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Official JFK Assassination Narrative And Lie Still Endorsed By Corporate Media Conspiracy Theorists Fifty Years Later

Official JFK Assassination Narrative And Lie Still Endorsed By Corporate Media Conspiracy Theorists Fifty Years Later
Nov 22, 2013 | Blacklisted News | Lee Rogers

Fifty years ago today John F. Kennedy the 35th President of the United States was assassinated.  This was unquestionably a generation defining event for most Americans.  Throughout the past several days we have seen a ridiculous amount of propaganda attempting to reinforce the official narrative as told by the Warren Commission’s alleged investigation into the assassination.  Even though the vast majority of the American people don’t buy into the official story this has not stopped the corporate media from giving credibility to it.  Any other perspective is lampooned as a conspiracy theory and discredited by the overpaid teleprompter reading talking heads.  This is sad considering that the Warren Commission report is the real conspiracy theory and does not hold up to common sense and facts.

 The Warren Commission’s report concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman and solely responsible for the assassination.  The report claims that Oswald shot the President with a Carcano M91/38 bolt action rifle from the now infamous Texas School Book Depository Building located along the Dallas motorcade route.  Supposedly Oswald was able to fire off three shots from the rifle in a time period ranging from approximately 4.8 seconds to in excess of 7 seconds resulting in the injuries sustained by the President and the Texas Governor John Connally.  

The Warren Commission’s findings have been entirely discredited since its release.  Attempts to recreate the shots that Oswald allegedly fired have proven that it would have been extremely difficult for Oswald to shoot the Carcano rifle with such accuracy in the time period alleged.  The angle from which Oswald was said to have shot from would have been blocked in part by tree foliage making a successful shot even more difficult.  Oswald wasn’t even that good of a shot to begin with.  During his time with the U.S. Marine Corps he would officially qualify as a Marksman on his final qualification attempt in 1959 and would barely qualify as a Sharpshooter in a previous qualification attempt in 1956.  Marksman is the lowest military rifle qualification rating a Marine can achieve but his combined rifle qualification scores indicate that he was an average to above average shot at best.

Besides Oswald’s questionable shooting skills, it makes absolutely no sense that a shooter would position themselves for a kill shot at the Texas School Book Depository Building with the target moving away from them.  An assassin would have a better chance to shoot the target as it moves closer to them giving them more control over the shot.  It gives more credibility to the notion that a real professional shooter was positioned in the front near the grassy knoll to deliver the actual kill shot with Oswald setup as the pre-determined patsy.  This is further confirmed by the fact that there were literally dozens of eyewitnesses present that day who heard one or more shots fired from the grassy knoll.

The infamous Zapruder film which captures footage of the assassination clearly shows the head shot coming from an angle in front of the car.  Kennedy’s head flies backwards which simply could not have happened if the head shot came from The Texas School Book Depository Building.  Any shots coming from this building would have come from behind Kennedy meaning that the head shot would have caused his head to move in the opposite direction. 

The Warren Commission report also endorses the absurd magic bullet theory cooked up by the Zionist Jew and future Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter.  Specter was a staffer assigned to the Warren Commission who claimed that a single bullet fired from the Texas School Book Depository Building resulted in all of the non-fatal injuries sustained to both the President and the Governor.  The so-called magic bullet was recovered in pristine condition despite having supposedly entered the President through his back, out his neck, through Connally’s chest, through his wrist and finally embedding itself in his thigh.  This is in direct contradiction to the condition of the bullet alleged to have been used for the head shot which ultimately killed the President.  The report claims that the head shot bullet had broken completely apart even though it had only passed through Kennedy’s skull.  The alleged magic bullet would have needed to pass through many more layers of flesh, clothing and bone making it impossible to believe that the bullet would be in substantially better condition in comparison to the head shot bullet.  This is all assuming that the trajectory of this single bullet as claimed by the report can even be believed of which there are obviously some questions about. 

There are of course many questions about Oswald himself.  All evidence suggests that he was a low level operative working for the CIA.  After receiving a hardship discharge from the military he would suspiciously defect to the Soviet Union in the latter part of 1959.  Oswald claimed that he was a Marxist wishing to renounce his American citizenship and become a Soviet national.  There he would meet a young woman speculated to be the daughter of a KGB agent or even a KGB agent herself by the name of Marina Prusakova.  The two would marry and travel back to the United States in 1962.  They would settle in Dallas where a wealthy well connected Russian immigrant by the name of George de Mohrenschildt would quickly contact and befriend them.  He would introduce them to another Dallas couple by the names of Michael and Ruth Paine whose family had significant connections back to former CIA director Alan Dulles.  Ruth would eventually help Oswald get a job at the Texas School Book Depository Building.  The fact that a man like de Mohrenschildt would express any sort of interest in the Oswalds who were young and poor raises all sorts of questions.  The only logical explanation considering the circumstances is that de Mohrenschildt was instructed to make contact with Oswald and serve as his handler.  There is substantial evidence suggesting that de Mohrenschildt was involved with the CIA a topic of which we'll explore shortly.  

Over the next year Oswald would openly involve himself in activism becoming involved with the Fair Play For Cuba Committee and opening up a chapter in New Orleans as its sole member.  He would draw attention to himself by passing out pro-Castro leaflets and attempting to infiltrate anti-Castro groups.  Oswald would even be interviewed by a New Orleans television reporter during the summer of 1963 in which he explained his Marxist philosophy. 

