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Palestine: Pounding fists upon the glass

Palestine: Pounding fists upon the glass
Nov 11, 2013 | | Lisa Guliani

It's really painful to read the Facebook statuses of my friends in Palestine. The lack of electrical power every day is ratcheting up the stress factor by leaps and bounds. There seems to be no end in sight. The economic chokehold being exerted upon the people of Palestine is horrible enough. The brutal and ongoing Zionist military occupation is merciless enough. The Israeli 'settler' thug vandalism of private Palestinian properties and sacred spaces is disrespectful enough.

The extreme, blatant apartheid practices being implemented full force by the Israeli government crime syndicate and their military force, the IDF - the most gutless parade of psychopaths this side of the stratosphere - is cruel, humiliating and disgusting enough. The overt hypocrisy of world leaders, and particularly of western leaders, like Obama-the-Drone-Striking-Nobel-Peace-Prize-Winner and of Benjamin Netanyahu, both terrorists extraordinaire, - is obvious and refutable enough.

The failure to provide a population with clean water, medical supplies and basic necessities of daily life is, on its face, exasperating, infuriating, and despicable enough. The daily parade of the dead before my eyes, many of whom are children, all of whom were innocent and undeserving of their fate at the hands of the most gutless psychopathic military force in the world, is inconceivable enough.

To watch day by day, as the Zionist boot stomps upon the necks of people who are being, essentially, bombed or bulldozed out of, and kidnapped from, their homes, blindfolded, restrained, shot at, tortured, mocked, insulted, and treated with indescribable malice, venom, persistent, perpetual and pathological ignorance and blind heart-splintering enough.

The cries of human beings forced to endure a nightmare that never pauses for breath are plaintive enough. The alarms being triggered every time an Israeli warplane or sniper picks off one here, another there, a few more over that way, every single time Israeli psychopaths breach that well-known lie formally known as 'ceasefire', it is quite chilling enough.

But for a world to sit and pretend it's not happening, to plug your ears to the screams and cries, to focus your eyes elsewhere, to turn your backs, to inexplicably not care, to remain silent, to separate yourself as if this is two worlds, two planets, when in fact, it is not; to refuse to step forward and speak out against such gross inhumanity, to ignore and dismiss what's happening, as if we have nothing, nothing at all to do with it, as if somehow it does not, can not, and will not ever touch us, that is perhaps the very worst I can be shown.

The blood and body parts, yes, they're terrible enough to behold. But to observe, to be a party to, to sit among an apparently equally heartless, conscienceless, soulless circle of spectators who would rather play Farmville, rather not see or hear or know, those who've sawed off whatever 'human' piece of them that might have previously existed in their consistent efforts to avoid making any effort at all - this is more than enough.

And every day, my friends in Gaza reach out, cry out for someone, anyone to help. Every night, they sit in the darkness waiting for the sounds of warplanes to slice like buzzsaws through the skies, and the countdown begins again - the countdown to electrical power, the countdown to freedom. Every single day it's the same and yet, not the same. Every single day brings its own sorrow, despair, fear and fury, and somehow there is laughter, defiance and the will to live as well.

There is hope even when, by all rights, by all evidence, by all appearances, the world intends to do nothing, nothing, nothing to help these people - even when it comes to taking even the tiniest step toward making an effort, like speaking out, standing up, just saying 'NO MORE." So few people actually give a damn anymore, about anything, and what exists in the macrocosm is well represented here in this androgynous think-LESS tank of 'virtuality'.

My friends cry, my heart cries with them. And I sit here, unable to do anything for them, unable to be where they are, unable to help, fix, correct, undo, change...anything for them. If I could, I'd trade places with them, and I don't give a damn how insane that sounds to anybody. It would, at least, be something real, some real effort, not some bullshit token gesture, not just pitiful, pathetic 'words' falling upon deaf, virtual ears and blind eyes and medicated minds. Not just lip service.

The fact that we allow people anywhere to be mistreated and stripped of their dignity and their lives, over and over, while we continue on with our own as if nothing is going on, applauding and 'honoring' our veterans with their own psychopath-designated token day of the year, while millions around the world SCREAM and fall, is more than enough for me to bear. There is no justification, no excuse, no reason. There is NO REASON that makes it better, no words to make me understand how people can just SIT THERE and not say a fucking word as if in some kind of 'other unfeeling unreality'.

I don't understand how you, who call yourselves 'human', can be so mechanical, so unfeeling, so uniform, like mannequins. How you can blend so well, so evenly, into both the whitewash and the lie. I don't understand how you sleep at night, or look yourself in the eye every day. I don't know how you can use the word 'love', without grasping that the word 'love' encompasses so much more than self and country, transcends borders, and those spaces into which it has been stuffed, reshaped, narrowly redefined, pigeonholed and compartmentalized.

I don't understand how you, who call yourself 'human', do not care like I care, and don't even pretend to give a shit at all. I'm called 'emotional', yet my response to that is, I'd rather be an expressive, emotional human being, a person of conscience, of empathy, than to be a drone. Don't give me all the excuses about people being 'brainwashed', and it's 'not their fault they don't know', and 'what can we do?' Excuses. That's all we seem to pass on to one another anymore. Lame excuses, bullshit reasons, weak justifications for NOT caring, NOT doing.

Who concerns themselves with this:

That a very fundamental thing about our species, that critical component that makes us truly 'human', has left the building. It's missing and it's been gone for a long time now. Few seem to be looking for it and hardly anyone even wonders where it went.

I don't know what else to do except keep trying, even as my friends beat frantically upon the glass, begging the world - not just me - to see them, to hear them, to care at all.

Humanity is choking. But keep playing Farmville and Candy Crush. We've failed as a species, failed ourselves and failed one another. Ignore the pounding fists upon the glass. You've reached the next level. Hooray for you.
"You are very harsh!"

"I have seen the world."

- Voltaire, Candide

About the Author

Lisa Guliani is a former internet-based political talk show host, political writer, researcher, activist, conscientious objector, "known protester', and self-described thought provocateur. When she's not engaged in some odd combination of the above, she's handing out smiles to the elderly, and also enjoys reading, music, cracking jokes, and hanging out with her buddy, Goose, who has yet to realize he's a dog. Her favorite sections of SOTT? It's a three-way tie: Secret History, Puppet Masters and Society's Child.

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