's 6 billion bullets in a 3 year period, which equals 300,000 for every person - just in Iraq.

Ok, presuming you've read the above excerpt, please ask yourselves what you think Americans might reasonably expect to 'reap' from what has been sown through unthinking, unquestioning mass support of the psychopath warmongers in control of the U.S. government crime syndicate and their bullshit 'reasons' for murdering innocent people and facilitating Israel's genocide campaign against the Palestinians over the years?

How about from ignoring all this stuff? What do we reap when we ignore what's going on in the world out there?

What can Americans hope to 'reap' after billions of seeds of hate, death and destruction have been sown around this world?

Peace? Seriously?? Do you say 'peace'? As in, 'we can all just agree to get along now, because well, we've got the 'evildoers' choking on the barrel of a gun, or we shoved a drone up their asses and showed' em who's boss?'

Have you thought at all yet about the inevitable harvest upon us, the one that's only just begun? Yes? No?

I know I annoy the hell out of people for reminding them of stuff they don't want to think about, or look at, or remember, but...

I remind you all again: If you support these psychopaths in power in ANY way, if you can still find it in you to vote for 'red' or 'blue' psychopaths, or salute that goddamned wretched bloody flag after what it represents TODAY to people all around the world; OR if you ignore what's happening beyond our borders when our government is FULLY responsible for atrocities, and instead choose to live in fruity-flavored 'bliss', concerned solely with your own personal peace of mind, contentment, and security; if you're telling yourself ( and everyone else on your friend list) that you 'choose to be happy' while the world burns around you, pretending NOTHING is going on beyond your personal zen zone and your 'book club', sculpting on that stuck-on smile for the web cam, no matter what happens anywhere else to anyone else; if you announce on FB that you're 'changing this world by teaching 'happiness' ( some of you are doing that) and never utter one peep about those living under military occupation, or in poverty, the ones who struggle to find dinner, let alone 'happiness'; if you block out all the bad stuff and focus only on superficial, new-agey flake & bake bullshit, and never once stand up and speak out against this evil in which the world bathes, day in and day out , because it pisses on your personal perky parade, - then, imo, you not only support the evil, you're a 'speshul' sort of evil.

If you're supporting or ignoring it, then...

You support mass murder, the Killing Machine, ongoing drone strikes that annhilate mostly civilians, you support every evil fucking act these psychos in power commit against every single innocent person, culture, and population. You ignore or support evil, you become evil yourself.

See how that works?

That means the evildoers are not just THEM, those nameless faceless shapeless formless figments that have barely made it through your blood-brain barrier, the stuff you refuse to think about or openly oppose, because it screws with your bliss to think about it. It means YOU are one of the evildoers, Blisshead & Patriot Parrot. 

An Iraqi boy forever 'liberated' from the
use of his arms by an American bomb.
'Cuz, in my book, silence about crimes against humanity = complicity in crimes against humanity.

The Harvest is upon us, you know.

Better break out that cherry-flavored 'bliss' stick and 'pray' it'll be enough insulation to keep your soul from chapping, 'cuz the high wind's blowin'.

Sometimes I wonder why people had to happen at all.

How come we don't see the Blissheads in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine, for example, or reaching out to those folks on the internet, teaching 'happiness' and sharing that 'speshul formula for 'happy' with the ones who need it most - as opposed to their equally blissed-out buddies on FB, who are overdosing on it?

It must be a lot harder to reach out beyond the Bliss Zone, to do something that's meaningful in the lives of others, not just profitable and lucrative for your own life.

So much simpler to just sit around blowing bliss up your buddies' butts, never acknowledging the world lack or any of the rest of the chaotic mess taking place on this spinning space rock - that is, beyond the dimensions of a Blisshead's pink plastic heart and stuck-on smile.

It would cost too goddamn much , upset that precariously balanced 'bliss' to care, wouldn't it.

One of them says: "I choose to be happy. That's how I change the world."

Oh, is it now? The world must really, really appreciate Americans who choose to be 'happy'. I reckon your bliss is working freakin' miracles over there in Pakistan right about now.

About the Author

Lisa Guliani is a former internet-based political talk show host, political writer, researcher, activist, conscientious objector, "known protester', and self-described thought provocateur. When she's not engaged in some odd combination of the above, she's handing out smiles to the elderly, and also enjoys reading, music, cracking jokes, and hanging out with her buddy, Goose, who has yet to realize he's a dog. Her favorite sections of SOTT? It's a three-way tie: Secret History, Puppet Masters and Society's Child.

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