Oswald would send the infamous photo of himself to de Mohrenschildt showing him with Marxist literature and a Carcano rifle which conveniently matches the characteristics of the rifle that was alleged to have been used to kill the President.  The photo which was said to have been taken by his wife has been argued by some to have even been altered after the fact raising even more questions.

It would later be discovered that Oswald had also been responsible for shooting at Major General Edwin Walker a high profile member of the anti-Communist group the John Birch Society. 

Could it be any more obvious that Oswald was being asked by de Mohrenschildt to do all of these bizarre things?  They needed as much material as possible to frame Oswald as a radical Marxist sympathetic with the Soviet Union and Cuba to prove their official narrative.  He was unwittingly through his actions and associations creating a trail of material that would be used to frame him as a patsy. 

De Mohrenschildt was undoubtedly connected to the CIA.  A book entitled Our Man in Haiti: George de Mohrenschildt and the CIA in the Nightmare Republic by Joan Mellen details de Mohrenschildt's extensive connections with the intelligence community.  It is also a known fact that he was connected to future CIA director and President George HW Bush who may have even been present in Dallas the day of the assassination.  A photo taken that day in Dallas shows a man outside the Texas School Book Depository Building who looks just like Bush indicating a possibility that he was some how involved in the operation.

In 1976 de Mohrenschildt would write directly to Bush while he was CIA director asking him to help with a net that was closing in on him believing it to be retaliation for him talking to the wrong people about Oswald.  Bush had previously roomed with de Mohrenschildt’s nephew while at Phillips Academy and Bush himself would even write back to Mohrenschildt addressing some of his concerns indicating that the two did in fact know each other.  Shortly after writing this letter de Mohrenschildt was found dead from a shotgun blast to the head in what was officially ruled a suicide.  It is actually more likely that he was killed just like countless other eyewitnesses and individuals who were connected to the event in some way.

Oswald’s behavior after the assassination raises further questions.  Shortly after the assassination he was alleged to have shot a police officer and ran into a movie theatre where he would later be apprehended by police.  It appeared as if Oswald thought he was meeting someone in order to get an explanation as to what had happened.  If he really did in fact shoot the President why would he draw further attention to himself by shooting a police officer and then hide in a theatre?  A real assassin would have removed themselves as far away from the event as possible.  It gives credence to Oswald’s claim that he was setup as a patsy

Oswald aside, Kennedy himself had made countless enemies within the establishment during his brief time as President.  He issued an executive order instructing the Treasury Department to issue silver certificates which could have potentially threatened the Federal Reserve’s monopoly over the nation’s monetary system.  He was getting ready to withdraw U.S. military forces from Vietnam and sought to make peace with the Soviet Union.  He rejected Operation Northwoods a military backed plan to launch acts of terrorism against Americans to blame them on Castro as a pretext for an invasion.  He vowed to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces.  He even made a great deal of effort to prevent Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons.  Kennedy was painted by many people within the establishment as an unreliable partner in the fight against Communism as a way to discredit him and garner support to kill him.  It is undeniable that many individuals connected to powerful institutions had a great deal to gain by his assassination.

There’s even video footage showing the President’s motorcade shortly before the assassination where members of the Secret Service were ordered away from protecting the car with the President.  The footage provides little doubt that these men were intentionally called off so the shooter could have a clear shot at the President from the grassy knoll.

The actual members of the Warren Commission had more to gain from covering up what took place than uncovering the truth.  The Commission which was established by Lyndon Johnson shortly after Kennedy’s assassination was filled with insiders including former CIA director Alan Dulles who was fired by Kennedy just a few years earlier.  The Commission’s hearings were even conducted in secret indicating the members had no interest in providing the public with any sort of transparency.  This was a politically biased group of insiders who had absolutely no desire to provide truth to the American people.  From the start, the goal of the Commission was to mold the investigation so that it would coincide entirely with the official narrative.

There are of course many other questions surrounding what happened.  Here are just a few other items that bring the official story into question. 

It is almost implausible to believe that the Jewish club owner Jack Ruby also known as Jacob Rubenstein was able to sneak past police security with a loaded weapon to kill Oswald on live television.  It is much more likely that he was intentionally let in to kill Oswald to avoid the possibility that information about the assassination would come out in a trial.  

The November 23rd 1963 edition of the Christchurch Star a New Zealand newspaper is said to have published detailed information about Oswald’s background and how he assassinated the President well before much of this information could have been known by them.  Some have pointed to this as additional proof that the story of Oswald shooting the President was pre-determined and scripted by the conspirators. 

There’s even the deathbed confession of CIA operative E. Howard Hunt who confessed that he was involved in the plot to kill the President. 

There are also a significant number of government documents that have not been released to the public pertaining to the Kennedy assassination even though it is now fifty years later.  The fact that these documents have yet to be released after so much time is a joke and further suggests that there is still an on-going cover up.

The Kennedy assassination is a subject of which thousands of pages could be written and it is difficult to do the topic justice in such a short article.  Suffice to say, it should be obvious that the official story postulated by the Warren Commission is a complete and total fabrication of reality.  Even though Kennedy was not a perfect man, it actually appeared as if he was trying to do good things for the American people.  His policies however were not good for the establishment including interests within the CIA and the Israeli government.  This is the real reason why he was killed and it is an absolute embarrassment that the corporate media even fifty years later still attempts to give credibility to the official story.    

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